Got an Abundance or Money Block?

Watch this 4-Minute Video... and Get an Instant Healing for your "Money Block" Do you work hard to heal your abundance "blockages"? Discover a much faster, easier way... Watch now! This video gives you one of my most powerful  "Top Ten Tools" … [Read more...]

Heal the Trump Situation

Join me in a Global Healing... Heal the "Trump Situation" as You Watch: Please Comment Below! And Share Too! My personality-self is dumbfounded and distraught at the Donald's distortions, disconnects, and daily damage. And even more, at … [Read more...]

You are Now Healing… Fires, Floods, Falling Buildings & Bombs!

Let's do a huge healing... for YOU & the planet. (Scroll down to the purple text.) It will take about 20 seconds. (And then maybe another minute, if you want to read about what the healing will actually do.) What it’s for:  fires, … [Read more...]

Get Unstuck… NOW! Free Instant Healing Video

Where would you like to Get Unstuck in your life? Your Health? Energy? Mood? Thoughts? Beliefs? Money? Job? New Home? Relationships? Habits? Watch this healing video to heal your specific situation and...  Get Unstuck... NOW! You'll get instant … [Read more...]

Clear Negative Energy in 5 Minutes

Got Hidden Psychic Resonance? Clear Negative Energy... Now! Please Comment Below! What shifted for you, as you watched? Want subtitles? Click "CC" In this instant healing video, I will guide you to quickly Clear Negative Energy – for your … [Read more...]

Free Healing – from Earth’s Healing Energy

Enjoy this Free 1-Minute Power-Healing from Sun, Earth, Trees, Nature. (This is not just an "Earth Day" thing. Because seriously, when is it NOT Earth Day?  Days would not exist, if it wasn't for earth!) So... go ahead and plug in to the power … [Read more...]

Heal Procrastination in 2 Minutes – with Elma and Rudy

Let us help you heal procrastination! (I've struggled with procrastination myself. And I still do sometimes... until I remember what to do!) Watch the videos below, and discover my favorite ways to overcome procrastination. Heal … [Read more...]

How to Align with Abundance – Instantly

Fast, Free Healing Video – Watch Now Align with Abundance – Instantly – to Manifest Money... Now. Please Comment Below! Scroll down, and tell us what shifted for you! Want to go Deeper with an hour-long guided healing? Morphic Money … [Read more...]

Clear your Energy Blocks to Manifesting Money

Free Healing Video - Watch Now! How to Clear your Specific Blocks to Manifesting Money (Hidden "Manifestation Mistakes" & Blockages to Law of Attraction) Please Comment Below! Scroll down, and tell us what shifted for you! Want to … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem – Free Instant Healing Alignment

Build Confidence & Self Esteem Instantly... Watch Now! Please Comment Below... What shifted for you? Please Comment Below! Did your Self Esteem "number" change? How do you feel now, about your ability to improve your issue quickly and … [Read more...]

Why Heal your WHOLE Life?

Scroll Down for your Free Healing Alignment... to Heal your WHOLE Life What's the missing link to healing, that most methods ignore? What's the most essential thing you need, to heal your life? Some people say "heal your thoughts first, to heal … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Procrastination

Watch the Healing Video, and get Instant Shifts to Overcome Procrastination: Procrastination in one part of your life can affect every other part of your life! So learning how to overcome procrastination quickly is essential. The guided … [Read more...]

Instant Awareness Alignment

Watch Now: Free Instant Healing for Higher Awareness Get an instant healing, to activate and Align with your higher awareness. What shifted for you? Please comment below! Want to Go Deeper? Discover Guided Healing Teleseminars If you … [Read more...]

How to Heal Yourself… with Now Healing Alignments

Try it Now – It's Easy! Heal Yourself with these Instant Alignments. Get real, life-changing healing. For any issue. In seconds. Watch now... and you'll: 1. Discover the huge power of "instant Alignment." 2. Get an instant healing – for … [Read more...]

For Better Healing Results, Let Go

... of Needing Results! (Yes, it’s a paradox.) To get the best healing results… you need to Let Go of Needing healing results! Letting go is hard to do – if you try to change your Mind or Emotions. But it's incredibly fast and easy when you shift … [Read more...]

How to Detox in 3 Seconds – with the Disentangle Command

How to Detox Super Fast, using "Disentangle" Almost everyone who tries out the powerful Now Healing Disentangle command senses an immediate shift. Try it out now: Tune into one thing that you don't want, or that makes you feel bad, that you … [Read more...]

Align with the Energy of the Solstice

My Gift to You! (Scroll Down to Listen) Open to the sacred energy of the solstice season. As you listen, you will... Align with the beautiful deep dark silence of winter... which creates the empty space necessary for the return of the Sun's … [Read more...]

Fast Freedom Freebie – Audio Alignment

Your Instant Shift – Listen Now: "Fast Freedom Freebie" 7-minute Audio Get an Instant activation of YOUR most important Freedom issue... as you listen. Click the "Play" button below: If you enjoyed that "Fast Freedom Freebie," I'm pretty sure … [Read more...]

Forget about Life Purpose! What is your NOW Purpose?

Don’t worry, I’m not really suggesting you forget about your Life Purpose!!! But... there’s another more immediate purpose – that is often ignored– but that is essential to living your fulfilled life. You don't need to stress out about whether, … [Read more...]

Waves of Healing – with Elma & Rudy

Watch Now, and Let the Waves Heal you SCROLL DOWN for even more Free Healing! Want More? Join our Virtual Healing Circle – Now Healing Earth! Register for Now Healing Earth - Free Teleseminars Live Healing for you & Earth... PLUS … [Read more...]

Instant Healing for the Ocean – Plastic & Toxins

Join Elma Mayer & Amanda Wilkins, for an instant energy healing for the ocean... Synchronicity from Source: I met Amanda just minutes before we made this video. I'd been sitting on a rock at Windansea Beach, La Jolla, California... waiting for … [Read more...]

Predicting the Future: Ascension or Armageddon?

Planetary Predictions, Plots, Panic... plus a Plethora of Pronouncements on Pandemics, Plagues, Petroleum Pollution, Pole Shifts, Permafrost Peril, Populations Perishing, and Planet X. Why are so many people preoccupied with petrifying, paralyzing … [Read more...]

Fear of Failure? Stress of Success?

Transcend that Duality! Scroll down for your Free Alignments. Is success the goal of existence?  Simply asking this question "zooms you out" into a bigger-picture context... with an expanded perspective on "success." Yet we subconsciously … [Read more...]

Heal your Habits

Does repeating a habit for 30 days actually "create a new habit?" Uh, yeah, right! It's haphazard to rely on repetition. (And if you're like me, it's not just haphazard, it's half-assed!) Sure, repeated action can help – but only if it is Aligned … [Read more...]