What is the “Center”?

Here’s the Most Powerful Tool in Now Healing.

And I’m giving it to you freely, and for free…
Learn how to “Go to your Center!” Try it now! Scroll down for instructions.

Why “Go to Your Center?”

Going to your Center will:
  • Connect you to your power source – instantly.
  • Accelerate your other healing techniques, modalities, intentions and goals.
  • And most importantly… it will Activate the Now Healing commands.
Even if you don’t use it for “healing,” I encourage you to use as you go about your daily life. Connecting to your Center will, at the very least:
  • Improve your ability to deal with any situation, in any area of life.
  • Re-set a scattered energy field back to normal; Snap you back to true self.
  • Clear “negative” energy and distortion.

This is a vital self-care skill – it’s basic hygiene for your energy field. And it’s a doorway into amazing Alignment with source energy. But most people do not yet know how to access the incredible power of their Center.

Illustration - the Center

Imagine the Center as a vertical tube containing your spine, nerves, meridians, chakras,  the center of the earth and the universe!
[Illustration is probably by Alex Grey? An anonymous source gave me this photo, and I don’t have the attribution – forgive me!]

Where is this Energetic Center?

You can find it at the vertical middle of your body. But… it is not just inside your physical body.

The Center does include the physical spine, and spinal nerves. But there’s a lot more to it!

The Center is not just a location. It is a morphic field of instant healing and Wholeness.

What is the Center?

The Center is the “information input” for your body-mind-spirit. This gives us an amazingly powerful way to shift energy instantly. When we do Now Healing, we “Enter” commands to the Center, sort of like pressing the Enter button on a computer.

The Center is Non-Local and Infinite. You can enter it from a location.  But from there, all bets are off! It actually extends out into all directions, dimensions and scales, both infinitely large and small.  It encompasses the zero-point, and Wholeness.

It is both physical and non-physical.

Physically, it’s found at the vertical center of your body. Imagine a tube containing the physical spine and spinal nerves.

The Center is also energetic. It includes, but is not limited to, energy meridians and channels, “chakras” and other energy centers, the “Heart Space,” the midline, the Central Sun, as well as the “Center of the Universe” and the universal mind.

The Spine is not the same thing as the Center in Now Healing.  In the early days of Now Healing, I had students focus on their spine, because it was an easy way to find the Center. So you may have heard older explanations where the spine and Center seemed synonymous – but they are not, exactly! The Center includes the spine, but the spine is not all there is to the Center.

The Center does not just begin at the base of the spine – that’s just where we go to begin noticing it! It extends all the way down to the center of the earth, and up and out, towards infinity. The Center is not just inside you – it includes the center of the universe. It’s basically connecting to the center of all things.

The “midline” (as used in Yuen Method) is not quite the same as the Center. Although the NH Center is accessed in a similar “place” on the body as the midline, the Center actually continues the midline into other dimensions and energy bodies. It also activates non-attachment and many other things too detailed to explain here. (Take the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course if you want the inside scoop!)

As taught in Now Healing 101, the Center also includes access to the energy meridians, the “chakras,” other energy centers, as well as multi-dimensional connection to the Center of the universe, the universal mind, and grounding to the Center of the earth. It also includes, but is not limited to, the “midline” and the “Heart-space.”

But enough talk! It all becomes clearer, when you actually experience it…

Try It Now!

Say “Center as you place your attention on the base of your spine, and then move your awareness quickly up the middle of your body, and out the top of your head, up to your Infinite Self. This should take no more than 2 seconds.

Try it again. Start at the bottom, feel into the so-called root chakra, keeping your awareness there while you simultaneously go up and out the top of your head, expanding into infinity. Don’t over-think it, don’t over-focus, just do it quickly and lightly.

Notice how you are now simultaneously grounded and expanded!

Do you feel more peaceful? Powerful? Energized? Centered? Can you sense an inner smile beginning to emerge?

You just did an “Enter to your Center!” (It’s described in much greater detail in the Now Healing 101 course, and in the live Guided Healing Teleseminars. And this is just a tiny fraction of what’s possible.)

