Disentangle Your Fears from Your Future

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Do you resonate with collective fears about the future? Are your own fears being amplified by everyone else’s? Do you automatically associate the future with fear, negative thoughts, images or assumptions? It’s time to Disentangle* the energies of fear from the energies of your future! (You’ll do that, below.)

And what’s with all this faddish catastrophizing about the future, anyway? Western culture’s once-glorious utopian futuristic visions have completely fallen out of fashion. Today, our collective imagination is more likely to create grim distopian wastelands – at least in its science fiction. But we all know that sci-fi has a way of becoming reality – think Star Trek communicator as cell phone. That’s why we need to quit fantasizing on doomsday scenarios and boycott anything that promotes fear of the future.

In fact, let’s launch a new, retro-style trend in our world-view, à la the songs of my youth in Tomorrowland: “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!” Oh, all right, so maybe that was a bit of Disneyland Monsanto pollyanna propaganda. But let’s at least get some perspective.

Let’s stop with the fear-based, end-of-the-world predictions. Let’s stop with the hand-wringing and brow-beating and fearmongering, not to mention the Hollywood images of alien prawn detention camps. Haven’t we figured out yet that we tend to get what we focus on? So let’s focus on what we want, not what we fear – both individually, and collectively. Although this is a basic, elementary Law of Attraction technique that’s totally obvious to many of us, it still hasn’t anchored itself in our global thoughtforms.

It’s our duty as awakened folk to become the antidote to pervasive collective fear. Let’s broadcast this fundamental truth to humanity – pivot our focus away from what we don’t want, and towards the attainment of the ideal situation. That’s the first step. Then the next step is to shift the energy of our relationship to the problem. The solution is not to stop reading the fearful news and bury our heads in the oily sand – it’s to get grounded, centered and strong, so that the same fearful news doesn’t disconnect us from wholeness. That way, it’s much easier to take effective and immediate action to create a healing future.

This has nothing to do with wearing rose-colored glasses. Rather, it’s becoming aware of the ugly, gray, distorted, fear-colored glasses that we’re already wearing. Let’s perceive the future from our infinite Center – as neutrally as possible, with no assumptions or jumping to conclusions. Let’s disentangle from fear, so we can discern what’s actually happening, without dissolving into a quivering mass of ineffectual reactivity.

What about “rational,” highly-probable, evidence-based fears – like fear of climate change, future oil spills, earthquakes, our own death? Independent of “reality,” and independent of the probability of those events happening, our fear of the events can quickly spin out of control, to over-reaction and panic, or under-reaction and denial. So we must learn to discern our fears for what they really are.

Fear is not necessarily bad. It’s only a problem when it short-circuits your connection to Wholeness. If you can distinguish between different kinds of fear – if you know when your fear is a message that something needs to change, rather than an over-reaction – then fear is actually valuable. Like pain, it can signal that you’d better take your hand out of the fire!

The point is not to repress fear. It’s to discern what’s useful, and not useful, about fear. When you’re Centered, balanced and aligned with your Infinite Self, a sensation of fear is not something you want to dismiss. It’s an intuitive gut feeling, and you need to honor it.  It’s trying to tell you something! That kind of fear will feel true in a particular way – it will register differently from panic, phobia or irrational over-reaction.

How do you tell the difference between useful and non-useful fear? Observe it from a centered, non-attached space. Go to your Center – a neutral space of connection to Infinite Self, nothingness and wholeness, zero and infinity. It takes just a split second – you don’t need years of meditation! Simply connect to your Center (near the spine). This connection can be a mental awareness, or a verbal command, or a kinesthetic sense, or a visual sense of seeing your Center with your mind’s eye. Any kind of connection will work. (If you’re curious and want more details, take the Now Healing 101 course. But you can do it, even without “knowing how”!)

Next time you experience fear, observe it from your Center. If it’s not a true fear, it will quickly dissipate. If it is a true fear, ask your Infinite Self what to do about it… and remember to stay Centered as you receive the answer and act on it.

What are your fears of the future? Whether or not they are true, you can shift their energy field.

