Focus Your Fire

Scroll down for your Free Instant Healing Transformation

Harness your Fire Element, to…

  • Activate your Star Power.
  • Generate creativity and passion.
  • Take inspired action, with laser-focused attention.

Quench your excess Fire Element, to…

  • Dampen excessive spending.
  • Cool down arguments, anger, over-heated emotions, overwhelm.
  • Turn down addiction.
  • Neutralize inflammation, heartburn, or headache.

Are you aware of the many hidden ways…

… that a Fire Element imbalance can affect major areas of your life? Often, it won’t be obvious to your conscious awareness. Not to mention your doctor’s awareness! For instance…

Excess or Imbalanced Fire can trigger:

  • Over-spending (“burning up” your money)
  • Addiction (over-fueling your flames)
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Overactive hormones
  • Inflammation in tissues, joints, organs
  • Heartburn
  • Acne, rashes, skin irritation
  • Anger, rage, irritability, hot temper
  • ADD, ADHD and inability to focus
  • Manic Depression, and mood swings
  • And the list goes on… these are just a few examples.

Deficient or Blocked Fire may relate to:

  • Lack of recognition or respect
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Digestive problems
  • Joint pain
  • Underactive hormones
  • Slow metabolism
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Feeling unattractive
  • Shyness, meekness
  • Feeling stuck
  • Electromagnetic sensitivity

Why the Fire Element? The Elements are important in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic treatment. But…we do things a little differently, in Now Healing! Instead of a traditional approach that works directly on the Fire Element, we balance and tune up the morphic field of the Fire element.

I’m not claiming that the Fire element is real. Or that it’s not real.  It doesn’t matter, either way! We can still use its energy and information field to re-organize reality, and to adjust zillions of life areas… like Fame, Fitness, Finances, Fat, Fury, Forgetfulness, Fear, Freedom, Friends, Foes and Family. And those are just the F’s!

Balance Your Elements, to Balance Your Life.  Try it now!

Your Free Instant Healing Transformation

This is a sample of The Seven Transformations.

Instructions: Read the purple text below.
To activate these shifts, simply place your attention on
your Center for 1 second as you read the word “now” below.
(This Enters the command to your entire body/mind/spirit/energy-field…
which shifts your energy, and changes your reality… now!)

Prepare to shift energy instantly:

  • Align with the Now Healing Space of instant change and wholeness… now.
  • Align with my Infinite Self… now.
  • Align my body, mind, spirit with my Center… now.


  • Tune into the information field of your whole life… now. Everything – from your blessings to your “problems” – is part of this field. Observe it from above… now.
  • Ask your Infinite Self to make you aware of one area of your life in which you need to balance your Fire… now. (Whatever comes into your awareness is the correct answer.  Don’t analyze it or think about it. Don’t try to experience it.)


  • Disentangle Excess Fire from this life area…now.
  • Disentangle Deficient Fire from this life area… now.
  • Align with dynamically balanced Fire Element, for this area… now.
  • Align and balance my inner Fire Element with the universal Fire Element, Sun, Light and photons… now.
  • Focus my Fire to its highest expression… now.
  • Allow these energy shifts to percolate into reality… now.

Wow! What a transformation you’ve just created!
Take a nice slow breath… in and out. Aaah! Let those changes come into reality…
What did you notice? Leave a comment below!

That tiny sample of  The Seven Transformations
was just a hint of what is possible !

The Seven Transformations
will balance your Fire Element…
and all the other elements too.

So… How do you get
The Seven Transformations?

Well, it’s a Free Bonus…
When you Subscribe to the
Guided Healing Calls!

What you Get when you Subscribe: 

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– The Guided Healing Membership is a subscription program. Your credit card will be charged yearly until you cancel.
– It’s Easy to Cancel: email us at least 3 business days before your next billing.

What did you experience…

… after you did the Instant Energy Shifts above? Please comment below!


  1. Rosires Skopnik says

    Thank you so much, Elma! I’ve started with an 8, which went down to 2 and after repeating the whole process one more time I went all the way down to Zero! How does it get any better than this? I feel so light and I am smiling. Much Love and Gratitude!

  2. My emotions feel calmer – less angry and overwhelmed.

  3. I felt relief as if something let go of me.

  4. Percolating. Anticipating the magic! Thank you.

  5. Wow, Triple Major Body Chills with this one… I am definately fire and this was so cool! (ha-ha…cooling the fire…). I love how specific yet Grandeur your work is. I love this morphic resonance work.
    And what a great deal you are offering.
    Thank-You from the Mountains of Canada!

  6. Thank you Elma, You are amazing and this is magic. I needed this.

  7. Feel increased pressure (pleasant) in my head and a relief of back pain.

  8. Thank you Emma for this healing sample. I found it very powerful. I did it for my daughter as remote healing, and I started to yawn, and my eyes are tearing (this is how my body expresses a clearing).
    I very much am grateful for this demonstration.
    Love to you Emma. Thank you for your amazing work…

  9. Woo! Amazing!
    I did it, not really believing it would do much…
    I got an immediate renewed energy and focus (to do some stuff I’m usually reluctant to do or procrastinate with). I love it! Can’t wait for the call…


  10. Heather Woodbury says

    I feel an inner warmth that is on simmer not over, and more grounded and solid. thank You, Elma!

  11. Dear Elma,
    Thank you so much for this. I always feel that your rebalancing videos are very powerful and I love them. I was amazed that the above script also worked. I am doing it sitting but suddenly I am just sitting straighter, my posture has improved and my back does not feel “over burdened” any more.
    Kenavo (bye in Breton)

  12. April Lea Klatte says

    I felt much lighter emotionally, more relaxed, stress and fatigue lifted. Thanks very much, Emma.

  13. I felt a tingle go through my body as I made the shifts. WOW! I am looking forward to an improved relationship with my daughter and family. My fire is very intense. My strength becomes my weakness.



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