Now Healing – Easy Instant Wholeness

What's the Most Essential Thing You Need to Heal?

Is it your Body? Tension? Toxins? Infection? Injury? Pain? Hormones? Or do you need to Eat Right? Go Vegan? Go Paleo? Take Supplements? Sleep 8 Hours? Adjust your Spine? Do Yoga? Clear your Chakras & Aura? Get your Qi Flowing?

Is it your Thoughts or Emotions? Anger? Fear? Sadness? Mood Swings? Traumas? Looping Thoughts? Memory? Stress? Overwhelm? Subconscious Beliefs?

Is it your Life Habits? Money? Making Time for Self-Care? Do you Self-Sabotage? Self-Doubt? Procrastinate? Want more Spiritual Connection? True Purpose?

Is it your Relationships? Family Problems? Attracting the Wrong People? Loneliness? Forgiveness? Picking Up Negative Emotions & Energy from Others?

You're Already Working on Many of Those, Right?

And you think you should do even more! BUT… that’s way too much work! There's a much easier way. And it's much faster and more effective, too...

For Best Results, Heal the WHOLE, not just the Parts

Now Healing gives you "Top Down Transformation" – Instant Shifts for every part of your life – simultaneously. Don’t just heal one area, like your body alone. Or your thoughts. Or your relationships, career, finances, time, space, spiritual growth, etc...

Why: Because "Healing" means "Making Whole." Everything is inter-related. Pain, problems or patterns in one area of life always have hidden entanglements – in every other area. Learn how you can use Now Healing on everything.

Who: You! You can heal a huge portion of your own life – yourself – without help from doctors, alternative practitioners, gurus, coaches, psychologists, psychics or other experts! And... if you are already a healing expert, you can use Now Healing to dramatically improve your healing outcomes.

When: Now! It no longer takes years to learn to "do healing." Get results in minutes. Try It Now – Free, when you sign up for our newsletter (at top right).


"This has just blown me away! I have never experienced such incredibly fast healing. Blessings, Ellen"

"Wow! this is [my first Guided Healing teleseminar] and… I feel reborn! When you read out my question - just the reading of it - caused a huge shift for me. I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this." Kate, Australia

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About Elma Mayer

Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing

Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing and Now Healing Earth

Elma Mayer is the founder of Now Healing. She has taught over 40,000 people from all walks of life to do effective, instant energy healing – including medical doctors, 6-year-old kids, left-brained skeptics and woo-woo wizards.

Elma had no intention of becoming a healer. She earned her MA Degree in Music Composition in 1982, doing avant-funk and art-pop music from Oakland to Brooklyn. But after years of chronic Lyme Disease and trying all kinds of treatments, she discovered a miraculously simple way to activate her own self-healing ability – with amazing results. She found herself tapping in to earth’s regenerating energy, which she called “The Thing That Heals” (for lack of a better term). In 1994, she began applying Rupert Sheldrake’s principle of Morphic Resonance to her healing.

Training: Elma is a Certified Practitioner of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and has been an Instructor of Yuen Method Levels 1, 2, 3 since 2005. She studied with Dr. Kam Yuen himself. In addition, Elma is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Her other trainings include Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, and Orin / DaBen's "Awakening Your Light Body.

Global healing is another passion. Elma’s Now Healing Earth videos and teleseminars give a new twist to the practice of armchair activism: remote healing for the environment, with no need to leave the house! In addition, as a child of holocaust survivors, she is dedicated to healing and preventing holocausts for all life-forms on the planet.

She lives in Silverlake, Los Angeles, California. She collaborates with her husband (and favorite songwriter) Brian Woodbury on musical theater projects, and is working on her own album of healing chants called “Sacred Singalongs” as well as creating so-called “experimental” and “avant-garde” music/videos. She has two brilliant, beautiful babies, both of whom are much taller than she. And of course, she continues to create new healing tools, to teach her clients and students how to harmonize and tune up their lives, at light-speed.

Transform Any Pattern, Problem or Pain...

... By Transforming its "Energy," or more precisely, its Morphic Field. Shifting Energy and Information is easy - much easier than changing Matter or Mind. It happens at the speed of light. And it often creates major transformation.

You Can Do Instant Healing. Whether you're a logical and left-brained beginner - like I was when I first learned to do healing - or whether you're already experienced and intuitive - you can quickly upgrade your healing power. Healing ain't just for saints, shamans or surgeons anymore! It's an innate human ability.

Let's take Energy Healing out of the realm of the mysterious. Contrary to what you may have heard, it's not quantum physics. It's not "positive thinking." And it's not about belief, spirituality, altered states or special talents. It's a normal ability - and we are all pre-wired for it.

It's all "energy"... and you can shift it now! Transform any area of your life... and other people's lives too! Not just Health issues - but also Emotions, Mood, Mental Function, Relationships, Finances, Feng Shui, Life Purpose, etc...

Ready to Move Forward?

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  • Get healing anytime you need it. From home. No appointment necessary, with our many Healing Audios.
  • Learn How to Do It Yourself... Whether you are an experienced healer or a beginner. It's easy to evolve and upgrade your abilities, with our instant healing course: the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course.

Is this Energy Healing? Or Morphic Healing?

Now Healing is not "healing with energy" in the old-school sense of "moving Qi" or shifting the auric field or biofield. Those are all side-effects. Instead, Now Healing works with Applied Morphic Resonance. We Align with the larger field of Wholeness, which then creates Alignment in Qi, chakras, auras, physical matter, mind, space, time, and the entire universe.

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Is this like Yuen Method? Matrix Energetics?
Access Consciousness? Abraham Hicks?
Tapping? Emotional Freedom Technique EFT?

Yes, this is "sort-of, kind-of" similar, but a very different flavor! So if you like the above, you'll really enjoy the instant integration of Now Healing.