Instant Energy Boost

Whether you just need a quick little pick-me-up at tea-time, or whether you have severe chronic fatigue, this Instant Energy Boost can help to... Align your energy systems and acupuncture meridians Disentangle you from morphic resonance with … [Read more...]

Your Body & Mind: Do they Support or Distort Each Other?

Scroll Down for your Free Alignment! Body-Mind Integration can create deeply positive effects on pretty much everyone and everything. It's a state of flow – when thoughts, emotions, senses, body structures and functions all work together, to … [Read more...]

How to Activate Self-Healing in 2 Seconds or Less

Here's a Brief Explanation of How to Shift Any Situation, very easily and almost instantly, using Now Healing Energetic Alignments.*** To activate an energy shift, simply "Go to your Center." (Start at the base of your spine, then keeping your … [Read more...]

It’s NOT Your Subconscious!

Scroll Down for your Free Alignments! Are Your "Blockages" All in Your "Subconscious"? The term "subconscious" may have been useful, back in the last millenium – but it’s way out-dated now. Yet many healing modalities, coaching and self-help … [Read more...]

Peace – of Mind, Body, Spirit

What area of your life needs more Peace? No matter what area of life it is... you can increase your peace - instantly. Try it now. Follow the easy instructions below. Your Free Alignments for Peace on All Levels: Instructions to activate … [Read more...]

Heal Your Relationships

... to Heal All Areas of your Life! Watch the 7-minute video below, to get a Free Instant Healing Alignment. Your relationships affect all areas of your life -  whether you are aware of it or not! Relationships can cause disconnects (glitches or … [Read more...]

Do you Enjoy Your Life?

Scroll down for your Free Healing Alignment! Do you consistently Enjoy your Life? Do you... •    Feel good, in your body? •    Think inspired, interesting thoughts? •    Love your mood? •    Sport an inner smile? •    Appreciate your loved … [Read more...]

Instant Ease: Transcend Dis-ease and Stop Struggle

Scroll Down to Add Your Comments! Is it possible to stop struggle and stress - instantly? Can you live your life with Ease, rather than Dis-Ease and Difficulty? Can your body release "lack of ease"... instantly? Yes! Your energy field will … [Read more...]

Free Up Your Life – Body, Mind, Spirit, Space, Time and Money

What Part of your Life does not Feel Free? Tune in to one area that could use more Freedom. (Your Knees? Self-Image? Daily Schedule? Finances? Diet? Love Life?) Then... Watch the 6-second video below, to Activate Freedom! And get a free sample … [Read more...]

Stay Whole when Things Change

Scroll down for your Free Alignments, in the video below! Is "Change" a problem for you? Are you concerned about: - Climate change / global warming / political changes - Fearful "End of the World" predictions / "Ascension symptoms" - Stuckness … [Read more...]

Over-Giving and Under-Receiving: Get Balanced Now!

Scroll down for your Instant Alignment... and Add Your Comment! Do you have an imbalance, in your patterns of Giving and Receiving? Maybe you: Give too much, yet feel unappreciated? Experience lack, yet feel blocked to receiving? Feel … [Read more...]

Balance Your Earth Element…

... if you've got: Pain Brain Fog Energy Drain No Financial Gain Get your Instant Energy Shift - scroll down! “Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in your body”  Eckhart Tolle And not just illness. Many other discomforts … [Read more...]

Work-Life Balance – Get your Instant Energy Upgrade!

Get Instant Work-Life Balance - in the Guided Healing Video Below... and please Comment on what you experienced! What does “work-life balance” mean to you? Less work? More work? Time? Money? Less stress? Career change? Freedom? Equal Pay? … [Read more...]

Persistent Pain, Problems or Patterns?

What’s Your Story? Your habitual self-talk about your persistent pain or problems? Do you go over and over the... History of your diagnosis? Origin of your problem? Rationale behind your preferences? Common-sense reason why your situation … [Read more...]

Stop Pain in your Body, Mind and Relationships

Feel the Power of Yin-Yang Balancing Watch the video, and your energy will shift, instantly.  Use this to stop pain in your body, mind, or whatever puts you out of balance: Transcend your pain - in your body and mind. Bypass your blockages - … [Read more...]

Focus Your Fire

Scroll down for your Free Instant Healing Transformation Harness your Fire Element, to... Activate your Star Power. Generate creativity and passion. Take inspired action, with laser-focused attention. Quench your excess Fire Element, to... … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Space…

...Beyond Space Clearing and Feng Shui In this 6-minute video, you will: Actually shift the energy of any space you choose - instantly! Get a quick intro to "reading" the energy of a space. Not only "clear" negative energy, but enhance … [Read more...]

Instant Body Detox… for Your Individual Needs!

Scroll down... to get your Instant Energy Shifts! "Detoxing (the Now Healing way) is not about working directly on the physical level to remove physical toxins. We don’t work on the heavy metals or the parasites or the chemicals themselves, we … [Read more...]

Improve Your Oxygen Instantly…

Want More Transformation? How About The Seven Transformations? 7 Hours of Power-Healing Audios to Heal your Body & Life What are The Seven Transformations? And what do they transform? Each of these Seven Transformations are essential morphic … [Read more...]

Get Instant Energy Shifts for… Mental Function, Learning, ADD etc

You Missed the Live Session... But... here's your chance to get powerful shifts... in a brand new recording! New! Audio Healing Session! A 30-Minute Guided Healing Session, with Nedi Safa* I Am Now Healing… ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and … [Read more...]

Tune Up Your Brain and Mind

Scroll Down for your free instant healing video: You will get Energetic support for mental clarity, focus, clearing brain fog and mental loops. Disentangle from brain toxins, including: - viruses - parasites - electromagnetic fields - … [Read more...]

Disentangle from the Morphic Field of Lyme Disease

Howdy Lymies, Babesia-oids, Ehrlichia-ese, Bartonella-ers, Borreliosen, Mycoplasma-tors, Morgies, HHV-6-ers, etc etc! Apologies for my neglect! I've been meaning to send you Lyme-specific Energy Shifts for months... but I've been focused on the … [Read more...]

Tune Up Your Telepathy

Ready to Begin Upgrading Your Telepathy... right now? It will take just a couple of minutes! Please Comment Below... You know that you are Telepathic, right? Yes, I mean You! Telepathy - receiving so-called "extra-sensory" information - is an … [Read more...]

Shift Your Biggest Blockage – Now!

In less than two minutes! Please Comment Below... Did you notice a shift? What’s the one thing that prevents you from living the highest expression of your life? Or, rather, let’s ask a better question: What’s the one thing that would … [Read more...]