Free Healing – from Earth’s Healing Energy

Enjoy this Free 1-Minute Power-Healing from Sun, Earth, Trees, Nature.
(This video was made on Earth day, but it is not just an “Earth Day” thing. Because seriously, when is it NOT Earth Day?  Days would not exist, if it wasn’t for earth!) So… go ahead and plug in to the power of…

Earth’s Healing Energy! Watch Now

What is “The Thing That Heals”? It’s the regenerating, life-giving field of Earth’s Healing Energy.

It’s something I’ve spoken about a lot, in various programs, and in the free Now Healing Earth series. So I won’t explain it any more than that… Because the true nature of” The Thing That Heals” is beyond words.

Just watch the healing video above… and you will be able to sense the earth’s healing energy – even if you are indoors under fluorescent lighting in a dreary office building!

Please share with your nature-loving (and healing-loving) friends! Thanks!

Love and Wholeness,


  1. What a treat! Thank you so much for this wonderful video and healing!

  2. What fun this energy was for me. Thanks so much! I found myself laughing throughout and feel ready
    for whatever is next in this day.

  3. Loved it, thank you, Elma!

  4. Thanx, that’s great. I love your creativity.

  5. Hi Elma I felt this amazing energy shift as I was watching your video and I notice gentle soft, calm, peaceful, centertedness and balanced feeling and I would like to know about the hand movements and gestures that I notice as I was watching on your video.

  6. Jess Campmans says

    Loved this❤️

  7. maureen collier says

    Thanks deeply,refreshing,uplifting.



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