Free Up Your Life – Body, Mind, Spirit, Space, Time and Money

What Part of your Life does not Feel Free?

Tune in to one area that could use more Freedom.
(Your Knees? Self-Image? Daily Schedule? Finances? Diet? Love Life?)

Then… Watch the 6-second video below, to Activate Freedom! And get a free sample of what we’ll do this Saturday, at the monthly Live Guided Healing!

(This video is my first attempt at using Vine, the new Twitter app. “Vines” always play in a loop – and you only get 6 Seconds!!! So what better use of 6 seconds, than to create instant shift!? Unless you’d rather see another cute cat video.)
Please Note: a few people have reported that the sound is “not working” – make sure to click the audio ON button, on the video. But Vine is being glitchy for some folks, and sometimes audio ON button doesn’t show. Sorry about that! One woman said she just read my lips, and got a big shift!)

Want More than Just 6 Seconds? Get a Whole Hour!

You missed the “Free Up your Life, Body, Mind, Spirit, Etc…” Teleseminar.
But no worries – There are new Live Guided Healing Teleseminars every month.
Don’t miss another month! Some topics only come around once!

Guided Healing Teleseminar

Here’s what we did in the live teleseminar:  Aligned All Levels of your Existence – and Free them Up!
Freedom of:

  • Movement – your body, joints… and all functions / processes
  • Thought – clear beliefs and mental loops, Align with new ideas
  • Expression and Creativity
  • Emotion – flow, without blockage and stuckage!
  • Spirit – be a free spirit! Clear karma and constraints.
  • EnergyAlign with Free Energy!
  • Financial flowAlign with the source of abundance, and un-clench!
  • Family and friends
  • Time – your schedule, your rate of “doing” etc – free your relationship to time!
  • Space – Move freely in space!

The only way to access this Body/Mind/Energy transformation is to join the Guided Healing Teleseminars.

Transform Your Most Important Issues – each month!

Every month, you’ll get a healing session for your individual issue, related to the monthly topic.
Past topics have included:
Health and Healing. Problem Body Parts. Finances. Hypersensitivity. Intuition. Courage. Relationships. Stress. Mental Clarity. Work with Light. Zap Your Blockages. Tune up your Telepathy. Disentangle Fear. Transform Time. Upgrade your Space. Balance your Elements. Instant Detox. Power Up Your Life. Don’t miss another session – these topics may never come around again!

It’s not just more Information… it’s Transformation!

  • Your energy will shift, every time!
  • Spend just a fraction of the cost of a private session.
  • No need to leave home – the healings are done by phone.
  • Most participants report immediate improvement, during the calls.

Your Guided Healing Teleseminar membership gives you…

  • An hour-long Guided Healing Teleseminar with Elma, every month.
  • The Audio Recording – which gives you amazing value. It’s a healing session that you can use repeatedly, to get ever deeper layers of shifts. Listen to the Replay over and over, to transform a different issue each time. Yes, the Energy Shifts are effective even in the recording… because this transformation works outside of time and space.
  • Occasional Bonus Healing Sessions via Audio and Video that are always available to you, online… 24/7. Topics include: Evolve Your Old Patterns; Detox and Elimination; Healing Others; Healing Animals… and more.
  • Discounts! 33% off products, and 20% off sessions.

“If you’re waiting to become a Member, my advice is:
Don’t Wait – Hop In. Elma and her work are amazing & fast.

Rudy Hunter, Healer, New York


Enroll Now!

Don’t Miss Another Powerful Transformation.

Every month, the shifts are different. You can only access the calls that occur during your membership… so don’t miss any more!

WHERE: Your Telephone, computer or Skype

WHEN: The first Saturday of each month, from 9-10am Pacific Time (noon-1pm Eastern)

Get a Free Sample here: Guided Healing Teleseminars.

What Shifted for You, in 6 Seconds?
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