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With 100+ Healings – Personalized for You,
You can Feel Alive, Aligned & Inspired. Anytime.

Targeted, individualized healing. Always there for you.

All of the 100+ healings in the Audio Library – and the LIVE Monthly Calls – are personalized for you.

  • Each healing targets your specific healing intention.
  • And in addition, each healing gives you a bigWhole-Life Tune-Up on ALL levels: Body, Mind, Spirit, Energy, Love, Money, People, Purpose, Productivity...
  • You'll get shifts that are fast & tangible – but also deep & multidimensional.
  • You'll take away easy & effective Instant-Healing Tools to use yourself.
Guided Healing Membership - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Everything you could ever want to heal
is in the Audio Library

NEW! Now available to ALL Members.

Here are just a few of the 100+ Healings in the Audio Library:

  • Upgrade your Body
  • Abundance Alignment
  • Relationship Resonance
  • Clear Negative Energy
  • The Heart: Physical, Energetic & Spiritual
  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Heal your Biggest Blockage
  • Energy, Qi, Chakras, Aura & Biofield
  • Transform Struggle into Flow
  • Disentangle your Discomfort
  • Life Habits & Patterns
  • Ten Tools to Heal Purpose & Productivity
  • Abundance & Scarcity - Shift Shortage

Plus new topics are added added each month.  



"I love these [healings].
Each time, I receive something fundamental, regardless of the topic.
When I found your work, I couldn't believe how lucky I was...
to experience wholeness directly without all the fuss of my mind or worries."
Heather Schwartz.

New LIVE Guided Healings – Coming Up:

Schedule of LIVE Calls

August 1: Your Body and your Life. How congruent is your Body... with Life itself? And how does your physical body affect your Whole Life – on all levels? We will:

  • Align your specific energies, for how your Body affects EVERYTHING in your Life: Love, Money, Spirituality, Purpose, Enjoyment... and of course, Health, Vitality & Energy.
  • Get your resonances Aligned & Coherent with Life Energy and being fully Alive in all areas!
  • Do healing for your specific intention, for your Body.


September 5: Your Money and your Life. And not just money, of course! We will Re-integrate your Abundance with all your major life areas & levels of existence: Matter, Mind, Energy, Resonance, Time, Space, Other People, Ancestors, Life Purpose, Spiritual Growth & whatever specific money issues you want to bring.

October 3: Your Actions, Behaviors, Habits, Productivity... and your Life Purpose. Is what you do... every moment... every day, week, month, year... actually congruent with the highest expression of your life? Let's Align it all and give it a Re-set, so that it is! Bring your intention for your Productivity & Purpose & activate it.

DATE & TIME: Live Calls on the 1st Saturday of each month. 9am Los Angeles, 10am Denver & Calgary, 11am Houston & Winnipeg, noon New York & Toronto, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin, midnight Perth. (Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times.)

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Monthly Subscription – What You Get:

  • NEW! The Audio Library (Value $2700) The Complete Archive of over 100 Guided Healing Calls.
  • LIVE 1-hour Guided Healing Calls (Value $97) – New Live Calls, Every First Saturday.
  • Members-Only Discounts on our products & sessions.
  • Private Facebook Group
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" I was amazed. So many great changes... Finances, body, mood, time...

The number of shifts in this one hour would have taken a lifetime, in old methods!"
 – Peter, California 

"The most amazing experience.
I am shocked.
I had chronic pain.
I do not now."

"I feel like each call is personally just for me. It's so on target."

 - NLS, California 

"INSTANTLY miraculously relaxed. Everything changed. I slept so soundly.
You cannot believe what a big deal that is to me."

"It works instantly. Upper back pain & shoulder stiffness: Gone."
– Abdul, Singapore

What are the Guided Healing Calls like?

Each topic is relevant to you... and your WHOLE Life.

Even if it may not seem to apply to you – I make sure that it does!
(That's the beauty of Now Healing!)

In each call:

  • Your WHOLE Life Aligns, around the topic. (For example, "Wealth & Abundance", it's not just about money. It's about a wealth of health, energy, matter, time, love, relationships, spirituality, purpose, etc.
  • Your SPECIFIC Issues Shift. These group healing sessions are not just generic energy for the whole group. They target your unique needs.
  • You get Essential Energy Hygiene – to clear your biofield from toxic energy that accumulates normally.

What People are Saying

"After my first Guided Healing, I feel reborn!

Wow! I have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful as this. Thank You Elma for your integrity. I’ve come across lots of slippery types in this area so I appreciate your honesty." 

– Kate M., Australia

"I am awe-struck.  

Haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long.
I am astounded by your healing power.”  

 - Paul, Ireland

"Feeling blissful and connected... shifts in my whole body!  
So profound... so gentle and unexpected.

