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Don’t just heal one problem, one time.

Instead, get healing for… Everything. Every month!

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Get deep healing – each month:

➡  Personalized healing, for your specific needs.

➡  Healing for your WHOLE life each month – health, mood, mind, money, love, etc.

➡  Heal hidden blockages to healing, and unknown distortions to your field.

➡  Negative energy clearing – Essential “Energy Hygiene” to keep you feeling good each month.

➡  Save $$$. These healings cost much less than a private session.

➡  Learn new healing tools & takeaways. You can do this!



These teleseminars are amazing. Elma’s work is amazing.

There are not enough words to say how much grace and ease has showed up for us since we found Elma and began including this work in our daily lives. – Gloria



Free Sample  –  Excerpt from a Guided Healing (“Upgrade Your Body”)

Experience  it now! Your field will Align – in just 3 minutes.

What shifted for you? Scroll down and add your comment!
If you experienced a shift just from that short audio, then imagine the changes you’ll get from a whole hour, every month!

“I feel better already. In less than a minute.”  – Marcia


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WHEN: First Saturday of each month, at 9am Los Angeles, noon New York, 11am Mexico City, 
1pm São Paulo, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin & 
Johannesburg, 7pm Bucharest, 9:30pm Mumbai,
 midnight Perth & Singapore. Sunday: 1am Tokyo, 2am Sydney. NOTE: Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times.Replays are available – see below.


SCHEDULE of CALLS & TOPICSPic of Now Healing Slingshot-Arrow Command


June 1: ABCs (Aura, Biofield, Chakras & Channels) – Raise your Resonance & Energy Scan.

July 6: Psychic Energy & Empathy – Raise your Resonance & Boundary Scan. 

Aug. 3: Wealth & Abundance – Raise your Resonance & Amplify Attraction.  

Sept. 7: Relationships, Past Present Future – Raise your Resonance  

Oct. 5: Mindset, Manifestation & Creation – Raise your Resonance & Mental Body Scan.  

Nov. 2: Emotional Hygiene & Personality Broadcast – Raise your Resonance

Dec. 7: Awareness, Discernment, Intuition, Spiritual Knowing – Raise your Resonance

  It’s unbelievable how “things” shift……even when one thinks this month’s topic has nothing to do with me.”   – Gloria

What Happens, Every Month?

Your WHOLE Life Aligns – because each month, we run your Whole life through the filter of the monthly topic. Zillions of things shift that you were not even aware needed shifting!

You Activate Automatic Healing. As all the bits and parts of your issue begin to Align with Wholeness, an avalanche of momentum begins. Your flow to Wholeness opens. And that’s what “healing” is: Alignment with Wholeness!

You Plug into Your Power Source – beyond what you “think” or “trust” or “can or cannot” do. This ongoing monthly Alignment tunes you up, and the momentum moves you into more and more healing.

You Open to Joyful, Massive Energy Shifts you sense infinite spiritual opening, you power up into your power, you flow into your flow, you heal into the healing state, you Align into ever greater Alignment.

You Align your Specific Issues.  These powerful group healing sessions are not just a wash of generic energy for the whole group. They Align your specific, unique needs… and it’s super-affordable!

What is “Guided” Healing?

You will be “Guided” – to find the hidden disconnects and distortions in your issue. Your Infinite Self, and mine, will do the guiding! Together, we Align with Wholeness. It’s really easy and fast… if you do it the Now Healing way. No need to analyze, dig, or pinpoint the root cause. No need to “sense energy” or “trust your intuition.” This works even if you do not trust or believe.

Don’t worry, I’ll do most of the work! (Actually, the healing field does the work – but I’ll show you how to get into it – it’s super easy and fast). All I ask is that you do your best to follow along, to “enter” the healing commands to your Center. You cannot do it “wrong” – your energy will shift.

When you participate in your own healing, it’s so much more powerful. You are telling “the universe” that you’re not kidding around, you are committed to your healing.

