3 Ways to NOT Process Negative Emotions

… and what to do instead! Watch now:

Three New-Agey & Self-Helpy Things NOT to do…

Because your “feelings” can sabotage your healing – unbeknownst to you!

Scroll Down to Discover a NEW way to heal negative emotions & thoughts…

So they don’t sabotage your healing & your goals.

Join me for these live calls, where you will get a personalized Guided Healing for YOUR specific issue:

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Guided Healing Calls for YOUR specific needs

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  • March 2, 2019 Heal your Emotions, Mood, Thoughts, Traumatic Memories. Stop the old-paradigm ways to process negative emotions. Instead, get Now Healing’s Top Ten Tools to instantly shift & uplift your feelings & thoughts… into the Light of inspiration & deep transformation. Why? Because… a “higher emotional vibration” supports your… Health, Wealth, Energy, Life’s work, Love, Family, Community, Creativity, Spiritual Evolution… and WHOLE Life…
  • April 6, 2019: Health & Life Force – Raise that Resonance! Hidden health “vibrations” will attract, create & maintain health – or lack of health. Eliminate energetic resonance with… disease, illness, pain & feeling bad in general. Each participant will Reset their “Point of Attraction” for Wellness, Life Force & simply feeling good.
  • May 4, 2019: Body Parts & Whole Body – Raise that Resonance! Choose a specific body part, organ, structure or function – and then we will reset its resonance with its “perfect blueprint”. We will also do a complete body scan to raise the resonance of every part, and the Whole body.
  • June 1, 2019: ABCs (Aura, Biofield, Chakras, Channels) Raise that Resonance!
  • July 6, 2019: Psychic Energy & Empathy – Raise that Resonance!

When: New Live Calls happen the 1st Saturday of each month, 9am Pacific, noon Eastern, 5pm GMT. (Non-U.S. times depend on local daylight/standard times.)
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  1. Elma, good one!. How about my way which is to process my emotions by stuffing them down with pasta and washing them down with a nice chardonnay. But joking aside I have tried your Now Healing and it does help alot if I remember to do it.



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