Clear your Energy Blocks to Manifesting Money

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How to Clear your Specific Blocks to Manifesting Money

(Hidden “Manifestation Mistakes” & Blockages to Law of Attraction)

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Manifestation Mistakes

Manifestation Mistake #1 – Asking for the wrong thing! For instance, “The Midas Touch.” But no worries, because you’ve just cleared that, in the video above – and any other mis-takings and mis-givings that you have been carrying around in your field.

Manifestation Mistake #2 – Trying to control every detail of your manifestation request. In trying to get clarity on your “asking”, it’s easy to fall into over-control.

Most manifestation methods tell you to get very clear on the outcome you want. To focus on the exact feelings that you want to experience, and get real clarity on the details. And not getting enough of that clarity, like the shortsightedness of wanting the Midas touch… well, that lack of awareness will short-circuit the Law of Attraction.

But wanting too much “Clarity” becomes “Over-Control”. The  danger in over-focusing on each detail of your desire is over-attachment  to a specific outcome, which creates disappointment if you don’t get your exact wish.

In the video above, I showed you what to do instead. It is much more effective, when you’re asking the universe for what you want.

Transcript of the Video

In this instant healing video, you’re going to get a healing for  a major mistake that we often make when we want to do manifestation – and then we wonder why Law of Attraction is not working. This is really the number one manifestation mistake and — and in just a minute I’ll guide you through a fast healing process to clear it out of your field, right now, so that it no longer creates distortion or a blockage for your manifesting what you want.

I’m Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing, where we instantly Align your field with the things you want, so you can leverage the power of resonating with things like health and wealth and  abundance and love and whatever. So stick around and in a minute you will experience this instant Alignment that creates real flow towards what you want. .

So what is this manifestation mistake that we are going to heal in this video? It’s asking for the wrong thing – or more precisely, when the field of what you’re asking for contains  distortions and disconnects from what you truly want – from the essence of what you want.  For instance, when you need a lot of money, asking for the Midas Touch. When I hear people doing this, I just  have to roll my third eye.

Because the Midas touch is NOT what you want – you don’t want everything you touch to turn to gold, like your children and your food.  the Midas Touch is a cautionary tale about greed. It’s a warning to “be careful what you wish for.”

It’s like saying  “I want to wear those fancy emperor’s new clothes.” Or “For my third and final wish, I want those damn sausages on the end of your nose.” No! These cautionary tales are deep human archetypes about the folly of materialism – and we are going to energetically transcend them in just a moment.

Start by getting totally Centered.  This is a Now Healing technique that instantly snaps you to your Infinite Self that is the Center of the Universe where you can automatically Align with your highest desires . Feel your Center, your vertical Center, or your heart center or you gut or your third eye, any and all of those will work because they are points on the multidimensional Center.

And now that you’re Centered, let’s shift your energy.

We are clearing all your past manifestation mistakes… misdirections distortions, expectations and assumptions, and so on.  Disentangle from them all and Re-integrate… now. Disentangle from secondary benefits to Not healing or not manifesting what you want, Disentangle from wanting it but not wanting it… Disentangle… now. How easy or hard it will be to manifest, what  you need to do first, what reality and common sense says is possible or impossible… all of those limitations hanging around in your field… Disentangle and Re-integrate… now.

Let go of any mistakes or mis-steps or delays… Disentangle and Re-integrate… now.

Let go of not enough clarity and its opposite, wanting too much control – Disentangle and Re-integrate… now.

Clear your slate, clear your control, clear your clarity… Align with that clean slate… now.

Just these simple fast Now Healing commands: Align, Disentangle and Re-integrate… will create huge energetic shifts for you.

So now, let’s see how effective that is. Tune in to something you want to manifest.  just find one thing, don’t ask for everything all at once. Find one thing you want to make real, right now.

And come from your Center, which is now the Center of your nice clean clear slate, totally empty of expectations, empty so that it can be filled with the flow of your highest manifestion… Be at your Center… now.
And from that Center, locate the Center of the thing you want to manifest – it’s somewhere in space in front of you. You’re not describing its attributes, you’re not visualizing it or believing or trusting. You’re simply locating where it is in the universe. And wherever it is, Align with it… now. Bring its Center and your Center together… now.

Allow those changes to ripple out into all of reality… now. Tons of things are shifting that you cannot possibly track with your local awareness. They will continue to shift.

What do you notice about the thing you want to manifest? How close does it feel? Are you in its field? Align your field with it again… now.  And again – Align with it… now.

Ok, things are shifting and manifesting… now. And please let me know what you experienced in the comments below.

And if you want to go deeper and learn more, just click the link below, because there’s lots more where that came from. Enjoy your  highest manifestation- this is Elma with Now, signing off for now.

