Free Healing Picture

A Space of Instant Wholeness – Free Healing Picture

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This Free Healing Picture is“A Space of Instant Wholeness”.

Each point on the picture represents a Bit of you, Aligning with Wholeness… Now!

To activate the healing: look at the Central Point on the picture for no more than 30 seconds, and sense it Entering your Center. 

Free Healing Picture -Elma Mayer-Now Healing

“A Space of Instant Wholeness” by Mark Golding, based on the Now Healing Starburst in the NH logo.

Niiiiice expansive transformation, right?

Isn’t it wonderful that you don’t have to know what each point represents for you?

It could be your growth hormones, or grandmother, or gratitude, or grounding.

No need to know! Those bits are already Aligning.

Artist Mark Golding made this picture for me, based on the starburst symbol in the Now Healing logo. (I don’t know why he didn’t put his signature on this! He’s humble, I guess?)

Enjoy the healing, and enjoy the picture. (Feel free to print it out.)

Love and Wholeness,

PS – What shifted for you? What did you experience?

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  1. felt some subtle energies……i like it

  2. Barbara M Perez says

    Thank you this is beautiful and i saw it move and colors pop out at me. Absolutely wonderful.

  3. Kathy McPheely says

    I absolutely love this – I saw it as a “heal wheel” whizzing round in my solar plexus as the centre smashing all my issues and anxieties to smithereens. Super cool thanks Elma x

  4. Clare Dyck says

    Amazingly beautiful. This picture brings realization of the shatterings my Soul has endured through time, space, dimensions, reality. It wants to be tenderly embraced and loved. It is a representation of my Soul’s parts .. Yearning to come together again – in Wholeness.

  5. Thank you so much Elma and Mark. It is an awesome picture, it has come at the right time… So much love and gratitude to you both….

  6. Myra South says

    Thank you! This is very very resonant for me with the Now Healing process. It looks almost exactly how the disentangled stuff organizes itself on my own NH workspace. Then the dots begin to move in unison and come together into one stream of energy dots, then pouring into center. Well, I have to say WOW!!! Love it. ❤

  7. Hi,Elma Im not sure yet what has shifted for me yet re,,Your beautiful picture but I looked at it yesterday evening before I went to bed and later on in the night ,I had chronic diarrhea like out of nowhere no cramps etc,So I thought that it must be the effect your picture had on me,but tg Im ok now,💟

  8. Wow. That’s something else.

  9. can you make this into a bumper sticker.
    so the energy can eminate out everywhere.

  10. Going through a very difficult time right now and it made me feel a little calmer. Thank you.

  11. Denise Mahon says

    Tk u Namaste 🙏🏻🌹

  12. Emilia Motyka says

    Lovely lovely image. An immediate positive response just on seeing it. Thankyou. I love the Artist’s name Mark Golding. Thankyou for the printout as well. The shift is probably more than I can put words to. Big gratitude. 🙂

  13. Love all the new healing images, Elma! Keep them coming please. I have 3 of yours taped to my wall and I just feel the goodness flowing from them and people who walk itno my office feel them too. Thank you <3



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