Break the Law of Attraction! How to Manifest with No Need to Believe, Think Positive, or Feel Good First.

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Here’s how to manifest, while breaking these 3 laws of attraction:

  • “You need to Believe!” Nope! I’ll show you that you don’t.
  • “You need to feel like you already have what you want, to manifest it easily!” Sure, go ahead, but it’s not necessary.
  • “You need to think positive!” Actually, that will slow you down, or even mis-direct you!

In this video, I’ll show you how to break those three manifestation rules… and do something much higher and more connected to Infinite Wholeness and your Highest Purpose (not to mention much faster – like, light-speed!)

What’s in this video:

  • Free Healing
  • How to Manifest without Positive Thinking or Belief
  • Questions? Comments? Post your comments below!

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  1. Angelica Calhoun says

    I have a hormone imbalance. I got acne awhile back from birth control and nothing seems to work. Part of me doesnt want to heal?

  2. Elizabeth Paul says

    Did you read my mind just there Elma/? I was thinking “That must be Elma’s favourite colour” :)) is it?

  3. Most of my programs can be used on behalf of others. But in this case, the other person would need to do the process themselves. Even if you tried making it your own intention, for instance, “I intend that my loved one manifests xyz”… or “I intend that my loved on be happy”… it will not be quite as effective, because there will be missing energetic bits if the other person is not involved.

    Instead, try “I intend to be Centered and balanced and healthy (or whatever) in the presence of my loved one’s issues.” In other words, make it your own intention.

    Love and Wholeness,

  4. Hi, can this be used for loved ones’ intentions also?
    Thank you!



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