Auras, Chakras, BioFields: What if Everything You Know is Wrong?

De-Clutter your Assumptions about Auras, Chakras, BioFields.

Let go of what they’re “supposed” to look like, what they signify, and what emotions are associated with them. Much of the information you find online, or even in courses by experts, is not a hard fact!

Watch the video to discover 3 essentials for how to read auras, chakras, and the bio-field – and how NOT to do it!

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Did you experience the instant Centering?

How do you usually experience auras, chakras, biofields – and does this Centering process change anything?

What will happen as you watch?
You will:

1) Experience an instant-energy-healing shift, into the “space” that’s required for accurate readings;

2) Discover why much of what you may have learned about interpreting the health of these energy fields through clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychic reading techniques, the “correct” colors of the aura and specific emotions associated with the chakras, and even technologies like Kirlian photography and biofield viewers, etc… much of how that information is interpreted is not actually a hard fact, and it may not actually be accurate for YOUR particular way of sensing and perceiving these energy fields; and

3) Learn the solution – in two simple steps.

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  1. Elma Mayer says

    @Marcia, yes! “Walk around in Alignment!” And also walk around in Alignment with being ok if you don’t always feel in Alignment, and use that as a reminder to Align!

  2. I love the reminder that I should look to my own wisdom and discernment first. This applies to so much info on the internet & I can save so much time. The alignment makes me feel “right.”
    As always, thank you for the support in doing an alignment NOW. Do you recommend that we try to walk around in our daily lives in alignment as much as possible?



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