Thank you for Purchasing Two Instant Meditation / Activations – Morning & Bedtime

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Audio 1: Instant Meditation Morning (4:48)

Click Here to download Audio 1

Audio 2: Instant Meditation Bedtime (4:57)

Click Here to download Audio 2

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Please Note:
This is not a traditional meditation, it’s an activation and energetic alignment.
For the Morning audio, listen first thing in the morning, to align your daily activities with Wholeness and their highest potential. You’ll get many of the same benefits as meditation, but very quickly, without having to go into a deep meditative state or trance. So if you’re looking for that trance state or a deep meditation, please note that this audio is not designed for that purpose. It’s not about quieting the mind, although that can definitely be a side effect. It’s about aligning you and your daily activities with wholeness, ease and effortless flow. It’s about getting real results, for the individual issue that you’ll choose each time you listen. It’s about creating the highest expression of your day. You’ll be more effective, your daily activities will flow better, and you’ll align and activate one issue of your choice each time you listen.

For the Bedtime audio, listen just before sleeping, to activate healing and Wholeness while you sleep. As you listen at bedtime, you will put an issue of your choice into the Now Healing Space of Instant Wholeness – so that it transforms as you sleep.


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