Your Healing Questions – Answered!

Watch the Replay of this Live Q&A call below. Watch to see if I already answered your question – or maybe I answered it in the comments below! If not, please post your question below. What are your … [Read more...]

Can You Leak Energy?

One of my students felt like she was giving away her energy. She felt drained, and she assumed that there must be energy leaks in her aura or chakras. But can you really "leak energy"? Well, here's the answer – and the healing – that I gave … [Read more...]

Can you really Design your Health and Body?

If you had the power to design your health & body, what would you create? Think about it for a moment. Would you choose to feel good? Or look good? Or would you choose to exercise more... or eat less... or wear a fashionable … [Read more...]

My Problem Came Back! Why did the Healing Fail?

Four Common Questions about "Healing Failures" … And why these are the wrong questions to ask. About once a week, a disappointed person emails me to ask some version of this question: “Why didn’t the Healing work?” Scroll down for the questions... … [Read more...]

What to heal first: Body, Mind or Spirit?

Q: Where to start doing healing? To get the best healing results, which one of these is most important to heal first? Body, Mind, or Spirit? Where to start? A: Don't start at the logically-obvious place! Don’t assume that if you have a physical … [Read more...]

Do Negative Emotions Cause Illness or Stuckness?

Q: Do Negative Emotions Cause Illness? A: It depends! – If you suppress negative emotions, or stuff them down, they may burrow deeper where you can't find them... where they lurk and work to scramble your field, or the field of the specific organ … [Read more...]

What is the “Center”?

Here’s the Most Powerful Tool in Now Healing: Go to your Center! This is a vital self-care skill. It's basic hygiene for your energy field. It affects your entire life. Your health, joy, love, creativity, and productivity. And it's a doorway into … [Read more...]

How to Activate Self-Healing in 2 Seconds or Less

Here's a Brief Explanation of How to Shift Any Situation, very easily and almost instantly, using Now Healing Energetic Alignments.*** To activate an energy shift, simply "Go to your Center." (Start at the base of your spine, then keeping your … [Read more...]

What’s the Difference between “Spiritual” and “Energetic”?

We often conflate the words "Spiritual" and "Energetic," in the worlds of energy medicine and new-age thought. We assume that the biofield, subtle energies, the aura, chakras, qi, etc, are interchangeable with “Spirit” or “Spiritual.” But when we do … [Read more...]

Heart Healing: What’s Most Vital – Physical, Energetic, or Spiritual?

Heart health is a huge topic today.  Let's break through the conflicting information about what's most important for healing the heart... and let's integrate it, now! Q: Which of these is most important for heart health? Physical health, … [Read more...]

How do I do Healing on Other People or Animals?

Question #1: "Can I listen to your audios on behalf of someone else? It's for my sister with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy." A: Yes, you can "aim" the Alignment (from any video or audio on this site) at someone else. As you listen, come from your … [Read more...]

Healing and Morphic Fields – Rupert Sheldrake Interview

Rupert Sheldrake, controversial biologist (and our next Darwin), talks about how Morphic Fields relate to Healing, with Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing. Please excuse the shaky camera work! My personal cinematographer has not yet materialized … [Read more...]

Can I Listen in my Sleep?

Q: Can I simply put on your mp3 when I go to bed, and allow it to work while I sleep, even though I'm not consciously "Entering" and "Disentangling", but have made that my intention on falling asleep? A: The audios and programs were not designed … [Read more...]

How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing

Energetic Testing is like the training wheels for your intuition! Learn to discern the difference between energy that is Connected to Wholeness ("strong")  - OR - Disconnected from Wholeness ("weak") This video accompanies the Now Healing … [Read more...]

Pranic Healing vs. Now Healing – What’s the Difference?

Q: What's the Difference between Pranic Healing and Now Healing? "I have recently done a course on "Advance Pranic Healing" founded by Master Choa Kok Sui.  I could cleanse bad energy and energize the chakra with appropriate colour  energies.  I … [Read more...]

Got Questions about Now Healing?

Post your questions below! But before you do... Please browse the FAQ area. Your question may already be answered there! Your Questions are Extremely Helpful to Other People! If you have a question, it's likely that others will have it too. So … [Read more...]

What’s the Biggest Blockage to Healing?

The Most Common - But Hidden - Blockage to Healing... What is it? Which state / morphic field are you in? Are you NOT healing? Or... are you NOW healing? Tell us about it - please add your Comment below! Ready to Go Deeper? Here are some … [Read more...]

Will Now Healing Work for My Problem?

Q: “Can it work for my... [insert your issue here]?” A: Yes. Now Healing will shift the energy field of any symptom, pain, problem, situation or goal - whether it’s something that’s bothering you, or something you want to improve. Why? Everything … [Read more...]

Is Self-Healing Enough?

Q: Can I take care of all my own healing needs? Is Self-Healing Enough? A: Yes, most of the time. "Do-It-Yourself" healing is an innate human ability. I’m a strong advocate for taking joyous responsibility for your own healing and Wholeness. … [Read more...]

Does My Belief Affect the Outcome of the Healing?

Q: Do I Need to Trust that it will work? A: No. Now Healing happens beyond the conscious mind, and beyond your emotional state of trust/no trust. The energy will shift, regardless of your belief - or disbelief. That's why this works so well for … [Read more...]

How Long do the Energy Shifts Last?

A: It depends. Some shifts, done once, will have results that last “forever.” Other shifts seem to need “maintenance.” That's life! Just because a result doesn’t appear to last forever doesn’t mean it’s “not working”  – or not useful. You may need … [Read more...]

Do I Need Intuition, to do Instant Healing?

Q: "Do I need more intuition?" A: Nope! You already have something better: Enhanced Sense Perception ("ESP"). Intuition sounds woo-woo, wishy-washy, even womanly. Of course, it's not... but for many people, those false assumptions still pose as … [Read more...]

What is Infinite Self?

Infinite Self is not the same as "higher self" or "spirit" or "soul". It is a state of wholeness that you can access easily. It's where Now Healing happens! Watch this short video, to find out how to connect with your Infinite Self, … [Read more...]

What If My “Problem” Comes Back?

Q: Do you teach ways to not have habits, pain, etc return? i.e. So that I don’t recreate, re-attract, or return to vibrating with the original condition / behavior?  [This is a real question from a client] A: The easiest way to deal with habits … [Read more...]