Balance Your Earth Element…

… if you’ve got:

  • Pain
  • Brain Fog
  • Energy Drain
  • No Financial Gain

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“Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in your body”  Eckhart Tolle
And not just illness. Many other discomforts can “creep in” too:

  • A sense of physical heaviness, like heavy legs
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Clumsiness and lack of agility
  • Emotional heaviness, depression, anxiety
  • Brain fog, mental dullness and lack of clarity
  • Feeling blocked, scattered or procrastination
  • Social stress and blockage
  • Financial stuckness, under-earning, over-spending

All these symptoms can be manifestations of an Earth element imbalance.

To attain presence, Eckhart Tolle advocates focus on breath, and stepping back from thoughts. But another way to experience presence is instantly Aligning with your Earth Element.

Discover the Power of Earth Balancing – AKA:

  • “Grounding”
  • “Centering”
  • “Being in your body”
  • “Getting out of your head”
  • “Dropping into your heart space”

Balance your Earth Element – to improve every area of your life!

Your Instant Energy Shift – Listen Here:

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That was just a quick sample.
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  1. Being Joyless has been noticeable. Sadly so. At this moment, after listening to you twice, Elma, relaxation has set in in difficult circumstances. You gift us with your gifts. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, Elma, for giving me back my inner peace and my inner smile! Wonderful technique! It works every single time! Much Love and Gratitude!

  3. Aishah Taylor says

    Hello Elma,

    I just did the instant energy shift .When I started my neck, back shoulders was in such discomfort, it was so sore to move. I tried this recording and follow along and what a relief, wonderful! Thank you.
    I’ve bought a few of your recording and found it to be very handy and useful.
    Yes instant energy shifts. I’m waiting for more download to be available for purchased.

    Thanks you for all this free sample, I am sure it had helped many people.Blessings to you.

  4. @daniela, it’s ok to say the words in English, even if they’re not as clear as they would be in your language. The words themselves are only a small part of the information that’s being shifted, because it’s really about connecting with a field of information – most of it non-verbal. You may get slightly different shifts if you translate them – but that’s ok, you’ll get what you need, you’re not missing anything!
    Love and wholeness, and Shalom, Elma

  5. Wow, that really worked for me! And I have been doing this “healing stuff” for a long time but this time I really felt the shift! And after a good night’s sleep it is still holding! I really needed this grounding I guess 🙂

  6. Thank you Elma, yes, i did it and got instant relieaf in my mouth where i had a wound, i do not have the name of such a wound in English. but i feel much beteer in my mouth now, and also mentally.
    so really thank you very much for this thechniwue, and for your distributing it to the world.
    you know, there is one thing unclear to me, it is difficult to translate few words you say- to Hebrew, so i say them in English, but i think it would have been better to say them in my mother tangue, no?
    so, thank you again, be blessed, daniella



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