Activate Your Power

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Get in touch with your innate power…. The aspect of yourself that is infinite, wise and wonderful.

This is not coercive power over something. True power is simply an open connection to your power Source – so that you are powered by Source energy!

You don’t generate it yourself. You just plug into it!

Even if you are already pretty much in touch with your power, it’s great to always become more and more open to it. Because it’s always transforming, and it may have evolved while you weren’t looking!

Or, you may still be unaware of your power. It may be intangible. It may not have a name or a easily-definable category… yet. If it feels distant, it’s time to reel it in. Ask yourself:
– Who am I, at my best?
– What brings me joy?
– What do others appreciate in me?
– How can I best serve Wholeness?
As you play with these questions, notice what makes you feel good, strong, expansive, Whole.

Your power may not be just one single thing. It may have multiple elements – maybe you have so many talents and interests that it’s hard to focus. Get in touch with the common denominator in all your abilities – the power behind the power.

Your true power, your gift, your grace – is already Aligned with Divine Will (or if you don’t like the phrase “Divine Will,” feel free to substitute any phrase indicating ultimate truth, highest good, highest expression, Infinite Self, or Wholeness.)

Your power already exists, whatever it is, whether you know it or not. Now, it’s just a matter of connecting to that power, and activating it – to bring it to its highest expression.

Get ready to activate your power.
Let go of what you think it is – and what you think it is not.
That creates space and infinite possibility for something even greater than you can imagine.
Let go of any expectations, assumptions or specific desired outcomes.
Now, let’s shift some energy!

Your Energetic Alignments to Activate Your Power

1. How connected to your Power are you? On a scale of 0-10, with 0=totally connected and on target, and 10=really disconnected and distant – what’s the first number that comes into your awareness?
2. Read each item on the checklist below, and do an “Enter” to your Center (notice your vertical center, in front of your spine, for one second) as you read each statement.
3. When you’re finished, tune in again: How connected are you to your Power, on a scale of 0-10? Did your number improve?  Please let us know in the comments below!

– Align with my power… now.
– Align with an open connection to my power… now.
– Align with perceiving my power… now.

– Align with identifying my power as an energy pattern… now.
– Align with identifying my power mentally/consciously/verbally… now.
– Align with knowing that my true power is already Aligned with Wholeness… now.
– Align my power and my conscious knowing… now.
– Align my power and my daily activities… now.
– Align my power and my goals and intentions… now.
– Align my power to be Whole in the presence of my relationships, family, friends, social position… now.
– Align my power and my job, career, work, finances… now.
– Align my power with my past, present, future… now.
– Align with activating my power… now.
– Align my power with _________ (whatever else you sense needs to Align)… now.

Now tune in again, and notice what has changed.

How connected are you to your Power, on a scale of 0-10?
Notice whether your perception of your power has become enhanced.
Be aware of the changes that will happen in the very near future – minutes,
hours or days.

What changed for you? Please comment below.

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Align with your Power to…

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– Create
– Relate
… and most importantly, to just BE.

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  1. Firstly there is a definite joyousness attached to my power, having done your free alignment.
    Secondly, I should acknowledge the source of Telomere/DNA information: Nithyananda. Activate Your DNA and Anti-Aging. This is on u tube.

  2. 5years ago I declared I would revert to being “all love” resonating with my Infinite Self. Even as I read “Activate your Personal Power” the yawning began. All because a blockbuster was delivered to my Awareness yesterday..concerning anti-aging Telomeres and DNA. It told of my unconscious thought process and how my NOW thought gives birth to the next NOW moment’s thought. And so on.
    IF the thought derives from the unconscious it will be governed by the debilitating frequency of “fear and greed” embedded in the collective over time immemorial. Since each birthing has a part of its parent thought in it, the parent is lessened by what it has given away and so with each successive birthing – until there’s nothing left to pass on to the next NOW moment.
    Until this truth becomes a conscious fact the telomeres on our DNA become shorter and shorter and aging happens. Fear and greed must undergo transmutation. The frequency of Joyous love is our rightful state
    My arm skin is resembling snake skin prior to shedding! Old. Aged. Damaged. Frightening..
    I realized I had reached another wall! Then I saw Elma has given Theresa a directive for unblocking her power. And the yawning intensifies.
    So Elma I write to you in the dawning frequency of joyous love and heart’s gratitude for another block unblocked and Power regained.

