Clear Mind & Clear Action – Your Instant Energy Shifts

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How to Activate Clear Mind & Clear Action…

… for any situation! Whether it’s starting a new creative project – taking a test – making a decision… you can Align it now!

The Free Alignment Instant Shifts below are designed to:
– Clear and focus your mind,
– Get you un-stuck, and
– Align you with taking appropriate action – on any issue!

Your Free Alignments for Clear Mind / Clear Action

Instructions:  Simply say each command (in purple) below. Then Enter that command to your Center. (How? Just connect with your vertical center – feel into it for a split-second – as you say each command. It’s like pressing the “enter” button, located at your Center!)

  • Align my local mind with the Universal mind… now.
  • Disentangle from mental noise… now.
  • Align my mind, knowingness, intuition, senses, home and workspace, with the Universal Mind… now.
  • Disentangle from unnecessary actions… now.
  • Disentangle from unwanted behaviors… now.
  • Align my actions with their highest purposes… now.
  • Align right action and right timing with the highest expression of my behavior… now.
  • Align my Being and my Doing… now.
  • Re-set my mental body gridwork… now.
  • Re-integrate my mental body with my executive brain function
    and my physical body… now.
  • Align with the morphic field of my clear, well-functioning
    mind… now.
  • Align with the morphic field of right action and
    right timing… now.

You have just created instant change, in your energy field.
Don’t be surprised things flow more smoothly for you!

Did you notice any shifts? Leave a Comment below!

Are you Ready to move forward into Clarity?

Clear Mind – Instant Energy Healing (5 Audios)

  • Mental Focus & Clearing Distractions   (22 minutes)
  • Brain Fog Clearing   (18 minutes)
  • Mental Chatter Clearing   (16 minutes)
  • Memory Loss & Improving Memory   (15 minutes)
  • Traumatic Memory Clearing   (12 minutes)

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For Details, click here: Clear Mind


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  1. I could not feel anything

  2. This is WONDERFUL, Elma! I printed it up and have been using them (and making up my own), and also incorporating them into my distant healing practice.
    This stuff REALLY works! — it’s so helpful, and I do feel ‘shift’ and realignment happening.

  3. Dear generous Elma – I give thanks for you every day. I discovered you a couple of years ago and detox along with other energy work. I have purchased the Heal your situation program and use a quick zap every day. I also use this particular Clear Mind/clear action daily as well.

  4. Wowww I had soo much release as I was saying all those statements. I was breathing heavily, sighing, and yawning!! Feeel lighter to start my day !! 🙂

    Thank you so much Elma. Your amazing 😉 Happy Holy Days !! 😉

  5. Yes, I think this might be my favorite quick alignment! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Christina Margo says

    Love clearing my mind! Thanks so for the free adjustments 🙂

  7. thanks elma for your generosity of videos

  8. Phyllis C says


    Your alignments are the best, easiest and most effective of the many I use. Thank you so much.

    The best to you!!!

  9. whoa! my intense (frenzied) energy shifted as I started each paragraph, into a more expansive, calm – yet focused – toned filled with trust. thank you so much elma!

  10. The Clear Action/Clear Mind Alignments cleared away the stress of 4 days of Internet issues that have put me behind in my online business. I felt my body realign, my shoulders relax, and a new energy come in. Thank you!!! Blessings to you! Natalie

  11. I felt my body with energy and joy, that went up my energy, I feel more confident Thanks

  12. A definite shift was felt. Thank you.

  13. OMG!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Elma. I went from having the “jumping jiminees” to a peaceful calm. I feel much more centred with who I am and where I’m going. Wonderful!!!!

  14. Feeling tingling all over. Quieter.

  15. MarcieT Tanner says

    Elma, today’s teleseminar left me feeling a calm and happy bliss throughout each cell of my body, including my brain…and nearly 3 hours later I am still feeling this lovely energy. Thank you, Blessings and Love to you!

  16. audrey denson says

    elma, you hit it out of the park with those alignments today! you really hold a space for us as a group (and even if just listening to a recording of the call later) and it feels very uniting — and thorough in whatever needs to be addressed. i am lot lighter and more clear now. i feel like i got the energetic deluxe car wash today. thank you! 🙂 audrey

  17. Carolyn L says

    physically sitting straighter, not collapsed; head on “straight”; a lovely “humming” energy along spine/chakras; infinitely grateful for gift that will keep on giving. blessings, Carolyn



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