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Elma Mayer
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Private “Coaching” Session

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Now Healing 101
Home Study Course

This is not just “coaching” – it’s a personalized Upgrade of your healing power!

Elma only does private sessions for participants and graduates of the Now Healing 101 course. If you want a private session with Elma, you must take the course first!

The Now Healing 101 Home Study Course works great, all by itself – it’s designed to be a complete “do-it-yourself” learning experience. You go at your own pace. And you get powerful Alignments in the audios and exercises.

But… if you prefer additional in-person guidance…

This Private Session is Custom-Tailored Just for You

  • You get Laser-Focused Personal Attention – for your specific needs and goals.
    Each private session is individually tailored for you – just tell Elma what you need!
  • Elma will coach you to “do it yourself.” During your session, both you and Elma
    will be shifting the energy of your situation. You’ll get better results if you participate,
    rather than the old-paradigm way, where you sit back and let someone else “fix it for you.”
  • Elma will also jump in and “do it for you” when appropriate – no worries!
  • You’ll Get Powerful Energetic Alignments from Elma, to actually improve your ability
    to do Now Healing – for yourself and others.
  • You’ll Get Answers to your most burning questions about how to do healing!
  • You’ll get recordings of the session, so you can review as often as you like.

You’ll Get Guidance on:

  • How to integrate Now Healing with your own healing style, and your other healing modalities.
  • Faster mastery and results using Now Healing.
  • Your issues as a Healer – how to be highly effective, how to make it effortless and fast, how to get more clients, etc…
  • Your issues as a Human! How to live your highest expression!


Private Coaching Session

Price: $297.00 for one 45-minute session (details below).
Please Note:  There is a waiting list for sessions. Please do NOT purchase until you’ve been notified that you’re next on the list! To add your name to the waiting list, please email us on the “Contact” menu above.

  • To schedule your session, please click the Buy Now button above.
  • After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with instructions to schedule your sessions and get you started.
  • Same day appointments are not available.
  • Sessions are via Phone or Skype. (Local phone numbers in your area may be available, if you’re in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia.)
  • Coaching sessions must be completed within 60 days of purchase.
  • It’s recommended that you go through the entire NH101 Home Study Course once, before your first coaching session.
  • If you have not yet purchased the NH101 course, please do so here: Now Healing 101 Home Study Course.

 Just a few Testimonials…

“I just listened to the latest of our sessions and I am happy to report that the golden loving energy does its job just as well in the replay. I am full of love and gratitude for what you did with me. I believe what we accomplished (and it seems to get more and more complete each time I relisten) was so major that a promotion into general is due. Working with you was even better than anticipated and I really feel so safe and secure in your aligning and disentangling hands!” – AA, Stockholm, Sweden

“Thanks for teaching me how to remove Karma. It really worked!
My client is finally better, and not such a pain the ass.”

“When you showed me how to Disentangle my old injury from years ago, I felt a huge shift.
I love that I’m able to shift myself now.”

“After just 3 sessions with Elma, a bump the size of an egg in my breast went away. She helped me get rid of the fear of “cancer”. She also helped me move forward in life and clean up collateral issues around relationships.” - Mary W.

“My gut has really improved since we worked on it. I have been eating pizza (both gluten and dairy) and it hasn’t affected me.” – V, New Jersey

“In my first session, we worked on healing around learning, speaking, and memorization problems for my Japanese studies. Test-taking is so much more effortless, and I retain the kanji more easily than ever.

My tween daughter is prone to social anxiety, and things were getting out of control right before my first healing session. She’s been doing so well since then that I’d forgotten it was an issue until you asked me how she was doing today! You know you’ve helped someone when five minutes later they can’t even remember there was a problem :”) – Cherie

“Woke up feeling lighter, happier and calmer. Felt more appreciative of my body. Really great session.” – R, UK


Elma Mayer / Now Healing makes no claims of medical treatment or cure. These sessions, and Now Healing, are not a substitute for medical care and consultation. Now Healing is a supportive and integrative system and is not a diagnostic method, medical treatment, or a cure. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.
California Senate Bill 577 provides that a complementary and alternative health care provider does not violate the California Medical Practice Act if certain disclosures are made:
Now Healing does not involve touching the client. The goal of Now Healing is to correct weak or blocked energy, supporting the body and mind to heal itself. The practitioner does a differential energetic testing, and corrects weak energy to be strong, to support the goals of the client. The client may or may not incorporate those corrections to release pain or ailments, or to make other positive changes to their attitudes and goals.
Elma Mayer is not a licensed physician, nor is she a licensed healing arts practitioner. Now Healing does not maintain malpractice insurance. Now Healing does not (1) make any diagnosis, (2) prescribe medication, or (3) recommend that any person discontinue medication prescribed by a license healing arts services practitioner. The services to be provided are not licensed by the state of California. The treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state.
Training and qualifications: Elma Mayer is a Certified Practitioner and Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and has completed Level 3 Yuen Method Workshops, Internships, and a Certification course taught by Dr. Kam Yuen. She is also a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner.

Refunds and Cancellations

SESSION REFUND POLICY: Sessions are charged by time. There are no refunds for sessions due to your perceived “lack” of results… your energy will shift, but no other “results” are guaranteed. If you expect that you’ll likely be dissatisfied with your results, or if you intend to ask for a refund before you purchase, please do not purchase the session, and seek help elsewhere.
SESSION CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel your appointment, please make every effort to cancel 24 hours prior, either via email or phone. We understand that “stuff” comes up sometimes, so we’ll give you a free cancellation pass once a year. But please be respectful of our time. Thanks!  After the first time, if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice more than once in a 12 month period, you will be charged a $45 cancellation fee.


  1. karen shelters says:

    I just want to say thank you. I am also an energy/light worker,but have stopped my work because of devastating illness due to lupus and toxic mold exposure. I have searched for healing inside and out,for 5 years with little relief. I love what you offer. It is simple ,direct,and effective and I listen to you every day. I cant afford to buy any of your programs,but just the free offers have brought me shifts and hope.
    Bless you



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