Guided Healing 2017/06: Circulation Flow

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Part 1 of a new “mini-series”… Get in the Flow: Seven Essential Flows for Your Best Life

Circulation Flow – For your health & energy… your ability to act on your goals…. and live your life fully!

What’s in this Replay:

  • 3 essential body scans of YOUR body: Blood, lymph, and joints
  • blood circulation & nutrients & blood pressure & heart
  • immune system, hormones, neurotransmitters
  • lymph & detox
  • fluids – blood, sweat and tears, plus Joints!
  • vitality & life energy, sex
  • And did I mention HYDRATION??? Of course, hydration!
  • Plus a zillion other things
  • … all to support your life intentions and goals!
  • … and to support your Alignment with the Morphic Field of “HEY, NO PROBLEM”!

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Please Answer These Questions…

1. Do you have a “circulation issue” in any of the bullet points above?

2. What area of your life feels like it needs to get un-stuck?

Replay / Recording:

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