Create Your Future – in 15 Seconds

It’s not too late to create your future!

So… let’s do it right now. In about 15 seconds.

Free Healing Alignment: Create Your Future

1. Say this command, silently or aloud:
I Align with the highest expression of my future… Now.

2. Bring the word “Now” into your Center. Just breath it in, baby!

(Don’t worry whether you’re doing it right. Do it any way that feels natural and easy. If you want to learn more, there’s tons of info on this website – but do that later! For now, simply say the Alignment above, and “enter it” somewhere, anywhere on the vertical Center of your body. It’s like clicking an “enter” button. Do it fast and don’t over-think.)

3. Notice the transformation that’s already happening.
The entire universe is transforming to support your healing and Wholeness… Now!
(Enter that into your Center.)

Notice your future… brightening… expanding… freeing… flowing… towards more and more Wholeness… Now!

4. What are you experiencing? Please comment below!

Enjoy your flowing future!

Love and Wholeness,

Transform Your Whole Life

PS – Create your future…
with me and a very small group of amazing folks,
in a 28-day intensive program.

Of course, you don’t really need me – or anyone else – to help you to create your future. Just Align with it, like the free Alignment above. It works!

But if you want me to:

  • Make it easy & enjoyable to do advanced, intensive “future healing”…
    for every part of your life
  • Actually keep you on track, for 28 days and more…
    (because despite your best intentions, it can be really hard to maintain ongoing focus on this stuff – and you need to do that, if you want to create real, lasting “morphic miracle momentum”!)
  • Give you personal healing… and “VIP” attention
  • All in a proven program (that people really love)…

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  1. Hazel Hutchings says

    I felt my body full of starlight and sunlight. Wow, amazing! Thank you Elma. Blessings 🙂

  2. Ricky, Disentangle your blood and your breath – and Reintegrate them… now! Disentangle all unconscious resistance and reaction to creating your future… now. (Bring these commands into your Center.)
    Love and Wholeness,

  3. Elma. All that happens for me is I just get out of bloody breath , Is that a good thing …. Love Ricky

  4. Elma Mayer says

    Yes, Trudi, exactly. Yawning, chills, tingles, sneezing, etc, are common signs of energy moving in response to changes in the larger resonances. But it is not necessary to experience these signs of moving energy, because they are just one of many “side effects” of this work. Things are shifting not just in your energy channels, but in your future, your past, and on the other side of the cosmos! You may or may not feel them, but things are still changing.
    Love and Wholeness,

  5. Elma, When I do your alignments I often get a chill or I start jawning.
    Is that a sign of energy moving?
    I like to thank you for all the freebies and your support

  6. I felt a great sense of peace



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