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Transcript of the Video

In this video you’re going to get a very powerful, fast free healing that is actually very unusual and rare — it’s a whole life healing, a big-picture, top-down, general Alignment, to instantly connect you to the highest flow of your best life – your vortex of joy and peace and energy and mind and matter. So that is coming up in a minute. My name is Elma Mayer, I’m the founder of Now Healing, where we do so-called energy healing differently – not just for your energy, but to heal your whole life.  This kind of big picture Alignment is super important and most healing modalities totally skip it, they go right for the small specifics, like your qi or your chakras or past lives or detoxing – but here in NOW HEALING, we start with the big picture of your whole life, not the specifics – because that just gives you much faster and easier Healing with a capital H.

Then if do you want to go deeper and get more specific, Now Healing does that too – so later, I’ll tell you how you can get healing for seven of the most essential flows for your best life, like…

Circulation, digestion and elimination, emotional flow, energy and inspiration flow, life habits flow, love and relationships flow, and finally abundance and prosperity flow… so if you want those, stick around and I’ll tell you about that at the end.

But right now, let’s get started with your actual healing.

So… where do you feel like you’re stuck in life right now? Is it your health or energy levels, or your wealth, or your job or career or home, or your mood or your thoughts or beliefs or behaviors, or is it the people in your life or your age or your education or your luck or your attitude – whatever it is, just pick one area  of stuckness for now, and you can always watch this video again to get healing for another area – and of course your whole life will Align, not just the thing you think you need to shift. So what do you want to get unstuck on right now, what do you want to open up to flow into its highest expression?

OK, just pick the thing that’s jumping out at you right now…. and now set that aside for a bit, and, let’s focus instead on your Center. This is where the energetic action is.

Align with your Center, your vertical Center of your physical body and energy bodies… now. And by the way, whenever I say the word “now” in this video, bring that word into your Center… Now. Be Centered… now. Good – that will activate these shifts instantly and multidimensionally. Now! good.

You are Aligned with your Infinite Self… now.

And of course, you are also grounded and fully embodied, as well as expanded in your awareness… now. Both of those are true at the same time… now.

So from this wonderful state of existence, notice the thing you were stuck on. Put it into a workspace screen in front of you. So that you are observing it from your Centered Infinite Self, rather than experiencing it as your local self. You are the healer of it… now!

Observe its past history – and notice how the past is behind you… now. It’s not active in your field – that past stuckness or blockage is simply serving as fuel to propel you forward into your highest flow… now.

So if you happen to  think of that blockage in the future, remember that it’s actually in the past. It’s behind you… now. and from now on.

Now tune into your future. There are several possible paths in front of you. Choose the one that feels the most open and flowing – and the one that does not contain that old stuckness or blockage. If you’re not sure where it is, just create it out of thin air… now. There it is… now. You can really create your future using this kind of Aligned Activated Imagination… now.

And Align with that future flow… now. Bring it into your Center. Let it flow into you… now, and flow your life onto it… now.

Disentangle from the old stuckness behind you… now, and let that recede into the distance behind you…. now.

Align with the highest flow of your best life… now.

Tune into that connection, and notice how it’s getting stronger and stronger, and how it’s rippling out into all of reality… now.

OK, nice big breath in to your Center – and aaah, your energy has shifted in a big way… now  – and that will continue to unfold… now and from now on.  Notice what has changed already.

Now if you want to go deeper into specific flows of your life, especially these 7 essential flows: circulation, digestion, emotions, energy, habits, relationships, and abundance flow – then please join my Guided Healing Teleseminars – they happen live on the first Saturday of each month, and if you miss the live event, the replay is just as effective, many of my members participate via the replay, because of time zone issues.

So for each of the next 7 months I’ll guide you to heal a differnet  one of those essential life flows each month – and that will ripple out into all parts of your life, health, wealth, mind, mood, space time –  and the Whole of your life.  and if you’re watching this later and you missed them, make sure to join the annual membership so you can get access to all the past replays which at this point is over 60 hours of healing on every topic under the sun.

To find out more, click the link below and you’ll see all the extra bonuses and goodies and discounts that come with your subscription to the Guided Healing Teleseminars

Ok – thank you for doing this healing with me, and I hope to connect with you in the ever expanding healing field of the Guided Healing Teleseminars. This is Elma with Love and Wholeness, signing off for now.



  2. Elma, I felt a strong energy inside.It is very powerful.
    Thank you. I really love it.

  3. I felt an amazing energy shift. Thank you god bless 💖

  4. How kind of you! Elma, You have helped shift the world in the process.

  5. Thank you Alma. The best!! .Will be joining as soon as possible.

  6. Thank you very much , Elma

  7. Matthias Schossig says

    Beautiful, Elma. Right on. Thanks.

  8. Sylvie Riviere says

    I feel so light !! Thank you Elma. Much love.

  9. I really appreciate your “out of the box” healing philosophy and techniques. Also, you are one of the most generous and giving practitioners on the internet! Not a day goes by that I don’t work with one of your meditations, audios, videos or printed material. Thanks for providing a transcript of this video.

  10. Thank You Alma, that was great, a certain shift….

  11. Liz Rowlands says

    Thank you, I felt the energy shift strongly.

  12. Catherine says

    Elma. this was lovely. i felt not just an expansion inside but as if i was taller. better focus too.

  13. My energy perked up considerably, thank you! 🙂

  14. Deborah Carmichael says

    Thank you! 💖💖💖

  15. Deborah Carmichael says

    I asked to be free of a complaining spirit. I feel like the old spirit of me flew off the back.

  16. Susan van der Rassel says

    Truly made a tremendous effect! With much Gratitude and Love

  17. Thanks so much, Elma!

  18. That was simply amazing. Thank you so much!

  19. Nedi Safa says

    Wow! Better than ever, Elma! I love it!



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