Information Overwhelm

Are You Overwhelmed by Useful Information? Overcome It - with Instant Discernment! (Scroll Down, to find out how.) My inbox is crammed with essential updates from people I respect. Health gurus, science-and-spirituality seekers, heart-centered … [Read more...]

The Antidote to Fear: Presence

Got fear? The standard new-age-self-help mantra tells us that “the opposite of fear is love.” But that’s not going to be too accessible or useful in an emergency, unless you’re a totally enlightened being vibrating at the highest frequencies of … [Read more...]

Money – It’s Only “Energy?” Or…

Get your Free Instant Healing (Energetic Alignments)... Scroll Down! It's not just "Energy." Money is Morphic! Back in 2009, my article below was published in a local paper. I wanted to discuss the Morphic Resonance of money, but the editor … [Read more...]


Lots of folks are practicing detachment these days – much of it involuntary rather than zen. As the distance between people and their paychecks increases, the opportunity to realize healthy detachment grows. … [Read more...]

What’s Your Problem?

Got a problem? Here's my advice. Don't think about it. Don't talk about it. Don't analyze it, meditate on it, or throw money at it. In fact, don't focus on your problem at all. This isn't suppression or denial. It's an acknowledgement that what you … [Read more...]

Follow Your Heart?

Self-help gurus advise you to listen to your heart. Do what you love, follow your dream. That’s all very well and good, if you have only one single calling at a time. But if you’re anything like me, multiple dreams are vying for your time and energy. … [Read more...]