Fear of Failure? Stress of Success?

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Is success the goal of existence?  Simply asking this question “zooms you out” into a bigger-picture context… with an expanded perspective on “success.”

Yet we subconsciously suppose that the highest outcome of life – of education, career, family, creativity,  even leisure activity – is some form of standardized success.

But this unexamined assumption can be a set-up for failure… because “expecting success” contains the seed of its opposite.

Do you feel like a failure in any areas of your life?

  • Body – are you dissatisfied with it, in any way?
  • Mind – do you feel less-than-perfect?
  • Spirit – are you spiritually incomplete, always seeking?
  • Career – are you satisfied?
  • Finances – do you have enough stuff?
  • Family – do you dwell on mistakes, mis-matches, or problems?
  • ____ [insert your issue here]

Let’s Transcend the “Success-Failure Continuum!”

Let’s jump right off the scale! So… are you willing to bypass both the Fear of Failure and the Stress of Success? If yes, do this…

Your Free Alignments

Choose one situation in which you feel like a failure. On a scale of 0-10, where 0=no problem, 10=worst possible failure, what number are you at, for that situation?

Now, let’s transcend that!

Instructions: To activate these Now Healing Alignments, each time you read the word “now” below, gently and quickly feel into your vertical Center, for just 1 second. This will “Enter” the information into your field. You do not need to be “consciously aware” of what is Aligning.
  • Disentangle from global thoughtforms about success and failure… now.
  • Align with non-attachment to your assumptions about success / failure… in matter, mind, energy, information, time and space… now!
  • Align with Wholeness regardless of where you place yourself on the success / failure continuum… now.
  • Align with your highest expression of success… in matter, mind, energy, information, time, and space… now.

Ok, the energy has already shifted! Allow it to Align with Wholeness, fully.

Tune in to your issue again. What number are you at now? Whatever it is… Align your number with zero… now! Aaaah, bask in that zero… no problem!

What shifted for you? Please comment below!

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Add Your Comment Below – What Shifted for You?


  1. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Hey Elma,
    Thank you… Thank You… Thank You… I feel very lifted and this call was off he charts! I followed every item with you and really felt the changes. I am so appreciative of your work. Thank YOU.
    Much Love,
    Hugs, Elizabeth ~

  2. Phyllis C says

    As always, your alignments are nothing short of life changing! Your work has been of immense help in shifting problems for me in times of great need and have given me major uplifts even during less difficult times in my family, work and financial life. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your generosity in providing this work.

    This alignment has made me feel wonderful and has smoothed out/cleared out some mental clutter that has gotten in my way. I feel clear, happy and light!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my soul for being there for so many people and for me in particular!!

  3. richburrill@yahoo.com says

    I started laughing out loud when I read the first of these….
    still laughing…
    posting before reading the rest of it, sent to 3 best friends….

  4. I haven’t tried this yet but I know it will be a gift! So far your clearings have been amazing – what I have released for both myself and for others. This addition to my toolbox has turbo-charged my intuitive healing results, and I wasn’t even complaining at 200+ testimonials. Thank you!

  5. Francisco E says

    I’ve carried a nagging feeling my entire life that my relationships with people whom I meet during the course of my journey have been less than fulfilling. I would especially mention “family” here, since they always seem to have been working against my best interests. They seem to wilfully pray that I end up being a complete failure. Apart from my Mother who has seen the best and worst of me, the rest of my family , by that I mean aunts, uncles and cousins seem to have a rather perverse pleasure in seeing me in a state of suffering. These shifts have helped me feel better about my life. They’ve helped me in seeing things from a broader perspective. Thank You very much Elma for these wonderful shifts.

  6. Oh that was good timing for me because cruel recent changes to the dole scheme here in Oz have made me upset, even though I am no longer needing unemployment benefits myself. It bought up a lot of stuff from my past about feeling a failure and the soul-destroying nature of welfare, and identifying with people who still need it, and I had myself in a tizz, and bingo there was this alignment! Excellent! it really did help!



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