Do a “Fast Enter to your Center” – (This is useful when you are inputting lots of Now Healing commands in quick succession, like when you are doing a session on yourself. There’s no need to “go up” – that’s just one of many ways to become aware of the Center.) To do a “Fast Enter,” notice how your Center can be perceived as a long vertical “Enter” button that, when “pressed,” Aligns your spine, nerves, heart, brain, chakras, energy centers, the universal mind, your Infinite Self… all in a single instant. Press that Enter button – and in a fraction of a second, you are connected to Center.

Another way to connect to Center is to breathe into it, and out from it, as you bring your awareness to it. There is no one way that is exclusively correct. Play with different ways of going to Center.

When to Go to Center

Use this technique anytime: when you’re out of sorts, before you make an important decision, before you take any action.

When you first wake up – your whole day will flow better. You may even experience automatic self-healing in other areas, because your energy field will be healthier and more whole.

When you are using the Now Healing Align, Disentangle and Re-Integrate commands. Enter the commands to your Center, to input them into your field instantly.

What Should it Feel Like?

That was a trick question! If you find yourself wondering whether you are “doing it right” – stop. Put that thought aside, because it is a mis-direction – it’s immaterial! Allow it to feel like whatever it feels like – whether it feels like nothing, or the portal into everything. Don’t expect anything. It will feel different every time, yet it is always the same.

What Else is Possible, with the “Center“?

Here’s just one example, out of many: When you Align with your Center, you energetically broadcast “Centering” to everyone around you! And there’s so much more…

What happens when you “Go to the Center?” Going to your Center automatically puts you into a healing “space” and Aligns you with non-attachment and neutrality, so you’re ready to work. And most importantly, it consciously and non-consciously Aligns you with Infinite Self, so you’re not working from your personality self.

Alternatively, instead of “going to” the Center, we can also “come from” the Center. Either way works – use whichever way you sense is most appropriate. For instance, if you are working on someone else, you may find it useful to “come from” your Center as you are Entering commands to the other person’s Center.

For More Info: This is all explained in detail in the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course.  You’ll learn to create amazing transformations, which are available to you, right now, at your Center!

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  1. God bless you elma x feeling uplifted x divinity ❤️ Ty ty ty

  2. Elma Mayer says:

    @Mary, yes, by all means, do grounding too! There are many ways to experience and perceive the Center. If you browse the Free Alignments or use any of the Now Healing products, you’ll notice that I often describe it as including connection to the Center of the earth. Whenever you are going to your Center, do whatever you are inspired to do! It’s different every time.

  3. Mary Tosti says:

    Aloha, I find it extremely energetic to enter my center by starting at base of spine and ascending upwards. I wonder though if I also need to descend down into the earth. I keep getting the message that my a fib is caused by not grounding and integrating the spiritual energy from my meditations, bliss. I am new to Now Healing but have found tremendous shifts from the little bit I have done. Thank you.

  4. Elma Mayer says:

    Yes, David, you can do the Alignments that way – from the state of already being “fulfilled”. That’s pretty much what Alignment is! (Being totally connected with Wholeness, on all levels, in the presence of the field of the thing you’re Aligning with – but also being Whole in its absence.) However, you may want to transcend the word “wish” and its connotations of “not being real”, “wishful thinking”, etc. I find it more effective to use “state” or “field” rather than “wish.” But do whatever works for you!

  5. Hi Elma Im here posting again. I love your videos and how you share this knowlege with us. I have been doing alignments, disentagling negative stuff and reintegrating good commands. Also been reading to Neville Goddard and he insists that creation is complete so if you want to have something in your life experience You have to know the right form of prayer and that is not beggin to the lord for something instead of that you have to feel your wish fullfilled

    is it correct if I do my alignements from that perspective? From the wish fullfilled? Or from the alignement needed or desired

    greetings from Guadalajara Mexico

  6. Elma Mayer says:

    @Geri, the Center will feel different, at different times. Sometimes it feels like relaxation, sometimes it’s active and flowing, sometimes it’s expansion. So don’t be concerned about whether what you feel is right or not! Allow it to feel like what it feels like in the moment.

    If it ever feels uncomfortable, just focus on it less. Or more lightly. Just do the Alignments without getting too involved in with the process or the state. Sometimes the Alignments actually are more effective if you are doing them in an off-hand, casual manner. Try going to the Center for only a split second.

