Gratitude Activation

A Healing Gift: Gratitude Activation

with the Now Healing Flower of Life Alignment

  1. Follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll experience a Gratitude Activation Instant Healing.
  2. Feel free to download the healing image below. (Right-click, “save as”.) Print and put it up on your fridge, so you remember to do this often. New and different shifts will happen every time you do this.
  3. Comment! What shifted for you? (Scroll down to add your comment.)
  4. Share with others! (Scroll down for “Share” buttons on social media.)

Gratitude Activation - a healing gift from Elma Mayer & Now Healing

What did you experience? Please comment below!



  1. I must say that the deluge of gratitude that filled my heart & soul was one the strongest spiritual downloads I’ve ever experienced…in spite of the fact that I had just prior received some unsettling financial news.



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