You’ll be able to use the Now Healing commands yourself, with just a little practice. It takes about 3 minutes to learn. Then… you can apply the commands in your daily life, even when you are not listening to these teleseminars.


“Wow! this is my first guided healing session and quite frankly I feel reborn! When you read out my question- just the reading of it- caused a huge shift for me and I knew and felt that healing had occurred and it (the issue I have been obsessively focussed on for years!) would never be the same again.

I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this. Thank You Elma for now healing and for your integrity, I’ve come accross lots of slippery types in this area in the past so I really appreciate your honesty.” – Kate, Australia

Why do you Need “Ongoing” Healing?

Often, using Now Healing, you can simply “zap” a problem once, and it’s healed forever. But… new “opportunities” for healing your life will keep coming up. And even if you are totally happy with your life, your health, wealth, and wisdom… you can always use even more expansion into Wholeness!

Healing is NOT a static state – we are always healing. Even if there’s “nothing wrong.” Life depends on ongoing healing. If we stop healing, then disease, decay, and distortion take over. That’s why I designed this powerful periodic program – to keep course-correcting your Alignment with Wholeness.


What Issues and Problems do we Work On?

Each month, you’ll “bring” your issue that’s related to the topic. But… much more will shift! As the Guided Healing happens, huge changes ripple out into all of reality.

What Kind of Issues? Of course, we work on all the usual issues that every other energy modality addresses: all kinds of Physical stuff – aches and pains, injuries, chronic conditions etc… Plus all kinds of life issues, like Emotions, Mood, Relationships, Finances, Work, Spiritual Growth, etc.

But Now Healing does it differently. We Re-Integrate all those life areas with each other.

So when we work on your “single” issue… everything else in your life gets Aligned too.


Get Continued Support – and “Energetic Maintenance” – Every Month!

Get Profound Shifts – beyond what you think you need!

  • Each month, I tune in to your needs… and I give you Alignments that will open you to Wholeness and Healing.
  • Each month, you choose the “issue” or healing intention that you want to work on, that’s related to the monthly topic. But…
  • The healing “solutions” are beyond your conscious awareness. Instead, they are found at your Center, in the healing field… that’s where Wholeness happens!

Get a Vital Tune-Up of your Energy Field – Often!

  • Routine renewal – and getting rid of energetic gunk periodically – is incredibly healing.
  • The energy-field maintenance component of your health is probably more important than diet, exercise and a good attitude.
  • It’s also much easier than making lifestyle changes… and it has much bigger, more immediate effects. Yet it’s almost always overlooked – even by holistic and alternative practices. A monthly tune up is essential!

Get Simple, Clear and Easily Reproducible Techniques.

  • Use these fast tools right away, to instantly transform any issue… yourself!
  • And even better, keep using them, to continue healing all aspects of your life.
  • These take-aways and techniques are easy to use – and effective – even if you don’t consider yourself a “healer.” (You are one, whether you know it or not!)
“I have bought just about every program you have ever offered, and honestly couldn’t live without them.

I fall asleep every night listening to a recording from my [annual] member’s audio library.

Each one is a miracle in itself, as are you!

– Cebe, NYC

“Once again, Elma’s breadth of understanding of the energetic world blows me away! Just participated in her “Peace” Guided Healing Teleseminar, and thought there would be nothing new or revolutionary. I was SO WRONG!

If you haven’t been hanging out with Elma on her monthly calls soaking up the genius & the amazing shifts you’re missing out.

She’s a real master and a lovely human being to boot!

– Rudy Hunter, Healer, NY

“Elma, your shifts are pure magic” – Rick Lefever, Hypnotherapist, OR

Heal the Hidden Blockages that keep Your Issue Stuck.


(Hint… It’s NOT about your “Subconscious Beliefs!”)

We clear ALL the hidden stuff that you are not aware of. Not just your so-called “subconscious beliefs” which are only a tiny fraction of possible blockages.

It’s not about belief, it’s about morphic resonance – which is way bigger than mere “belief”.

