Balance Your Life… in Minutes, Not Years.

Scroll down to get a very different kind of Instant Energy Shift!
Please Note: Even if you have already done this one before, things have changed since then! You will get different shifts, each time you do this.

Are any of these Life Areas out of balance for you?
Health, Habits, Happiness…
Career, Creativity, Calling…
Family, Friends, Feng Shui…
Mood, Mind-set, and … Money???

Do you over-focus on one area while shoving the others under the rug?

  • Some of us pay attention to our health, but give short shrift to our relationships or career.
  • Others focus on spirituality, while finances, family, and fun suffer. Or vice-versa.

But everything is entangled… so you can’t just focus on one specific.

Example #1. You want to lose weight. So you decide to stop eating all grains. And it works… you lose 15 pounds quickly and easily. You feel good, you’re flying high. But then some dratted holiday comes along, and temptation takes you, gravity grabs hold, and pulls you back to the groove you’ve worn into your reality. (And yep, you might have grokked that I speak from personal experience here!)

Why did you “fail” to reach your goal? You succeeded in one area – food choices – for a while. But you ignored the other parts of the equation – not just obvious stuff like exercise and mindset – but the whole of reality that could be impacting your issue, unbeknownst to your conscious mind. Stuff like adrenals. Angst. Adenovirus. Aunt Alison the Alien’s Accident Anniversary. And that’s just the the first letter of the alphabet!

Example #2. You want to change careers and Align with your higher calling. But your husband and kids think you’re nuts. Getting new credentials in your chosen discipline is a great idea – but if you forget about your family’s feelings, plus you stuff down your fear of financial risk, it will all come back to bite you later. And if your ancestors don’t like your new path, then fuggedaboudit, it ain’t gonna be easy, no matter how many Ph.D’s and dollars you earn!

The “Problem”

  • Your Finances might be distorted by your Family.
  • Your Mood might be crashing because of the Feng Shui of your office.
  • Your Career might be blocked by your Habits and Patterns.

But you’re probably not aware of these entanglements, on a conscious level.

The Solution
Change your behavior? Or take action? DO something – anything?!

Well… that’s not a great solution. Taking action can occasionally be somewhat effective… or it could turn out to be a frustrating, wasted effort!

What to do???
Before you take action in any one major life area, spend just a few moments tuning in to all your other life areas. Use the simple tool below… to make all areas of your life congruent with all other areas.

Do this Instant Energy Shift!
The Five Finger Alignment

.. to Balance 5 Areas of Your Life, Right Now!

This is a very different kind to Alignment! Unlike most NH processes, this one uses a physical action.

Follow the simple instructions below. This Alignment will Disentangle and then Re-Integrate the major areas of your life, instantly. You’ll have more freedom and flow if you do this often!

Tune in: What are the top 5 areas of your life that need balancing?
Some examples to choose from: Health, Relationships, Work, Money, Home, Spiritual Growth, Learning, Creativity, Behavior, Mood, Life Purpose… stuff like that! Don’t get specific, keep it general.

Imagine each life area “sitting” on top a finger of one hand. (Like finger puppets! Each finger represents a different life area that you assign to it.)
1. Spread your fingers out to Disentangle each life area from the others.
2. Bring all your fingertips together into a tight circle, to Reintegrate these life areas.
3. Touch your fingertip-circle to any point on your Center – your heart Center, your solar plexus, your third eye, or whatever feels best. This Aligns the 5 life areas with your Center and Infinite Self.

You may notice an immediate opening, or you may experience a more subtle, deep change over time. (Please let us know – comment below!

Want More Balance in your Life?
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Balance areas of your life that you didn’t even know were out of balance!  You’ll get instant shifts for the hidden “energetic disconnects” in your physical body, mind and emotions… and all areas of life including spiritual growth, relationships (ancestral and living), career… and of course, finances!

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  1. Did it once. Energy field changed immediately. Felt stronger. More grounded and was in a good position already, so….yayyy. Thank you!!! Your rock Alma. Really like what Rudy said above. Love that Elma magic.

  2. Hello Elma I felt a definite shift . .thank you for this amazingly simple technique!

  3. Hi Elma,
    Energy shift wasn’t in this article? Scrolled down nothing!


  4. susan wells says

    Yes it is working. 🙂

  5. Myrna Pickering says

    Well – Elna, your system of working with energy is still new to me, although I find a lot of similarities on the principals behind it to how I work intuitively – you do have a lot of neat tricks on how to get there! I’ve never responded to a comment because I haven’t wanted to get my hopes up that this works but did want to express that there is coherence when I perform a shift that feels right to me and this 5-finger one was a nice blast! Thanks and love your creativity in this. Will continue to make this part of my natural life and healing activities to explore what’s possible.

  6. Sybil Barbour says

    Thanks Elma for this quick and easy energy tool!

  7. Another neat, simple and effective tool Elma 🙂

    Great, thank you!



  8. I just love these monthly teleseminars and always feel lighter and more carefree afterward. I felt many shifts and improvements. I think Elma has amazing insight and intuition and am enjoying the benefits of her work. Thank you Elma for sharing your work with us and staying connected.


  9. So…Balance Your Life [the Guided Healing live teleseminar] was terrific and I got huge shifts & improvements very quickly. Not surprised–I always get them during Elma’s work. The even-more-delicious stuff on this call was the live demo of the “Mudra-thingy” that I love and some applications of it, the wild sacred geometry and the very best part was listening as Elma went through the chart. Why? Tracking what she sensed and decided to correct in the group was like sitting in on a master class of energetic alignments. Delicious and beyond. Thanks Elma!

  10. As usual Elma’s instant energy shifts helped me. Just the quickie demo with the fingertip Disentangle helped me in seconds. Love that Elma magic!



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