Align with your True Self; There’s No Need for Crisis…

Radio Show: Align with True Self / No Need for Crisis
13 minutes of a Vibrant Living Radio Show, with Host Glenn Brooks, circa 2008

You’ll receive the Energetic Alignments, as Elma aligns the greater Seattle area with True Self!

Also: there’s no need to have a crisis in order to have an awakening!

[This audio is temporarily unavailable]

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  1. @ione – even if you don’t understand on a conscious / mental level, you’ll still get the energy shifts! This transformation happens beyond the conscious mind.
    Love and wholeness,

  2. i dont understand your words cause i am in amazonas rain forest capital,north of Brazil Want to ask you if it doesnt matter if i dont understal all you say?

  3. Melissa Hancock says

    Thank you , I am remembering how to BE & your vids help me to feel the energy and align with my inter self

  4. Irma Beddari says

    I tried to do a changing of my nail biting while watching tv or reading habit,and got an idea of how to do this when I was listening to the audio healing!
    Thank you Elma,for helping – your voice is so nise and soft,it’s pleasant to listen to you,you sound full of confidence 🙂

  5. Robynne Walker says

    Feel happy and tingley all over Thank You

  6. I experienced a sense of calm immediately. Thank you!

  7. Izabel Ganz says

    Thank you Elma for this service to Humanity, you are indeed a Lightbearer!

  8. Oh my gosh, that was so good for the soul. thanks again!

  9. I felt some easeness at the end of the audio (after repeating those affirmations and focusing instantly to the spine). My difficulty is to concentrate on what I am doing, I am so stressed that I can hardly relax myself and disconnect from the whole dayly stress… Thank you, Elma, be Blessed !!!!

  10. Marcie Tanner says

    Thank you, Elma…I feel relaxed and whole and inspired.

  11. Just listened to the brief Working With Your Problems With Energy audio. It never ceases to amaze me the sense of calm that happens when I connect with my center and hang out there. I am so calm I am ready for bed at 5pm! Thanks, thanks, thanks Elma.



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