Heal the Climate Crisis – What’s the Most Important Thing to Do?

Discover YOUR best way to Heal the Climate Crisis. You'll get Instant Energy Healing as you watch this video... to activate what YOU can do to actually help heal the climate catastrophe, and heal yourself, in the process. After you … [Read more...]

How to Stop Danger & Doomsday [Instant Energy Healing]

Scroll Down for a Free Instant Healing... to Stop Danger & Doomsday! On the one hand, life is dangerous. At any moment, Universal Forces could squish us like pathetic dung beetles. But on the other hand, we are blessed: We've … [Read more...]

Instant Healing for Vitality, Life Force & Earth’s Healing Energy

Get an instant healing for vitality, as you watch! You'll feel the flow of  healing energy from earth, rainbows & waterfalls... and lovely life force flowing into your cells! (No unicorns showed up, sorry.) Please Share - and Comment … [Read more...]

Heal the Trump Situation

Join me in a Global Healing... Heal the "Trump Situation" as You Watch: Please Comment Below! And Share Too! My personality-self is dumbfounded and distraught at the Donald's distortions, disconnects, and daily damage. And even more, at … [Read more...]

You are Now Healing… Fires, Floods, Falling Buildings & Bombs!

Let's do a huge healing... for YOU & the planet. (Scroll down to the purple text.) It will take about 20 seconds. (And then maybe another minute, if you want to read about what the healing will actually do.) What it’s for:  fires, … [Read more...]

Free Healing – from Earth’s Healing Energy

Enjoy this Free 1-Minute Power-Healing from Sun, Earth, Trees, Nature. (This video was made on Earth day, but it is not just an "Earth Day" thing. Because seriously, when is it NOT Earth Day?  Days would not exist, if it wasn't for earth!) So... go … [Read more...]

Global Turbulence – WTF should you do?

Global Turbulence: political polarization, shouting, finger-pointing and name-calling, intolerance, military saber-rattling or worse, terrorism, religious persecution, bigotry, the refugee crisis, food shortages, toxic sites, drug overdose epidemics, … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Climate Change – Free Teleseminars

Announcing... the new Free Teleseminar Series ... for Now Healing Earth! These teleseminars happen 4 times a year, near solstices/equinoxes. Replay available now, for Activate Peace - Register below. Next Live Teleseminar: Heal Global Turbulence … [Read more...]

Waves of Healing – with Elma & Rudy

Watch Now, and Let the Waves Heal you SCROLL DOWN for even more Free Healing! Want More? Join our Virtual Healing Circle – Now Healing Earth! Register for Now Healing Earth - Free Teleseminars Live Healing for you & Earth... PLUS … [Read more...]

Instant Healing for the Ocean – Plastic & Toxins

Join Elma Mayer & Amanda Wilkins, for an instant energy healing for the ocean... Synchronicity from Source: I met Amanda just minutes before we made this video. I'd been sitting on a rock at Windansea Beach, La Jolla, California... waiting for … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Trees

Do Remote Healing (from your Comfy Chair) - Now! Why do healing for trees? Gee, I dunno, why indeed? For purely selfish reasons: so you can breathe, get cool in the shade, enjoy beauty, build your home, prevent landslides... and offset your guilt … [Read more...]

Healing the Earth: Where to Start?

Energetic Earth Healing is now a "Thing." Lots of us are doing it! But where do we start? Where do we "aim" our healing? It’s an enormous issue. Obviously, water and air. Oceans and atmosphere. Climate and weather. Trees and plants. Bees, … [Read more...]

Predicting the Future: Ascension or Armageddon?

Planetary Predictions, Plots, Panic... plus a Plethora of Pronouncements on Pandemics, Plagues, Petroleum Pollution, Pole Shifts, Permafrost Peril, Populations Perishing, and Planet X. Why are so many people preoccupied with petrifying, paralyzing … [Read more...]

Earth Healing – a Hippie Pipe Dream Comes True

When I was 13 (back in the hippie days of 1971) 
my friends and I vowed we would "save the earth".
 We did not know how, but by Jove, we would get it done somehow! Well, here I am, over 40 years later, and I am actually, actively, contributing to … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Mountain Streams

Heal Mountain Streams - with Energy Healing Follow along with this Guided Healing Video. You will tune in to the energy field of any river of your choice... and do a healing for it, by shifting its energy / information field. In this Guided … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers

Healing Urban Rivers, with Energy Healing... Heal your local river, right now... by following along with the Guided Healing Video below. You will tune in to the energy field of any river of your choice... and do a healing for it, by shifting its … [Read more...]

Now Healing Earth: Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Join us in healing the earth. As you follow along with the energy shifts in these videos, you amplify healing and wholeness for the planet. ____________________________________ Please leave your comments and your healing … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Space…

...Beyond Space Clearing and Feng Shui In this 6-minute video, you will: Actually shift the energy of any space you choose - instantly! Get a quick intro to "reading" the energy of a space. Not only "clear" negative energy, but enhance … [Read more...]