I found unity, connection, love and gratitude for everybody in my life."

- Gaylene, Australia

You are Deeply Committed to your Healing & Evolution

And sometimes... it's miraculous!
But other times, it can be frustrating & disappointing.

You've tried many healing methods - Integrate them with Now Healing

You've tried out so many wonderful methods... to heal your body... elevate your emotions... even send healing to others & the entire planet.

But even though you know healing can be miraculous & spontaneous...

It's not always easy... or reliable! Why can't it be consistent? Why do new "issues" keep coming up?

Why do some problems keep spiraling back, after you thought you were finally done with them?

You'd love some support from the universe... to live with ease, not struggle! Here's a new way to actually do that:

Join Now

Do you wish you could have a Personal Healer, Teacher & Life Coach – always on call for you?

But without the huge price-tag of private sessions?

Elma Mayer / Now Healing

I used to wish for unlimited access to powerful healing – at 3am!  

That's why I was inspired to create this membership – with healing that's always available.

To make it miraculously easy for you to...

Plug In to the Healing Field... Anytime.

So you can feel fully supported on your healing path. 24/7. 


And without the overwhelm that often accompanies learning and doing healing. 

I've taught more than 40,000 people to use my "instant healing" tools – to transform their issues. You might have already experienced some of these powerful shifts yourself. But there's so much more we can do! 


When are the live calls?  

1st Saturday of each month, 9am Pacific, noon Eastern, 5pm GMT or 4pm BST. (Non-U.S. times depend on local daylight/standard times.) 

What if I cannot attend a live call?

No worries – Listen to the Replay in the Library! The healing energies are always active in the recordings. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! It's easy to cancel. So try it out for a couple of months! Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in the future.

Important! If you want to try out the Membership only for a short while, make sure to choose the Monthly option, not the Annual option. There are no refunds on the unused portion of your membership.

To cancel: If you decide that the Guided Healing Membership is not for you, simply email us at, at least three business days prior to your next billing date. Your future billings will be stopped.

How is this different from the Free Alignments & Free Healings?

The free healings are powerful, and you can get huge transformation from them.  

But there comes a point when you'll get curious to go deeper. You'll want to commit to more specific healing.

And you'll want more personalized healing – like giving me your healing intention for each live call.

So... the Guided Healing Membership goes deeper & longer! There's much more content... and more individualized healing. Plus... you get rewarded with goodies, discounts & bonuses!

I'm new to Now Healing. Is this too advanced for me?

If you've experienced good shifts from some of my Free Alignments, then this Membership will give you even bigger shifts! 

When you join, you get a Bonus "Quick Start Guide" – an 18-minute audio that gets you up to speed, fast. You'll be able to do the three basic Now Healing Alignments, yourself, right away!

So even if you have no prior experience, you'll be able to do powerful Now Healing Instant Alignments immediately, with just a little guidance.

I'm a healer, certified in several modalities. Am I too advanced?

Half of our members are advanced healers. They love to use my powerful Instant Morphic Healing tools, and integrate them into their existing toolkit.

Plus, advanced healers have needs too! We've got our own stuff to heal and improve, and we sure could use some healing support for our own lives! It's so important for our self-care, for us to receive healing support, not just give, give, give all the time! So yes, if you're a healer, please allow me to support you with healing for your personal stuff, plus plus cool tools you can use in your practice, plus guidance from Source for your Life & Biz! 

Testimonials from Healers

"For anyone doing healing work, this is a master class in taking decades of techniques, and making them simple, fast, efficient & effective. "  

"I’ve been a raving Elma Mayer fan from the get go. SO valuable.  

It’s like watching a great artist and marveling at the precision & execution of it all. Amazing.”  

 – Rudy Hunter, Healer, NY 

"Elma and Now Healing are my go-to healing modality."  

"I am a stronger and more resiliant person who is able to face a myriad of “life challenges” with grace and gratitude. 

I have explored well over two dozen healing modalities in the past decade-plus. The results I get from Now Healing are like all of those condensed into one.” 

– Marie R. Hong Kong 

"Now Healing has completely changed my life." 

"I am so grateful to Elma for this transformative modality and for her accessible, no fuss delivery of incredible results.  

I use it on myself, kids, work, a myriad of ways all the time! It's easy, quick and enables great results – incredible work!!"

 – Justine Peacock, Healer, Australia

Join Now

Monthly Subscription – What You Get:

  • NEW! The Audio Library (Value $2700) The Complete Archive of over 100 Guided Healing Calls.
  • LIVE 1-hour Guided Healing Calls (Value $97) – New Live Calls, Every First Saturday.
  • Members-Only Discounts on our products & sessions.
  • Private Facebook Group