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TOPIC: Introduction to Now Healing – Learn to Self-Heal
Learn how you can activate your innate healing ability.
Self-healing can be powerful and effective. You don’t
always have to rely on experts to “heal” you! You can take care of many of your healing needs yourself.
Learn how to easily work with your energy field, to make real changes on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and in any area of life.

Saturday, May 1, from 10:00 – 11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time
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Your energy will shift in these powerful, transformational group healing sessions…


  • Elma guides you to transform an issue of your choice.
  • A general tune-up of your energy field. This energy-field maintenance component of your health and well-being is probably more important than diet, exercise and a good attitude. It’s also much easier than making lifestyle changes… and it has much bigger, more immediate effects. Yet it’s almost always overlooked – even by holistic and alternative practices.
  • You’ll learn simple energetic techniques to heal yourself.

You get more than just information…
you get transformation!

Most teleseminars give you lots of information and advice.
But you don’t need more info, or more things to add to your to-do list.
What you need is real, instant change!

This so-called “teleseminar” gives you something much more valuable than information alone… you get real live energy shifts, for your individual issue. It’s a healing session, as well a learning experience.

Most people report immediate shifts, and many report that their lives change for the better as a result. (See Testimonials below!)

HOW: You will receive group Energetic Alignments, and Elma will guide you to work with the energy of your own issue.


Your teleseminar on Center and Balance was fabulous! I felt shifts everywhere. You are Spot On in your energy work! I love listening to how wonderful you put your words together – for The best possible understanding of this difficult to explain subject of energy work & healing. I feel super centered & balanced today!

Kathy Serratt, Oregon,

Elma, the words you use when working with us are very healing. Talk about verbal first aid! I wish I had the words to express adequately what took place today. I’m so glad to have found you as a teacher. I felt exhilarated and peaceful during the teleseminar.

Jeanne, California

The hour on finances & money was AWESOME!! I truly felt a ton better. Your relationships hour was also quite awesome! Brilliant and really really beneficial to everyone.

Wendy, California

That was so amazing. I am awe-struck. I haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long. I also found that nearly everybody else’s issue directly related to me, which was amazing. I am astounded by your healing power.

Paul, County Clare, Ireland.

I loved the call. Just about everything you worked on is what is up for me now. It always seems like the perfect things are addressed, even things I never considered. Afterward, I felt better, lighter and happier. I had very little, if any, stress left over regarding work, job, career, etc. You are a gift, Elma.

Sue Lansil, Colorado

I was tempted to unmute my line to tell you what great results I personally got from your Addictions Teleconference. MY issue was nicotine. I have quit many times before, but this time it feels totally different and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I have been in situations where I definitely would normally miss smoking, but not this time……I truly feel like I’ve never been a smoker! Thanks again for helping SO many people with SO many issues.

CJ, Michigan



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