Let’s get started on that right now. Tune in to one fear that you have. Notice how it feels. Now, get ready to shift its energy field – pivot your focus away from the fear and instead, focus on your Center for a split second as you read each command below. This will “Enter” the commands to your body-mind-spirit, via your nervous system and energy meridians.

Your Energetic Alignments

– Align with allowing healing of your fears, now.
– Align with allowing healing of your future, now.
– Discern the difference between useful fear and non-useful fear.
– Disentangle useful fear from non-useful fear.
– Align with Wholeness in the presence of fear.
– Align with Wholeness when you have no fear.
– Align with Wholeness as you disentangle from fear.
– Distentangle all your fears from each other.
– Disentangle yourself from your current fears.
– Disentangle yourself from your past fears.
– Disentangle from your fears about the future.
– Disentangle your fears from your future.
– Disentangle your fears from all your possible futures.
– Disentangle collective fears from your fears.
– Disentangle collective fears from your future.
– Disentangle from fear.
– Align with your highest future.
– Align your future with Wholeness.
– Align humanity’s future with Wholeness.
– Align earth’s future with Wholeness.
– Align the future with Wholeness.

Now tune in to your original fear. How does it feel now? You may not even be able to find it! But even if you can’t tell whether it has changed, know that you have successfully shifted it on the energetic level.

* Disentangle is a Now Healing command. It’s explained in Now Healing 101.


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  1. These alignments felt great as always, and I look forward to discovering how they manifest over the next while. Thank you in advance for that. What I want to comment on right now, though, is your writing. I found this article (on disentangling fears) so gorgeously and elegantly composed — at times refreshingly colloquial but always intellectually satisfying. I AM a believer when it comes to this stuff, as you know, but it’s a reality that many people are skeptical or turned off because… well… it seems so far-fetched to them. Plus, the more passionate one is about it, the higher the risk of sounding like an air head to those with an overly intellectual or analytical mindset. Your writing, however, screams “Yes, this is actually a smart person spreading all this woo-woo new age mumbo jumbo!” I love it!! 🙂

  2. Wooo hooo,this was really amazing,Elma!
    Especially the “disentangle all your fears from all possible futures” felt really relieving to me + the 3 last alignments!!!
    Keep up the good work & thanks a lot for this free stuff!
    I’ll pass it on 🙂

  3. i have been waiting for this one for a long time elma,thank you so much 4 believing & making this clearing avail.2 me ( & everyone) as have struggled w/ many type of learning issues ( due 2 childhood lead paint issues from 1 yr.-7 yrs)…most of my family/loved ones do not understand or believe in these learning issues that have plagued my life w/shame,judgement fustration,anger of the constant struggle in so many areas of my life ( reading,writing,memorycomprehension,word retrevail,spelling,math ect )…. i heard the word stupid 2 many times as a child wich has made it undesirable 2 be w/ others all my life 4 fear of labels/judgements of not being able 2 do normal things,like games.understanding jokes,movies of discussings that no one gets it if i try 2 explain….i have developed blocks where i just freeze in public & under pressure,i hope u put out the CD as i don’t trust my abilities in downloading such important infomation (i like 2 have a concreate CD in my hands)…..i’m so excited 2 finally shift what ever else that i have blocking me in being whole & finally in compleat divine alignment once again elma for this simple,easy drama free healing work that i know from my experence in working w/ you will make huge difference in the rest of my life…..great love & infinite blessings 2 you…….}i{

  4. @marey It’s not about understanding – I don’t understand it either. Just like I don’t really understand how I walk, talk or oxygenate my brain. No belief is required. Don’t let your thoughts, confusion, beliefs or your need to understand stand in the way of your healing and wholeness. Heal now, ask questions later!
    Love and wholeness,

  5. marey moulton says

    do not understand this centring healing .Is it only a thought,if it is then I expet mirales. i will have to try this thought therapy out.still not really unconvinced ,waiting and wondering.it is so unbeleiving, merey moulton

  6. What a beautiful and elegant way to facilitate being in the illusion but not of it…I have longed for a simple way to disentangle from the 3D matrix, and here I long last have found the end of the magical thread that disconnects and reconnects, and at lightning speed. much gratitude Elma

  7. your choice of topics is inspired



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