There’s a huge universe of unknown resonances, beyond your beliefs. Like… ancient ancestral patterns, morphic memory, resonance with earth & cosmic energies, your biofield, your central nervous system’s connection to your brain & mind, your sensations’ connection to your emotions, your connection to your Infinite Self and your life’s highest expression… to name a few!

None of those are “beliefs” – and yet they affect your field  – and your entire future.

We work with ALL of these “unknowns” and many more – with no need to pinpoint them, or find their “cause.”


It’s not just more Information… it’s Transformation

  • Your energy will shift, every time!
  • Most participants report immediate changes, from the Live calls, as well as the Replay recordings.
  • You won’t shift only one area. Every part of your life will Align – it’s all inter-connected.

You won’t get just a bunch of information, or advice, or useless blather, or theories, or analysis of your problem…

You won’t get more To-Do tasks that you then have to take action on…

Instead, you’ll get real transformation… that ripples out into reality, instantly!


Plus… It’s Easy and Affordable.

These monthly Guided Healings are designed to be a low-cost way to access huge amounts of healing.

  • Spend just a fraction of the cost of a private session.
  • No need to leave home.
  • No experience required. (But you’ll get experience, and learn self-healing tools, as you do this!)


Enroll Now

Monthly Membership


$27 per Month


This is a monthly subscription. $27 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel – see below.



Enroll Now – Best Value

Annual Membership

Value: Over $2,376. Over 76 hours of healing in the Audio Library ($2,052) plus Bonuses, plus 1 Year of Calls (12 monthly calls = $324)

$297 per Year


This is an annual subscription. $297 is automatically billed each year until you cancel – see below.



What’s the Difference between Monthly & Annual?

Monthly membership is the Most Affordablein the short term. It’s great if you only want to try it for a month – or a few months. Or if you can’t afford the Annual fee.
Annual membership is the Most Incredible Value! You get over $2000.00 worth of healing, for a ridiculously small fraction of that. Can you afford to live without the amazing goodies in the Annual Membership? Details below…


Monthly Members get:

  • An hour-long Guided Healing Teleseminar with Elma, every month. New topics monthly – Elma tunes in to you and the audience, to give you the most relevant topics for your Wholeness.
  • The Replay (Audio Recording) For each month that you are a member, you can download that month’s Replay (and keep it forever). Important Note: If you want ALL the past audios, not just the ones that happen during your Monthly membership, choose the Annual option below.
    Each audio is a powerful healing session that you can use again and again, to transform different issues – and heal even deeper layers of shifts. Yes, the Energy Shifts stay active and effective in the recording… because the transformation is a field that you access as you listen. It works beyond time and space.
  • Discounts! 33% Off for products and home study courses, and 20% Off for private sessions. To get your discount, enroll in this membership first, and get your coupon code (found in the Members’ Dashboard). Then, make your other purchases in a new transaction (be sure to type your coupon code into the shopping cart, and click “Apply.”)


Annual Members get the Best Value in ALL of Now Healing!


Over $2376 in Value:

  • Everything Monthly Members Get (See Above).
  • One Month Free, Each Year – $324 Value! Save $27 off the regular price of $324 per year (12 months x $27). Annual Members pay only $297 per year.
  • Bonus 1: The Entire AUDIO LIBRARY – $2056 Value and Growing!Over 76 hours of Guided Healing (Valued at $27 each) with new topics added monthly. Exclusive! This is the ONLY place you can get this unique one-of-a-kind healing, on a vast number of topics. Details–>
  • Bonus 2: The Seven Transformations  – $197 Value! Tap into the power of these Seven Universal Energies to transform your specific problems – and your Whole Life. The Seven Transformations are 9 audios + 81-pg pdf book. Includes: Transform Time, Upgrade Space, Yin Yang Balance, Align with Air, Balance your Water, Focus your Fire, Evolve your Earth Element
  • Bonus 3: Various Short Audios and Videos – Priceless! Topics include: Evolve Your Old Patterns; Detox and Elimination; Healing Others; Healing Animals… and more.


