Disentangle from the Morphic Field of Lyme Disease

Howdy Lymies, Babesia-oids, Ehrlichia-ese, Bartonella-ers, Borreliosen, Mycoplasma-tors, Morgies, HHV-6-ers, etc etc! Apologies for my neglect! I've been meaning to send you Lyme-specific Energy Shifts for months... but I've been focused on the … [Read more...]

Boundaries for Healers and their Families

(Yes, folks, I actually this to my family! I'm posting it here in case it's useful to other healers.) My Policy on “Doing” Healing for Family Members Dear Family (kids, spouse, parents, siblings, nephews/nieces, cousins, in-laws etc) The reason … [Read more...]

Tune Up Your Telepathy

Ready to Begin Upgrading Your Telepathy... right now? It will take just a couple of minutes! Please Comment Below... You know that you are Telepathic, right? Yes, I mean You! Telepathy - receiving so-called "extra-sensory" information - is an … [Read more...]

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