3 Ways to NOT Process Negative Emotions

... and what to do instead! Watch now: Three New-Agey & Self-Helpy Things NOT to do... Because your "feelings" can sabotage your healing – unbeknownst to you! Scroll Down to Discover a NEW way to heal negative emotions & … [Read more...]

Life Purpose vs. Getting Sh*t Done

How to balance your Purpose and Productivity?How to integrate them, so that they power each other, instead of steal attention from each other?And what's the "Secret 2-Second Trick" to getting this balance right? Which of these wins the daily … [Read more...]

We are not normal.

Oy vey, all this crap that’s going on! For a normal person, it’s enough to: Crush their spirit. Crash their health. Crunch their time. Cramp their style. Cripple their plans. Crumble their confidence. Corrupt their serenity. Curse their loved … [Read more...]

Relationships: Change or Die?

Change or Die? No need to put it such stark and scary terms! Instead… Flow & Live! It's just easier that way. But how? Constant change can seem chaotic. Impossible to navigate. Especially when we react with resistance! But we can… Re-arrange … [Read more...]

Top 10 Types of Overwhelm

I admit it. I'm often overwhelmed these days. I'm even overwhelmed by overwhelm itself – by the sheer number of overwhelms that confront me! So I've added one more item to my overwhelming To Do list: a daily, proactive practice to prevent overwhelm! … [Read more...]

Forgive me! T’shuvah & Ho’oponopono

Tis the season of asking forgiveness. But the old way – beating-onesself-up, guilt, shame, and endless self-criticism as motivators for change – is no longer applicable. Plus, it's bullsh*t. Let's do it better! So, since I feel called to … [Read more...]

Heal the Trump Situation

Join me in a Global Healing... Heal the "Trump Situation" as You Watch: Please Comment Below! And Share Too! My personality-self is dumbfounded and distraught at the Donald's distortions, disconnects, and daily damage. And even more, at … [Read more...]

My intuition made me do it (Flow!)

My intuition keeps making me “Align with Flow” lately. It keeps herding me back into my flowing “vortex.” Nipping at my achilles heel – to heal it. Picking at my woes, and wounds, and waves of behaviors – then inverting those stuck old standing-wave … [Read more...]

Three things that are working for healing these days

I have an inkling that these three things will work for you too! But first, why "these days"? Because... Healing is changing, rapidly. (Yeah, so what else is new? It’s always changing!) I’m always changing too – and you are as well. We all go … [Read more...]

Emotional Flow

How’s your emotional flow state these days? Do your “feelings” feel good? Are your emotions enjoyable and satisfying? Do you feel calm and peaceful? Or excited and inspired? Or loving and appreciative? Or curious and adventurous? Or cozy and … [Read more...]

How to Increase your Income, Sex & Spirituality? Heal your Digestion & Elimination!

Q: What single body system do you need to heal, to boost not just your sex life, but your money, manifestation, mood, success, productivity, pleasure, and yes, your spirituality? Not to mention that it’s absolutely essential for your best health? A: … [Read more...]

As the World Churns

Feeling walloped by the world? These times we live in are a turbulent, gnarly set of waves. Many people fear that they won’t be able to come up for air. Let me share my life preserver with you! So that if you feel caught in the chaos, as the world … [Read more...]

What’s Your “Relationship Resonance”?

What's the most important part of your relationships? Hint: it has nothing to do with the other person! It's not about whether they like you, understand you, or respect you. What is truly essential is... your “energy." How you show up in the … [Read more...]

Narcissism and Low Self-Esteem: a Hidden Source of Health Problems?

Searching for the cause of your health problems? The first thing you think of is not likely to be “Ego Imbalances,” like narcissism and low self-esteem. Yet I see many people's health issues resolve very quickly, as soon as their "Ego" gets … [Read more...]

Heal Low Self-Esteem and Negative Self-Talk – with Ego Balancing

“I hate my bad posture.”   “I'm such an idiot!”   “No one could ever love me.” As enlightened people, we know how toxic low self-esteem and negative self-talk are. Or do we? We know they affect your relationships, finances, career, creativity, … [Read more...]

How to Heal Eye Problems & Hearing Loss…

What’s the best way to upgrade your senses... the Now Healing way? The most effective method to improve vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, intuition, ESP, etc... is not to start working on the physical or mental levels. For instance, to … [Read more...]

6 False Expectations that Healers have of Ourselves

We healers have high expectations of ourselves. Some of these expectations are true – like, we can change reality instantly! But others are wrong! How can you tell which ones are the false expectations healers have – feedback loops in our mental … [Read more...]

What is Beyond Body Mind Spirit?

A guy asked me a verrrrry interesting question, after last month’s Teleseminar (Emotional Entanglements Part 1: Body-Mind-Spirit). He said: “If Part 1 was ‘Body-Mind-Spirit,’ then why do you even need a Part 2? What could possibly be outside of … [Read more...]

Fearless Detox

What Motivates you to Detox? Fear... of illness or aging? Guilt... about how you're treating your body, or animals and the earth? Shame... about how you look and feel? Many detox programs use negativity – especially fear – to manipulate you … [Read more...]

Do Negative Emotions Cause Illness or Stuckness?

Q: Do Negative Emotions Cause Illness? A: It depends! – If you suppress negative emotions, or stuff them down, they may burrow deeper where you can't find them... where they lurk and work to scramble your field, or the field of the specific organ … [Read more...]

The Myth of the Healing Modality

Scroll down to see my own personal issue with "modality duality"! In the world of energy medicine, energy healing, and consciousness technologies, there’s often a misguided focus on finding the best healing modality or method. On one extreme, … [Read more...]

BE Healing.

Sometimes we (who have been called to healing) get so caught up in DOING healing for ourselves, or others, or the planet... that we forget... we ARE ALREADY Healing. We forget that we are LIFE. Life = healing. We forget that our very essence is … [Read more...]

You should never say “Should”!

A celebrity in the consciousness community wrote something like this – without irony – in reply to a Facebook post asking "What should I do about my condition?" “Let go of saying 'Should'. There are no Shoulds. You should never say Should".  … [Read more...]

The Perfection Paradox

“You are already perfect, there’s no need for self-improvement anymore,” is a popular platitude among my fellow metaphysicians. And while that’s true from the perspective of zen Centeredness... it’s also false, from the point of view of individual … [Read more...]