EXCLUSIVELY in the Audio Library:

“I got the annual subscription and downloaded previously recorded sessions and I have to tell you, they are powerful and life-changing! I had been wanting one on abundance! But they are ALL pertinent. What a treasure trove.” – MPS, Portland, Maine


Membership Details

Joining this membership is the only way to access these live monthly teleseminars. They are not sold separately.

This is a subscription series. When you join this recurring membership, your credit card will be charged either monthly or annually (depending on the option you choose), until you cancel your membership.

It’s easy to cancel – just email us at least 5 business days before your next billing. Important: There are no refunds on the unused monthly or annual portion of your membership. So if you only want to try out a month or a couple of months, choose the Monthly option, not the Annual.

Please enroll at least 24 hours prior to the teleseminar. If you wait until the last moment, you may not get in. To access your live teleseminars and member content, visit the Members’ Dashboard.

What if I cannot attend the live teleseminar? No worries! Listen to the recording and get all the energy shifts that apply to you. Many people attend this way! Monthly members, make sure to DOWNLOAD each month’s audio within 3 weeks.



Enroll Now

Monthly Membership


$27 per Month



This is a monthly subscription. $27 is automatically billed every 30 days until you cancel.


Enroll Now – Best Value

Annual Membership

Value: Over $2,376. Over 76 hours of healing in the Audio Library ($2,052) plus Bonuses, plus 1 Year of Calls (12 monthly calls = $324)

$297 per Year



This is an annual subscription. $297 is automatically billed each year until you cancel.



“That was so amazing. I am awe-struck. I haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long. I also found that nearly everybody else’s issue directly related to me, which was amazing. I am astounded by your healing power.” Paul, County Clare, Ireland.

I listened to [the Replay of “Relationships” Guided Healing Session]   ( I have wanted to improve my relationship with my husband) Every time you said “push the button “( to our centre), I felt vibration going through my spine. It was amazing the whole day on Sunday, I felt connected to my husband. We were having good communication, no argument and surprisingly , my husband was particularly calm that day, infact until now! – JG, Singapore

“You keep outdoing yourself with each seminar! This work is fantastic!” Fran, California

“Your teleseminar on Center and Balance was fabulous! I felt shifts everywhere. You are Spot On in your energy work! I love listening to how wonderfully you put your words together – for The best possible understanding of this difficult-to-explain subject of energy work & healing. I feel super centered & balanced today!” Kathy Serratt, Oregon,

“Talk about verbal first aid! Elma, the words you use when working with us are very healing. I wish I had the words to express adequately what took place today. I’m so glad to have found you as a teacher. I felt exhilarated and peaceful during the teleseminar.” Jeanne, California

“The hour on finances & money was AWESOME!! I truly felt a ton better. Your relationships hour was also quite awesome! Brilliant & really really beneficial.” Wendy, California

“I loved the call. Just about everything you worked on is what is up for me now. It always seems like the perfect things are addressed, even things I never considered. Afterward, I felt better, lighter and happier. I had very little, if any, stress left over regarding work, job, career, etc. You are a gift, Elma.” Sue Lansil, Colorado

“I [want to] tell you what great results I personally got from your Addictions Teleseminar. MY issue was nicotine. I have quit many times before, but this time it feels totally different and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I definitely would normally miss smoking, but not this time……I truly feel like I’ve never been a smoker! Thanks again for helping SO many people with SO many issues.” CJ, Michigan

“It works instantly, the upper back pain and right shoulder stiffness and pain are gone. I am able to connect to the Infinite Self by just following your instructions. It is great to have these experiences.” Abdul, Singapore.

“I just love these monthly teleseminars and always feel lighter and more carefree afterward. I felt many shifts and improvements. I think Elma has amazing insight and intuition and am enjoying the benefits of her work.” Sheila, MN

“The energy shifts you offer always bring me right back to inner peace.” Jeanne, CA

Add Your Comments/Testimonial Below!


