Energetic Testing is Not Woo-Woo

One of the easiest ways for “beginners” to sense energy is  Energetic TestingAnd it’s not woo-woo… if you do it right.

Energetic Testing can be easy, accurate and reproducibleas long as we don’t muddle it up with our opinions or beliefs.

There’s much confusion and many false assumptions about the requirements for Energetic Testing!

  • You don’t need to face north.
  • You don’t need to be hydrated.
  • You don’t need to un-cross your legs.

You certainly don’t want to begin by testing “What is my name?” or on “something you love,” or something you want, like health. Why not? Because you may be “reversed” about your name or your goal – sub-consciously, without being aware of it.

And the whole point of Energetic Testing is accurate awareness!

To transcend the muddle, false beliefs and subconscious sabotage, I recommend a lightning-fast, easy-to-use technique. Before doing Energetic Testing, and even before using intuition… first, get Centered!

There’s only one requirement for effective Energetic Testing:
Being Centered. (You can also call it “Non-attachment” or “Neutrality” or being “calibrated to zero.”)

Your Alignments – Get Centered Now!

As you say each statement, become aware of your Center, briefly.

  • Disentangle your thinking, sensations, and emotions… now.
  • Disentangle from your expectations and assumptions… now.
  • Disentangle from your local self, and Align with your Infinite Self… now.
  • Disentangle from rejection of neutrality and non-attachment… now.

Here’s a video lesson on Energetic Testing and Neutrality:

How did that work for you? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi Carlos – Yes, you’ll get all the energetic corrections as you listen to the recording. I’ll also email you some written class handouts. If you have any questions that you’d like me to address in the class, you can email them to me – before Saturday Feb. 12 at 5pm – and I’ll try to answer them on Sunday’s call or by email to you. Love and wholeness,

  2. Hi Elma,

    I’d like to enroll to this teleseminar, as it is very interesting for me. In fact, I tried a lot of energy techniques but I think something is missing.

    My problem is that I won’t be able to be on the call. Is it anyway effective to listen to the recording? (the corrections you do in the call will affect me too when I hear the recording?). Do you recommend me to enroll anyway and listen to the recording? Or it is necessary to be live there?

    Kind regards,



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