Create Your Future: Discover the 3 Essentials

What are the 3 Essential Energetic Elements to Create Your Future?

In this video, we will look at three essentials that make it so much easier to activate and create your future. A future that is cosmically coherent and Centered in your highest expression. These are the prerequisites!

When you combine these three essentials (the Now Healing way) then you can connect with, and resonate with, “Cosmic Coherence!”

Watch Now & Discover the 3 Essentials

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What’s Next? Powerful Guided Healing: Heal your Future!

Guided Healing Membership - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Jan. 2, 2021: Heal your Future & Life. Let’s Create your Future! Big New Year Healing!

Bring your top 3 goals for the year… and we’ll also “create” the future for you & your loved ones for the next seven generations.


  1. Eugenia Parish says

    ——covered so much will use it to recall what’s needed —–many thanks Elma



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