  1. Myra South says

    Thank you Elma! I loved the recent Course Correction for Your Life. Surprising how much intensity and challenge showed up symbolically for my current path (at this moment). The course corrected path went back in a slightly different direction and then quickly and easily up to a higher level with horizons and vistas. Fresh air, and I could see where I might go next. Lots of shifts happened. I’m looking forward to what shows up.

  2. Clare Dyck says

    Listening again, (and sleeping again .. Tsk ..) To GHT 19/03
    But lots of energy moving.
    My issue has been “intermittently unhappy .. isolated and stuck ..”
    I was taken back to my room in my Mother’s village home of many years ago, while grumbles and rumbles zoomed around in my gut. A lot of movement! So far, Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit are dancing happily. In another moment came the realization that I resisted change and in another that I was ‘addicted’ to disappointment. Now Healing has brought just what it’s name promises – HEALING

  3. Carmen Harris says

    Loved the Energise Your Mind! I was stuck on a creative project. I usually set the Intention for my subconscious to find solutions before going to sleep, and I used this audio to help boost that process. It worked a treat! Upon waking all I had to do was write down the immediate stream of ideas that came to me! Great!

  4. Clare Dyck says

    Dear Elma..Thankyou for your strength and guidance.
    Now doing again .. Course Correction for your Whole Life .. the new path (as you said “light”) goes into the Sun with it’s Golden Light🤓. I’ve learned not to question the wonders that come my way! But to say “THANKYOU. Send me more!
    I apply this principle now to every bit of awareness that comes up be it comfortable, delightfully magical or painful.
    Using the principal of non-resistance. As Richard Bartlett explains (The Physica of Miracles) :
    “The waveform of your conditions and its inverse may cancel each other out thus preparing the way for a new outcome. As long as you are trying to do something – or even avoiding it, you are not in denial of it YOU ARE IT! Run with what’s useful in the moment!”
    Wow. A piece of information beyond wealth👽

  5. Elma Mayer says

    1. You may be resonating and healing that resonance within you, or you may simply be experiencing “that’s a shift!” by yawning or burping!

    2. and 3. I totally understand the “sacred frustration” that some of our personal issues may not yet have shifted enough for our liking, even as we are incredibly grateful for the ones that already have shifted. But don’t assume that you’re doing something wrong, or that you must be resistant or rejecting. Maybe the darn situation just needs more more more Aligning! (Sometimes resistance is a factor – but not always.) Disentangling all of that… Now!

  6. Clare Dyck says

    Now Healing Teleseminar of 6 October 2018: Elma asks about her students’ usage of Now Healing.
    Earlier (in this space) I said “watch this space” so here I am again.
    1. When Now Healing others I know how deeply it’s working by the degree of my own burping, yawning, tummy rumbles. This raises the question, Elma .. If I’m reacting as I work on others am I finding my own resonances with the Situation of my Other Person? This is an exciting possibility!!??
    2. I still carry blockages to The Flow shown by my right knee still refusing to bend any more than 30degrees of bend.
    3. And by my vision still short sighted and blurred by cataracts.
    Therefore, my system must still be holding resistance and rejection to a serious degree in spite of my Now Healing work.
    Since I’ve known Elma and her incredible teachings, much poison held in my sub-conscious Belief Patterning has been released in the Lymphatic Process. Obviously, much more is to come. Many lives, many cells, many fears, many contorted perceptions .. have lodged in my energies for so long .. the drainage procedure gets bunged up like a sewage system tends to do when abused.👽
    Elma .. Please share your brilliance with me in these situations?

  7. Esperanza Flaquer-Lynch says

    Wooooow I was in a horrible mood, but then I did the screens that you teach in class 3 in Now Healing 101 it worked amazingly!!! I said all this blockatges that I feel right now and I let it assemble, then I disantangle from the screen, then I started doing more disentangles that came to me, then I puted all my potential all the highest thing for this that I want in the screen , like you explain then I aligned with that in the screen with that morphic field , I could feel it resonating with that morphic field amazing ! I felt tons better, now I feel great!!! I loooove the tool of the screens, thank you Elma!!!

