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Tools for Transformation Teleseminars
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What’s the Difference between the Teleseminars?
To clarify – Now Healing has two completely separate monthly memberships. They each have a different focus and purpose:

  • Guided Healing Teleseminars are open to everybody, regardless of whether you have taken the Now Healing 101 course,  or whether you intend to use NH as a “healer”. We focus on personal healing and transformation, with new topics each month. Teleseminars are on the 1st Saturday of each month.
  • Tools for Transformation Teleseminarsare  ONLY open to Now Healing 101 graduates/students. We focus on new and evolving healing tools, upgrading our healing power, and other issues related to doing Now Healing – as practitioners and “healers.”  Teleseminars are on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Many people choose to be members of both!

You also have the option to join wither membership on either a monthly or an annual basis.  The annual membership has great benefits, including access to a library of audio recordings.

  • Annual members have access to the entire library of teleseminar recordings, for the membership in which you are enrolled. If you cancel, you will no longer have access to the library.
  • Monthly members only have access to recordings that occur during your membership. The recorded replays are found on the same page as the live calls. As a courtesy reminder, you’ll get a “Replay” email with a link to the recording. Important:  if you wish to keep the recording, you must download the audio immediately – because you will not be able to find the audio recording by searching the website. The audio for the teleseminars that occur during your membership will only be available while you are a member, so either a) save the “Replay” email containing the link; or b) bookmark the webpage, or; c) best of all, download it! Please Note: Past recordings that occurred before you enrolled are not available as part of your monthly membership.
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