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  1. I was really needing a client to pay me and that’s what I aligned with …7 minutes later the PayPal payment came through. I’m using this daily for other projects too. Thank you so very much!!

  2. Bridie weritz. says

    Sorry Elma, misspelt your name.

  3. Bridie weritz. says

    Hi Email. I just watched your video. Found it very interesting. Think I found a shift but not quite sure. I need to learn to let go more I think.

  4. By listening to this recording, I feel more aligned with a project that I’ve been working on. I can see and feel it coming together more gracefully. I am inspired to embellish and complete it ‘now’. Thank you So Much, Elma. Many Blessings to you ~ Namaste!

  5. I have been going through a very dfficult period in my life in the past 2 months, and happened upon Elma’s free healings “by chance”. I have made these free healings part of my daily morning routine, and they have been very good in terms of shifting the rotten mood and thoughts I awaken with to something a bit more positive, hopeful, relaxing and constructive. I do them with my eyes closed, and feel refreshed at the end. It has been very good for me and steers the course of my days.

    This morning I did it and had a realization about the thing I have been asking for…that it is very closely related to what I want, but not really what I want. Once I shifted my focus on locating the center of that thing out there in the Universe, it felt so right, I had a very positive and supportive internal image come to me I never had before. I feel as though I broke through a barrier or obstacle that has been diverting my attention for too long. Thank you, Elma!

  6. Hi Elma
    Thank you for the amazing healing. What a wonderful and much needed topic.

    After the healing I felt lighter and believe it or not I could smell the pile of paper money all of a sudden!

    Can you believe it? I have never experienced that before 🙂

    Thank you so much ???hugz

  7. Dominique says

    Since I started listening to your videos, I received many requests for new students. Is it just a coïncidence? I don’t think so… So I want to thank you for everything… Thank you Elma!

  8. I experienced a change in time structure immediately as thought “time slowed down and everything was more vivid” colors feel of air on my skin the air I was breathing in and letting out aromas pretty coooool can’t wait to ry this with some other things

  9. Hi Elma,
    Been a fan since you came on the scene. Energy’s really strong and powerful.

    WHen you said identify your desire, I found mine immediately, a home, out in the ether. Pointed to it and brought it into my centre. I felt as if it was a part of me, my energy, so I couldn’t say anymore “I want…” because it felt as if it was already here.

    Since I have no personal income and it’s been this way for far too long, years despite my many and desperate efforts, I’m going back in to pinpoint that now. No belief necessary anymore. It’s now, I know, with certainty.

    And you were so right about the other techniques out there where you have to detail what you want exact;u then feel the having of what you desire. That felt soo uncomfortable and unworkable and unwieldy because I ended up holding onto it which I don’t believe is the objective.

    I prefer your way.
    Thank you Elma?

  10. Thank you Elma, I started with few clearings during the last evenings, while I am on ‘Granmaweek’ with my 18 month old grandson, cute and loveley vived. Feeling much more on ease, centered, in the now and extremly relaxt. Blessings upon you and your generosity.

  11. Thank you Elma! I’m a big fan of your work…because…it works!

  12. I am a fan of Elma’s work. I used this abundance manifestation for
    3 modest requests :
    finding a travel bag,a jean jacket
    and a good seat on my flight.
    bag? yes: jacket? fabulous
    and airplane seat…4c.
    so good!! thank you much!H

  13. @cress, yes, you can state their name to include them in the field, or you might want to try “aiming” the Alignments at their Center. Also remember to be non-attached to outcome, and be at your own Center, when working on someone else – it’s much more effective that way!

    Here’s an article with more details:

  14. Thank you so much Elma great videos
    If you wanted to include a family member in the clearing with you would you state there name when you were watching videos..thanks for great videos

  15. Merryl Woodard says

    Elma, Than you so much. I love your energy. During the video I felt a beautiful, bright, flowing energy moving throughout my body. It felt cleansing.

  16. Thank you so much, feeling so light after this video. Love you Elma…

  17. Hello, Elma. I’m going to add one more comment. I was a bit hesitant, but what the heck — this is anonymous and, more importantly, it might be just the thing someone out there needs to hear: I used you manifestation technique for sex (instead of money). Yes, indeed. Just beforehand I did a quick, inconspicuous version of the exercise from memory, without using the video, and asked for “a gratifying sexual experience”. Well, keeping it understated so that this doesn’t have to be censored, let’s just say it was… quite outstanding… remarkably intense… shockingly powerful and delicious. And I don’t mean to come across as unduly salacious at all. I really do believe this aspect of healing is at least as important as any other. (If your partner is actually on board for this kind of woo-woo thing, it would be amazing to have both of you do the exercise, right?) Anyway, endless thanks, Elma, on behalf of all of us who benefit in so many ways from your generous, loving gifts!!!