    Going to Center is different from meditation – here’s an article about that:

  7. I am going over audio 1 in NH 101 course. went to center/n/NH space with an issue. When Noticing how my body felt it kept twitching, very uncomfortable in diff parts of my body. I just kept dis-entangling, Re and aligning with wholeness.

    Being in Center/HS felt just like being in a state of relaxation and hypnosis.. not really any different. Is this normal??

    What is the diff between being in a deep relaxation state, state of meditation, going to that Special place I have been before in my life to just BE.

    Are all of these the same place? Seems to be.

    Thank you.

  8. Elma Mayer says:

    @Tessa, try lightening up your focus – do a very fast and easy “Center.” See if that helps! Also, try a “Yin Yang Balance” Alignment – wave your hand around in an infinity symbol, and aim it at your Center while commanding “Yin Yang Balance stress and Centeredness.
    Re: Kundalini – unless your intention is to trigger it, going to Center will not cause a noticeable kundalini effect.

  9. Thanks so much Elma. Your generosity is truly inspiring.
    There you go, making a difference again!

  10. kesavan namboothiri krishnan says:

    Elma Ji, in today’s meditation I mean to clear my Energy Fields by higene meditation. The energy current is meditated as flowing from Life-Centre, the Soul Point and spreading through out the nerves-net to correct and clear for healing specific disease, an eczematic allergic condition on my feet, for instant releaf and cure.Result will be made known to you later.

  11. What’s interesting is whenever I focus on my center and “align with wholeness”, a lot of stress is brought up in my awareness. Are these the energies from instances in my past which were not aligned with wholeness coming up to be healed? Has anyone else experienced this?

    I also wonder the relationship between repeated focus on the center and kundalini rising. Would doing this trigger the kundalini?

    Thanks Elma for this tool,

  12. Elma I too thank you for the information which you put with such clarity. I too use it when I remember and it grows on me. Blessings on you and your loved ones

  13. kesavan namboothiri krishnan says:

    As the Centre is Universal also seem to change by thoughts like the moving clouds in the blue sky. For that intimacy with centre, watch every thought that props up and keep attention in the centre of the thought pattern, idea! Then the smallest and brightest Source centre will itself attract our mind and keep aligned always. Unsplittable, strongest, brightest centre will keep our mind accompanied for now-healing always and this is my understanding of God in me.

  14. Thank you so much for emails and processes that you provide freely. Bless you Annette

  15. Hi Elma,

    Interesting! Would love to take your course but Rudy Hunter got all my available cash! Going to try “Walking the Charts” by Rudy to see if I can scratch up some more energy/cash. 🙂 Still using your shorter downloads for now.

  16. Dr. Sohini Shukla. says:

    Dear Elma,
    Since 42 years I am doing Meditations and your method of just to think ” Aline ” and I have tried here after your suggestion and it helped me a lot….
    Very easy and safe method to aline our center with the Universe….!!!
    With lots of Love & Blessings,
    Dr. Sohini Shukla.

  17. Elma Mayer says:

    There is no need to maintain focus or attention on the Center. In fact, trying to maintain it will defeat the purpose. Instead, just notice your Center easily and lightly, for less than 1 second.

    At first, when getting familiar with doing an Enter to your Center, you want to do it the slow way, going from the base of spine and expanding up and out the top of the head. But after you “get it” you can simply sense your whole Center all at once, very briefly, each time you do an Enter. It’s not necessary to take the time to “go up”.

    It’s analogous to pressing the enter button on your computer. You do it for a fraction of a second, and you don’t think about it too much.

    Another way to experience it: instead of focusing “on” your Center as you do each Alignment, simply “come from” your Center as you say or think “Align”. This works especially well when doing Alignments on others!

    It’s fine to go to Center while lying down – there’s no difference. Remember that your sense of direction or “up/down” orientation does not really apply, because the Center is multidimensional. When lying down, it may seem easier to go to your Center all at once, rather than “going up” – and that’s fine.

    Love and Wholeness,

  18. Mohammed says:

    Hi Elma,
    In doing my exercises from NH 101, have some trouble focusing on my center i.e maintaing my attention on the spine easily for more than one issue at a time. At the same time I woud like to be doing it as much as I can during the day on various issues of interest especially regarding aligning with my Higher Self and with Abundance etc… Would you have any suggestion?
    Also is it possible or advisable to go to Center while lying down? If so is the approach the same as being upright?