Embodiment – Are you “Out of your Body?”

I have to admit, I’m often “not in my body.” In my daily life, in my local self, I do not always fully connect with my physical presence. I do not fully embody my highest energetic expression. It’s a bit embarrassing. After all, I’m supposed to be … [Read more...]

Abundance, Attraction, and Manifestation…

Are the basic "Law of Attraction" Tools Sufficient? LOA offers two basic templates for manifesting and attracting abundance. –  The "I Am" State - feeling like you already have what you intend –  Gratitude These are necessary, but not sufficient, … [Read more...]

Rethink your Health

Rethink your Health... or your Lack of Health Are you generally healthy, or unhealthy? What's your first reaction? Don't overthink it - just answer quickly. Your answer to this question is an unexamined assumption. And your assumptions about … [Read more...]

Do you Assume that you’re Healthy… or Unhealthy?

Got Unexamined Assumptions? Do you live with the oppressive sense that you're not healthy? And perhaps the dread that you can never truly be healthy? Or maybe you assume that you’re healthy right now... but lurking in the future, there’s … [Read more...]

Predicting the Future: Ascension or Armageddon?

Planetary Predictions, Plots, Panic... plus a Plethora of Pronouncements on Pandemics, Plagues, Petroleum Pollution, Pole Shifts, Permafrost Peril, Populations Perishing, and Planet X. Why are so many people preoccupied with petrifying, paralyzing … [Read more...]

Earth Healing – a Hippie Pipe Dream Comes True

When I was 13 (back in the hippie days of 1971) 
my friends and I vowed we would "save the earth".
 We did not know how, but by Jove, we would get it done somehow! Well, here I am, over 40 years later, and I am actually, actively, contributing to … [Read more...]

Healing and Morphic Fields – Rupert Sheldrake Interview

Rupert Sheldrake, controversial biologist (and our next Darwin), talks about how Morphic Fields relate to Healing, with Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing. Please excuse the shaky camera work! My personal cinematographer has not yet materialized … [Read more...]

Are You Spiritual Enough?

"Am I Spiritual Enough?! Are you kidding me, Elma? What kind of question is that?" Ready to balance your spirituality? Join us for... Guided Healing Teleseminars - Live, Every Month! Next: Saturday May 3 2014 at 9 am Pacific Time (noon … [Read more...]

Want Better Answers? Ask Better Questions!

What kinds of questions do you engage in, regarding "Healing" possibilities? If you have ever found yourself grumbling a question like: "Why do I feel crappy?" "Why am I broke?" "What did I do to attract this relationship / job / life … [Read more...]

Do you Enjoy Your Life?

Scroll down for your Free Healing Alignment! Do you consistently Enjoy your Life? Do you... •    Feel good, in your body? •    Think inspired, interesting thoughts? •    Love your mood? •    Sport an inner smile? •    Appreciate your … [Read more...]

Healing Videos and Audios Have Moved…

... to the "Free Alignments" area! Look for the videos and audios under the "Free Alignments" menu, in the menu bar above. The "Blogue" area is now being used for Elma's musings, ramblings and rants, rather than for healing … [Read more...]

What Does “Now Healing” Mean?

The word “Healing” has been getting a bad rep these days, if you listen to folks like Dr. Kam Yuen of Yuen Method, or Dr. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics. But that's because the word - and the concept - have so many conflicting … [Read more...]

Boundaries for Healers and their Families

(Yes, folks, I actually this to my family! I'm posting it here in case it's useful to other healers.) My Policy on “Doing” Healing for Family Members Dear Family (kids, spouse, parents, siblings, nephews/nieces, cousins, in-laws etc) The reason … [Read more...]

Book Review: “Living With Joy” – An Orin Book by Sanaya Roman

[Elma's Review from Amazon.com, re-posted here] Without this book, I never would have become a healer. (Well, I probably would have eventually... but it would have been much slower and more difficult!) Orin (through Sanaya Roman) explains how … [Read more...]

Famous Physicists Whose Thighs have Touched Mine

Here's a bit of name-dropping. (I'm hoping to impress all you quantum physics new age fans and groupies out there.) Famous Physicists I Have Met: Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics (He came over to my folks' house for dinner. Then we all … [Read more...]

Permission Granted! Your Energy Shifts

I've just granted myself permission to raise my prices… To upgrade the way that I conduct private sessions. To increase their value - and vibration - for my clients. And to allow myself to move forward on a long-held vision. Now, I invite you … [Read more...]

New Look! Please Bear with Us!

We're changing the look of the website - and the navigation too. You may find pages that say "Coming Soon" ... please be patient while we get everything back together! Thanks! … [Read more...]

Winter Healing with Light (and Music!)

I'd like to share a song I wrote, celebrating the yin-yang of winter darkness that empowers Light. (Sung by my son when he was 7 years old!!! Soooo cute!!!) Click here to … [Read more...]

A Veritable Smorgasbord Awaits You

Are you hungry for healing? Or are you generally well-fed, with occasional cravings for new flavors of transformation? Either way, Now Healing has just the dish for you! I want to nourish your healing‚ your wholeness. Here's a little bite … [Read more...]

Are You a Healer?

Are you now... or have you ever wanted to be... a healer? I never wanted to be one. Well, actually I sort of did, but only if it was gonna be easy and painless... which was impossible, right? I didn't want to go to med school, chiropractic … [Read more...]

I Can’t Believe It!

Can you believe what’s going on in the world these days? Damaged oceans, constant earthquakes, horrendous floods, financial ruin, the preposterous Arizona immigration law, and the most unbelievable phenomenon of all: Sarah Palin? I never could … [Read more...]

Blogue le Third

If I ambled through ivy-covered quads, elbow patches on my tweed jacket, smoking a pipe of Longbottom leaf, mortarboard perched jauntily atop my crown, I wouldn't be any happier than I am right now. Coz I'm prepping for tomorrow's Now Healing 101 … [Read more...]

Blogue the Second: the new site is live!

I'm very excited to see what you all think of the new site! Of course, it's still brand new - I'm still tweaking, futzing around, and dithering with stuff. Let me know what works, and what could be improved. Your feedback is … [Read more...]

Information Overwhelm

Are You Overwhelmed by Useful Information? Overcome It - with Instant Discernment! (Scroll Down, to find out how.) My inbox is crammed with essential updates from people I respect. Health gurus, science-and-spirituality seekers, heart-centered … [Read more...]