  18. Hi, Elma. Thank you for this. I followed the video on a Saturday night, seeking to manifest a lucrative career. By the Monday (i.e. the next business day), my agent called to discuss two job opportunities. She reported that one, for which I had interviewed prior the “lucrative career” request and which would be for relatively modest pay, was looking very promising for me. That pleased me because it was a job that I was excited about. The other, for which she said I was on a short list, was a brand new opportunity (i.e. one that arose subsequent to the “lucrative career” request); and she happened to mention that this one would involve much higher pay! Fancy that coincidence!! Timing-wise, the jobs conflict, and the truth is I’m not sure which one I would choose… Or maybe I do know… On the same Monday night, after getting my agent’s call I chose to re-do the manifestation exercise, but I replaced “lucrative” with “fulfilling” (career) — which is a hint that, rather than make more money, I really would prefer the lower paying job that excited me more. Is it cool to go at it again but use a compound description of what I want? You instruct us to ask for just one thing (at a time, I presume), so would “a lucrative AND fulfilling career” qualify as a single request? Well, I’m gonna do it anyway, but I’d still like your opinion 🙂

  19. IMHO, dear Elma, you have the perfect, calming, tonal quality to your voice that is confidently assuring and transmits a sense of conviction that whatever the healing manifestation is in search of is FOUND and INTEGRATED into our energetic vortex! My experience of money has gone through the typical human emotional roller coaster – highs of abundance – lows of lack. After this brief 7-minute money healing meditation I feel CENTERED IN CONFIDENT, CONTINUOUS ABUNDANCE. I am not concerned about the when’s, where’s, why’s and how’s – I am filled with an image of magnetic attraction to all that I desire. You are a frequent voice in my life, as I work with your Healing 101 CD’s which I ordered several years ago. Sending love and appreciation for all that you are and all that you give.1

  20. Oriel, see Karen’s response.
    Also, give this a try:
    Expand the field of “what you experience”… beyond what you think you can experience… beyond what you know… beyond what you have ever experienced before. Expand… now! (And the key thing is, don’t try to experience anything, don’t look for anything, just allow it to be whatever it is. Experiencing nothing is still experiencing something, because you are aware of the experience of nothing! How’s that for some zen?!?)

  21. Thanks, Karen, I couldn’t have said it any better!

  22. I felt tingling all over my body, and a new faith or knowing that what I want is coming my way now. There’s a peace about the knowing, not the effort of pretending it’s here. I can relax and let the universe take care of the details!

  23. When you put out the command to align with the center of the thing I wanted, I totally aligned energetically, and felt this tangible vibration in my heart center, which I recognized as being “real”. What I mean by that is the connection felt real and authentic, as if a prodigal part of me had come “home”. Here’s to the actual manifestation of it! 🙂

  24. Lots of YAWNS.Thank you Elma.

  25. Peace and Contentment.

  26. hi Oriel –

    You are not alone! I don’t feel anything while watching the demonstrations or listening to the calls, either. But Elma taught me years ago that it’s okay not to feel anything in the moment — it doesn’t mean nothing is happening! Elma suggested that I pay attention to whatever feels “new” in the next few days after a call or video, and by golly, there’s always a lot of evidence that a shift has happened. Dunno if that strategy might work for you, too, but thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

    Elma – thanks for this video and all you do! You’ve brought so much joy and ease to my life over the years. 🙂

  27. Thanks for transcript of video. I just did Reiki session on client and listened to Rudy’s “House to Let” which was perfect as our session was about letting go. I will intergrate your 3 suggestions in future with clients. (I forwarded current Rudy’s Feb free session to friends/clients and will do yours. penny layne

  28. Hi Elma;
    I noticed heat. A clear since that what I requested was ok to ask for. No doubts came up at all. Nice.

    Thanks For Sharing

  29. Sharon Albright says

    Elma rocks!! I have been using her healing techniques for many years and I’m a much better person today. This video totally makes sense. I felt a sense of peace at the end. Thank you, Elma for being there.

  30. Hi Elma,

    Thanks for another great NOW! When we got to the last part, where we aligning with the field of what we wish to manifest, lots of energy started moving through my physical body. So, for sure, something positive is here Now. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these techniques.

  31. It really hurts me to say, Elma, that I didn’t experience anything. Not a thing. Am I a freak? Because obviously, there may be other people who experience your healing, but apart from a healing that I experienced about three years ago, I have never ever experienced anything watching your demonstrations.



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