Can I Listen in my Sleep?

Q: Can I simply put on your mp3 when I go to bed, and allow it to work while I sleep, even though I’m not consciously “Entering” and “Disentangling”, but have made that my intention on falling asleep?

A: The audios and programs were not designed for passive or subliminal listening, but…

… you can still use them while you sleep. Here’s how:

At first, make sure to actively and thoroughly “Do” each audio, while you are awake and aware. These audios are designed for your conscious participation. You will get the best results if you actively “Enter” the commands as you listen.

But after doing it the “active” way a couple of times, feel free to play with running the audios while you sleep.  Since you will be connecting with the morphic field of the “outcome” as you sleep, it will have effects – and different effects, each time. This can be useful for getting additional shifts, as well as creating and reinforcing new habits, patterns and programs.

Let me know what you experience – please comment below!




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