Do I Need Intuition, to do Instant Healing?

Q: “Do I need more intuition?”
A: Nope! You already have something better: Enhanced Sense Perception (“ESP”).

Intuition sounds woo-woo, wishy-washy, even womanly. Of course, it’s not… but for many people, those false assumptions still pose as the truth.

So let’s transcend intuition, and go directly to Enhanced Sense Perception.

You don’t need to be intuitive, to begin shifting energy. (I certainly was not, when I first started!) You’ll become more attuned to your Enhanced Senses, as you do it.

Every human has enhanced senses, in addition to the “regular” 5 senses. You can awaken your “ESP” (enhanced sense perception) easily. You’ve learned to use your normal senses of sight and hearing to process information. And it’s just as easy learn to use your enhanced senses too – a bit of practice is all it takes.

FAQ Video
Do I Need Intuition, to do Instant Healing?

Click Here to watch the Energetic Testing Video (mentioned in the video above).


But… if you want to Evolve your Intuition… Pretty Picture of Intuition

We have an audio for that!

Instantly Upgrade your…

  • Enhanced Sense Perception (“ESP”)
  • Intuition – Activate Accurate Awareness
  • Guidance – from your Infinite Self
  • Reading Energy (of People and Places)
  • Clearing Hypersensitivity to “Negative Energy”

Click here for details – and over-the-top Testimonials:
Intuition and Psychic Ability


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  1. Marti Heismann says

    Yes, Elma , right on time ! The intuition video prompted me to watch/listen to the energetic testing video more closely. Yes…I switched hands !!! Works like a charm for various testing, including finding tax papers carefully hidden during recent move ( never to be seen again) and sure enough was guided to the location in the “box room”. Ah yes, human testing is going smoothly as well. Thank you, again Marti H.



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