Don’t Trust Your Intuition

Yep, you read that right. Don’t Trust Your Intuition!
Unless… you have one essential requirement: connection to Wholeness. Here’s why:

“Using your intuition effectively is not about trusting.
You cannot trust it – unless you are connected to Wholeness
and Infinite Self, neutral and non-attached.

Relying on trust alone might lead you astray,
because you could be trusting information that is not received neutrally.
You could be picking up psychic noise and random signals…
or resonating with someone else’s feelings in an empathic response.

But… When you come from Infinite Self… you transcend the need to trust…
you can discern the actual truth.”

[Excerpt from Now Healing 101, pg. 71.]

So how do you attain that connection?
How do you make sure that your intuitive hits and downloads are accurate?
It’s easy – and it takes less than two seconds.
You simply turn on your connection to Wholeness,
by doing an Enter to your Center. See below…

Your Energy Shifts for Effective Intuition

Use this anytime you want to activate or upgrade your intuition – or if you’re feeling a bit “off” but you still need to access your intuition. (Yes, it happens to everyone, sometimes!) Instructions: To activate these shifts, simply place your attention on your Center (spine area) for 2 seconds as you read each one. This will Enter each command to your body/mind/spirit/energy-field, and create instant change.

  • Align with your Infinite Self… now.
  • Align with non-attachment and neutrality… now.
  • Disentangle from the duality of trusting / not trusting your intuition… now.
  • Disentangle: your mind, personality-self, senses, global thoughtforms about intuition, negative associations with intuition… now.
  • Re-integrate: your mind, personality-self, knowingness, and enhanced sense perception… with your Infinite Self and the universal mind… now.
  • Align your intuition with your Infinite Self and the universal mind… now.
  • Align with Wholeness… now.

You have just created instant connection. Don’t be surprised if your intuition is more reliable and reproducible now. And don’t be surprised if you no longer find yourself wondering if you can trust it!
What shifted for you? Please leave a Comment below!

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  1. Bettina Wilke says

    Thank you, Elma. I feel more calm and centered now. It’s amazing and really awesome!

  2. Elma: I needed that clarity this morning. Thank you again.

  3. Hi! Elma and Thank You for this treatment. I felt something hovering over my spine in the center of my back. I will let you know if more comes to me.
    Thank you.
    god bless.

  4. Hi Elma!

    Thanks for this most helpful reminder about when we can trust our intuition! I copied your sequence and saved, What did i feel? Well not much initially, AND did notice as time went on that was no longer doubting what i got when i tuned in – so IT WORKS (as of course you know).


  5. Irma Beddari says

    thank you for this amazing experience -I like that it’s made common to everybody! I have done this since childhood – the “link right to the universe” is very familiar to me, but I did’nt talk about it to anyone.
    The fact is that the fear of anything that seems “too good to be true” has been very strong in my surroundings.This is because people were burned and killed by being put on fire if they seemed to be psychic.The authorities/church had a test for these people:if they managed to stay floating while being thrown into a river or lake,this proved they were whitches. And if they would sink,this proved they were innocent-but then they drowned. This is a bad part of the North Norwegian history,from 16-17-1800 c. It may still be in the subconsious of people.

  6. Well said! It makes all the difference. I can count on you Elma, to say what is right and timely.



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