6 False Expectations that Healers have of Ourselves

We healers have high expectations of ourselves. Some of these expectations are true – like, we can change reality instantly! But others are wrong! How can you tell which ones are the false expectations healers have – feedback loops in our mental … [Read more...]

Show Me

[For Tools for Transformation Teleseminar Members only]. You sit down to do a healing session on yourself. You know the issue that you want to improve. You know the outcome you want. You’re inspired and ready to roll. You get quiet. And… then … [Read more...]

Integrating Now Healing with Other Modalities

[For Tools for Transformation Teleseminar Members only]. Get tips and tricks for integrating Now Healing with other modalities. Find out how to tap into the morphic field of any healing method, even if you haven’t studied it! … [Read more...]