Disentangle from Your “Problems”

(Of course, I’m saying “Problems” ironically, while making air quotes!)

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This video is a few years old (2009), but it still packs a powerful punch.

What “problem, upset or stress” are you experiencing?
Watch this – and shift it instantly. It will just take a few minutes – and it will have enormous ripple effects of healing, beyond the original “problem.”

Did you experience a shift from the short video above? Imagine the enormous transformation you’ll get in…

Disentangle from your Top Five “Problems” (a Guided Healing Teleseminar replay). This hour-long recording goes much, much deeper than the short video you just watched.

What happens when we “Disentangle from Problems”?
Well, we are NOT going to:

  • Solve your problems. This is not math or logic, this is energy work! Choosing a state and connecting with it is much easier than finding a solution to a problem!
  • Analyze your problems, or isolate their root cause. This is not talk therapy. And nothing is truly isolated – it’s all interconnected!

Instead, we work with the morphic field of your “problem.” We will

  • Transform your specific “problems” – with instant energy Alignments.
  • Transcend the “Problem / Solution” Duality.
  • Shift the essential missing piece – that is almost always overlooked, even by my favorite energy modalities. (Hint: to learn the missing piece, remove one word in the title of this page!)

What kind of “Problems” can we shift?

Anything and everything that is upsetting you. And this time, don’t worry about re-framing your problems in a positive way! Just go ahead and list your problems in your most whiny, complaining, least-evolved voice – let it all hang out!

Here’s an example of possible “Top 5 Problems” 

(You’ll supply your own. This is just to illustrate the kinds of things you can bring.)

1. Arthritis in knees and hips.
2. Easily frustrated at work – I always have to fix everyone else’s mistakes.
3. My sister’s negativity – I’m worried about having to stay with her for the wedding.
4. Procrastination – a life-long problem.
5. Recurring urinary infections that just won’t heal.

What’s new in this particular Guided Healing Teleseminar?

Usually, we work on one issue at a time (at least we seem to –even though tons of other things shift). But here, we work on the accumulation and amplified resonance of your top 5 issues, at the same time.

It’s powerful!

Ready to release your “Top 5 Problems?” Join us…

Oops, you missed this LIVE teleseminar, sorry!

But you can still get the Replay – and over 60 hours of unique, instant healing for your specific issues – when you join the Annual Membership.

Plus tons of bonuses…

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  1. wow elma I feel soo light in my problem, less frustrated and stressed out regarding the matter. and I was sighing deeply and stuff was coming out of my mouth,,… I was making heavy sounds … which always happens when somehign deep karmic has been released

    thank you so much Darling 😉
    happy new year

  2. Thank you, Elma, for sharing this with the world!
    I had a really cool experience with this video. First I want to say this is the first time I’ve tried Now Healing. I entered my Center and thought of a problem I wanted to disentangle from. Then the the most amazing thing happened! I didn’t have to do anything more than just tune into the problem and I felt a huge shift! I felt my attachment to it disappear and the images that were in my mind switched from negative ones (images that brought up feelings of limitation) to positive ones (images that brought up feelings of possibility and happiness). The whole thing took about 2 seconds! It has now been 10 minutes and when I think about the “problem” I still have no attachment to it and those wonderful new images are still in my mind.
    I am so excited!

  3. Hi Elma
    I have come to this site after hearing you with Darius. Great clearing on space and I look forward to exploring you website and products. Very cool. I am very grateful.

  4. This was a good one. Subtle energy has shifted and I look forward to the continuation of the energy fields’

    Sparkly rainbow blessings of love

  5. Danielle Blanc-Potard says

    Hi Elma,
    I would like to share that the “Disentangle technique” helps me a lot to put outside of me the stuff that is not in agreement with the best behavior I can manifest in my relationship with a very tough person. I have to do it again and again but it helps me to see more clearly what’s the person is reflecting me and that is MY stuff to be healed and cleared instead of blaming, accusing…
    Thank you so much for this blessing energy and your presentations.

  6. I had a situation come up with the gardeners next door which really piss me off, my heart was pounding. I sat down at my desk and saw Elma’s email and decided to do the disentangle with problem. It worked really quickly…it is not part of me, I forgot, ha.

    Actually I have known Elma for years, she is a wonderful teacher as well!

    Thank You from Tresa

  7. the most amazing and scientific approach to mind,body and soul video I’ve ever watched…!

  8. Hello Elma,

    I have recently come across your website and several of your video’s. I do not normally leave feedback online; however, your videos have me feeling a bit overcome… you have such a gentle and loving way about you. Thank you for the video’s, and the spiritual/mental direction/healing. 🙂



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