What do you need to heal most?

I’m sensing that you might need to heal or improve something today – so here’s a healing for you.  A healing for... what? Whatever you need to heal most! Right now. Today. It will take you 30 seconds.  Tune In: What do you Need To … [Read more...]

Instant Healing Experience

Watch Now – Free Healing Video: Get an Instant Healing Experience   What Kind of Instant Healing did you Experience? Please Comment Below! Transcript In this video, you are about to get an actual … [Read more...]

Do you have Chaotic Energy?

How are you navigating the chaotic energies these days? I’m hearing from so many people these days, who say something like this:  “Elma, my energy is out of control, up and down, like a scary funhouse ride gone wrong. One day I’m fine, … [Read more...]

Your Healing Questions – Answered!

Watch the Replay of this Live Q&A call below. Watch to see if I already answered your question – or maybe I answered it in the comments below! If not, please post your question below. https://youtu.be/PAIm4-lIF9Q What are your … [Read more...]

Heal your Toilet Paper Scarcity

Toilet Paper Scarcity is just the beginning. Do you have a wee little Tissue Issue? Yeah, me too. But... is it really "just a touch" of Toilet Paper Scarcity? Or does it hide a deeper disease, Pecuniary Pandemic Panic? Scroll down to … [Read more...]

How are you reacting to Coronavirus?

What if you're doing it wrong, oh no! Plus... Two Things you can Do Now Free Healing – scroll down. How are you reacting to the Coronavirus situation? I hope you are weathering it, and feeling well and safe! Align with that… … [Read more...]

Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic – Free Healing

Watch the Video – Free Instant-Energy Healing for Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic Immunity In this video: free energy healing for immunity. Not just to physical pathogens, but also empathic response... and panic! Reset your biofield and Align with … [Read more...]

Auras, Chakras, BioFields: What if Everything You Know is Wrong?

De-Clutter your Assumptions about Auras, Chakras, BioFields. Let go of what they're "supposed" to look like, what they signify, and what emotions are associated with them. Much of the information you find online, or even in courses by experts, is … [Read more...]

Can You Leak Energy?

One of my students felt like she was giving away her energy. She felt drained, and she assumed that there must be energy leaks in her aura or chakras. But can you really "leak energy"? Well, here's the answer – and the healing – that I gave … [Read more...]

Can you really Design your Health and Body?

If you had the power to design your health & body, what would you create? Think about it for a moment. Would you choose to feel good? Or look good? Or would you choose to exercise more... or eat less... or wear a fashionable … [Read more...]

What will Heal You?

Three New Answers to the Relentless Question “What will Heal You?” Are you on a never-ending quest for healing? Always asking “What will heal me?” "What more can I do?" Seeking healing can be a beautiful engine of evolution.  But it … [Read more...]

Book Review: “Personal Power Through Awareness – a Guidebook for Sensitive People”

Revised 2019 Edition. An Orin Book by Sanaya Roman I was thrilled to receive a review copy of this book in the mail. It was as if Orin himself (themself?) reached out to greet me! Since I first read this book in 1994, it has been one of my … [Read more...]

Manifesting & Law of Attraction – Your Questions Answered

In this video, Manifesting & Law of Attraction: Ask me anything about Manifesting & Law of Attraction!I share my story of manifesting big bucks. Why you don't need to "Believe," how to use Affirmations much more effectively, and tons … [Read more...]

Break the Law of Attraction! How to Manifest with No Need to Believe, Think Positive, or Feel Good First.

Free Healing Video - Watch! Here's how to manifest, while breaking these 3 laws of attraction: "You need to Believe!" Nope! I'll show you that you don't."You need to feel like you already have what you want, to manifest it easily!" Sure, go … [Read more...]

Why we Love Alignment – Free Healing to Feel Good Now

Try the fast, free Alignment Below This blogue was written on 10/10 – inspired by numbers being Aligned! We love Alignment! Numbers matching up. Eclipses and planetary alignments. (Even scoffing skeptics love eclipses, right?) Instruments … [Read more...]

Heal your Relationship Resonance – Again!

I'm doing it again: Guided Healing for Relationships! So bring YOUR issue... and heal it! You may ask "B-b-but wait, Elma, didn't you already do this topic about a year ago? And the year before that, and the year before that? WHY … [Read more...]

Heal the Climate Crisis – What’s the Most Important Thing to Do?

Discover YOUR best way to Heal the Climate Crisis. You'll get Instant Energy Healing as you watch this video... to activate what YOU can do to actually help heal the climate catastrophe, and heal yourself, in the process. After you … [Read more...]

How to Stop Danger & Doomsday [Instant Energy Healing]

Scroll Down for a Free Instant Healing... to Stop Danger & Doomsday! On the one hand, life is dangerous. At any moment, Universal Forces could squish us like pathetic dung beetles. But on the other hand, we are blessed: We've … [Read more...]

Align your Personality to “Attract” Health

First, do this fast, free Healing...But then there's more! (Scroll down.) How do you "Attract Health"? Or repel it? It's not what you think! It's not your beliefs... or your lifestyle... or your DNA... or your immune system. It's about the … [Read more...]

Instant Blessing from the Universe

Get a Fast Free Healing – an Instant Blessing What kind of "instant blessing" do you most need, right now? (Whatever you think it is... the "universe" will give you a blessing far beyond that... Beyond your local mind's ability to put into words. … [Read more...]

Four Words that Heal Everything

Scroll Down to discover the Four Words that Heal Everything... the Answer to ALL healing questions... AND... A powerful 30-Second Healing for whatever issue you want to improve. What's your Biggest Healing Question? Does your mind chatter … [Read more...]

Do you need Psychic Protection? Free Healing Video – Watch!

In this video, you'll get a free healing for "Psychic Protection"... and: The first step you need to take.How to avoid the Big Mistake many people make in "Psychic Protection"Free Healing process - you'll be able to do it yourself.How to go … [Read more...]

30-Second Healing: Spinal Alignment

I asked my Infinite Self "Whatcha got for me today?" ... and boom, zap, instantly, I received an incredibly powerful Healing... A "Divine Spine Alignment!" (Courtesy of the Soul of the Sun & Metatron.) But this wasn't just for me. I'm supposed to … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Problems – Free Instant Healing in 60 Seconds

What "problem" do you want to heal... right this minute?  Here's how to deal with problems, without actually dealing with them at all: Try it now – do the easy process in the image below. Afterwards, please comment below. What has already … [Read more...]