Does My Belief Affect the Outcome of the Healing?

Q: Do I Need to Trust that it will work?
A: No. Now Healing happens beyond the conscious mind, and beyond your emotional state of trust/no trust. The energy will shift, regardless of your belief – or disbelief. That’s why this works so well for babies, animals… and skeptics!

So don’t spend any time or effort in trying to trust, or forcing your faith. This is not “Faith Healing” (although that can work, it’s a whole different topic, and it’s not part of Now Healing).

Just go to your Center and make those energy shifts, quickly, without fuss – skip the unnecessary step of “believing”. Don’t be concerned about what you “think” or “feel” – those will come into alignment more easily, after the energy has shifted on a super-conscious level.

Occasionally, your belief or disbelief could color your ability to be aware of the results of the energy shift. It doesn’t happen often. But just to make it easy… bypass belief, expectations or assumptions. Instead, go for non-attachment to outcome – so you’ll get a true perception of the energy shifts.

FAQ Video: Do I Need to Believe, for Instant Healing to work?


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