  3. Thank you for this. I thought I had reclaimed much of my power, and was surprised I started at an 8. I came down to 2, disentangled and entered a helix to my heart. I came down to 0 and am so peaceful. Thank you and blessings.

  4. Elma I have just received this today and it is 101% right for where i am. I have been tuning into the Beloved of my life and allowing myself to be empowered by Him. At a time of anxious situations it is so powerful. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you Elma soooo much. When certain word irritate me in any kind of way I align with Love so that allows me to be me and I love aligning with Love. Thank you so much because it is ALL ENERGY and

  6. LALA, this is very different from meditation, and from magic.
    It’s morphic!
    It’s not about controlling anything.
    Please browse the Free Alignments and the FAQ, for lots of answers. Try some of the videos and see what you experience.

  7. Does that actually makes you control magic?

  8. Does it actually work like i mean i started meditating 5 days ago and nothing happened but i’ve never tried this!

  9. Elma Mayer says

    @Theresa, use this Alignment: “Disentangle from everything blocking my access to my Power Source… now. Disentangle and Reintegrate my personal power, with Source Power… now. Reintegrate with my Power… now.”

  10. Dear Elma

    I have been following your work for some time now, and I almost always get some kind of relieve after. However, I run this process 3 times and nothing. I started on 10 and just stays there. I am not sure why this is happening, I do realize that it could be me blocking me. But I’m not sure how to rectify this. Do you perhaps have some ideas for me please. Much appreciated and much love.

  11. Sorry, wanted to correct my previous comment, it was 8, that went down to 2.

  12. My number went from 2 to 8. Felt tingles going up my upper arms as I was doing the now enters. WOW! Thank you!

  13. Thank you Elma
    I became more relaxed and centered. From a 10 to a 3

  14. Thank you so much, Elma! For me it went from 6 to 0 after doing it twice. I feel how the energy changes and how it raises my vibration. I feel whole and complete! Much Love and Gratitude!

  15. Dawn Brooks says

    Wow! between this, the full moon eclipse I feel a shift that is not stopping. Thanks Elma-Integrating NOW!

  16. michael lord says

    Went from 5 to 1 and felt very connected, free and joyful.

  17. Hi my number went from 6 to 4 thank you for doing the noble work

  18. Thanks for this Elma, also for answering my previous question.
    I felt being pulled upward, posture much straighter with less effort afterwards; power number went up from 8 to 9. Love this work, thankyou.

  19. I tried the process and found that I tuned into my energy awareness within my body rising from base up into solar plexus Found that my connection to the whole energy of the room and world increased as a feeling of being part of all energy which I felt as pins and needles vibrations around me. thanks for the process enjoyed greatly 🙂 Lee

  20. @Kevin – I’ve added instructions to the Energetic Alignment process above – thanks for inspiring me to clarify! Give it another go and let us know… Did your number improve? Did your perception of your Power change?

  21. I did not notice anything. But I’d like to.

  22. @fattaneh – Thanks for your feedback! I understand your irritation at religion, which is why I included this in the article, for people who are triggered by religion: “… if you don’t like the phrase “Divine Will,” feel free to substitute any phrase indicating ultimate truth, highest good, and Wholeness.” Also, fyi, there’s no mention of the word “prayer” anywhere in this article. This is definitely not religion, nor is it even spirituality – it is simply making changes to the biofield or energy field. No belief is required – in fact, belief gets in the way. So if you’re interested in transcending your beliefs about religion and genes, and want to try out a completely different way to look at things that is not tied to religious or scientific beliefs, then I invite you to try it again – do the Energetic Alignments in the checklist above, with zero expectations, and see if you notice a change.
    WIth love and wholeness,

  23. I attempted to pick up what is being said but I have issues with words like divine and prayer since they seem religious and religion irritates me even though I believe its in the gene and some/most people need to believe in something outside of themselves or something like that so all and all I couldn’t get anywhere with all the words though it is possible that I didn’t pick the head of tread towards your suggested truth in the path of personal and universal healing. I hope I make sense language wise at least. Thank you for reading this.

  24. deborah hixon says




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