Do I Need to be Conscious of What’s Happening During a
Now Healing Session?


Q: Do Guided Healing Sessions work just as well when I’m zoned out, or is it necessary or beneficial to remain alert during the teleseminar so that I can consciously direct my intention towards my Center at the appropriate moments? I’m a new member of your Inner Circle. I listened to your teleseminar “Tune Up Your Telepathy.” I found it challenging to remain consciously aware of your words. This zoning-out effect does sometimes happen to me when I’m listening to recordings that have high vibration energy work embedded in them (Jaden Rose Phoenix’s Activations and holographic healings for example). With Jaden’s work, I know it’s okay if I zone out because she says that the work will be done anyway.

A: This work happens beyond normal consciousness. The energy/information shift will “work” – whether or not you are aware of it on a conscious level.

It’s okay to be zoned out… but… one of the main goals of Now Healing is for you to be able to be conscious and fully aware, while simultaneously aligned with Infinite Self and expanded consciousness.

It’s no longer necessary to go into a meditative or “alternate” state, in order to access multi-dimensionality! So let’s allow for you to be in “normal” and “expanded” consciousness, at the same time. Disentangle from the “old-school new-age” paradigm in which you have to be zoned out to be in higher consciousness.

And regarding “consciously directing intention towards your Center”… there is a big benefit. Of course, it’s fine to sit back during the Guided Healing Sessions, and just let me do the commands and energy shifts for you. But… you’ll get a different kind of result, if you are co-creating it – if you actively do an Enter to your Center each time I do an energy shift. The more you co-create the transformation, the deeper and more multi-level it will be.

Another great “side-effect” of doing the Enter to your Center yourself is: you’ll learn how to do Now Healing yourself — and you’ll get practice doing it so that you’ll be able to use it in other situations too.

Q2: Does the client need to be aware of what’s happening during a Now Healing session? If I’m doing a remote session, do they need to know when it’s happening?

A2: No. Again, this happens outside the realm of the local mind and its “normal” awareness. You can do sessions on people, animals, spaces and situations, without their conscious awareness. Most of the universe happens beyond our conscious awareness – the conscious mind is a tiny fraction of reality. You’re making changes in the client’s field, or in the morphic field of their issue. The client’s awareness is not a pre-requisite for change.

* a real question from a client.

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