Blogue le Third

If I ambled through ivy-covered quads, elbow patches on my tweed jacket, smoking a pipe of Longbottom leaf, mortarboard perched jauntily atop my crown, I wouldn’t be any happier than I am right now. Coz I’m prepping for tomorrow’s Now Healing 101 class #3, and I tell ya, it’s really fun.

How amazing is this job – I tune into energy fields, and shift energy. I teach others how to do the same.

Every instance of change happening right now in our environment – geological, political, economic – could potentially be seen as something to hide from, ostrich-like.

But I get to activate the other kind of change – instant connection to Wholeness at lightspeed.

Yes, things are changing rapidly, exponentially. But not just for the worse! And I get to create change, from my ivory – nay, crystalline – tower. I get to change how change happens!

Join me, from wherever you are in your space, whether it’s an ivory tower, or a spewing volcano of ash or oil. Change your own energy towards Wholeness… now!


  1. Hi Carolyn – love the “divine energetic technicians” – yep, that’s us! The next regular monthly teleseminar is Nov.6. For NH 101, check this page. And as for the NH 101 Home Study course, I’m furiously editing the audio right now! Hopefully it’ll be ready within a couple of weeks! Love and wholeness, Elma

  2. Dear Elma, Being new to your site and checking out EVERYTHING is like a crash course in re-membering that we incarnated as divine energetic technicians knowing how navigate this earthly realm, Those of us who “forgot” the handbook can now, grats to you, enroll in Now Healing 101 with it’s 158 page manual, and join together in/on that crystalline tower/grid (referenced in your blogue) and “change how change happens”. Einstein said he wanted to know how God thinks; who-hoo! We get to re-member ourselves as God! And when is that next class/home study/teleseminar?



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