  8. Sue Tanida says

    Hi, Elma. I always get a lot out of your Guided Healing Teleseminars but the new Chakra & Energy-Meridian Balancing 2.0 in July was a COMPLETELY WOW call and healing tool on its own. WOW WOW WOW. So generous for the cost of a monthly call (and I love how you make your subscription so reasonable…so worth it.) THANK YOU. xo xo xo

  9. Val Govan-Woodley says

    A very good and peaceful healing session. My physical aches and pains have eased considerably, and the anxiety and pain in my heart chakra has gone. Also I feel a lot more optimistic about any problems I have, or might have in the future. “Plugging in” feels great! Thank you, Elma, for all your dedicated work. ❤️

  10. Good morning
    I am very interesting to attend any practitioner training

  11. Eugenia Parish says

    After to-day’s seminar 6/1 am open to POSSIBILTIES ! in relationships Also my cat “Tigre’ super attentive to your voice Elma—-what a testimony !!

  12. Melissa Auxier says

    I have tried many different healing modalities, with most, I don’t really feel a change. I listened to a call a few months ago on negative talk or something like that and am writing to say that this did wonders for me. I had a tape recorder in my brain that kept repeating negativity and I, for the life of me, couldn’t get it to stop. A day or so after I listened to the call, I realized it was gone. It did come back, but I just said stop or thought of positive thoughts and now it is literally gone, likely for good. Thank you for taking this away, it had been plaqueing my life for too long!

  13. Elma Mayer says

    @Clare Dyck, I wish I had an index so I could look it up, but I don’t! I think there is discussion of “Triality” in several of the 2012-2014 teleseminars, expecially in the “transcend duality” topics. A “triality” Alignment is basically Aligning 3 things with each other – most commonly this: problem, solution, and Wholeness. But there were some other ones too, that I don’t recall!

    For “Essence”… there was an entire teleseminar on that topic, in March 2015 – so look for that one.
    Hope that helps!
    Love and Wholeness,

  14. Hi:
    Love you no nonsense healing mmethods. I actually follow them when you send them! I am on a fixed income and simply cannot afford your programs. Even your monthly plan is to much – I live on750.00 a month. Not much room for extras like this. But, thanks,
    KM Lowder

  15. Clare Dyck says

    Elma, dear One.
    Rudy Hunter comments on your “Triality” teaching. Some one else comments on your teachings of “Essence”. These are comments listed above .. Or is it below?!

    Do you recall where I will find these in ‘my Library’?

  16. Clare Dyck says

    My situation: stuck in emotional and psychological fear all my life. Now I realise this.. Mighty yawning manifests and continues to do so after the “moderator has left the conference” . Sending blessings of unlimited Gratitude to Elma.

  17. Deborah Kelly says

    Ah…just what I needed. I have been feeling very slow and ache, lack of energy and wanted to stay wrapped in my covers in bed. Been like this for quite a while. I FORGOT Now Healing. This morning I did a bonus “Energize Your Matter”. I was a 2 and in just under 7 minutes I feel like a ten. Planning an active day and truly prepared and energize by the elegant, simple and powerful energy of Elma. You have to believe you can make these deep changes in minutes. You only heal to the degree you believe you can…think big and now for ultimate success. I can’t believe I go unconscious and forget these recordings. I put a post-it-note up to help me to remember to daily center, connect to the Now with Elma. Thanks for being a pioneer in energy healing, Elma and to provide these powerful activations.

  18. Clare Dyck says

    Resonance has definitely been evidencing before any thought. The feeling is definitely giving rise to the thought. The resonance with whatever it is – creating “panic attacks”, seriously distorted vision, physically off balance .. .. is SERIOUSLY discommoding and damaging to relationships.
    Flying into Harare airport yesterday, my body responded to some resonance but what? I’m born here, conceived here, my parents are buried here, both my parents ancestral lines had been hosted by this lovely country.and they are buried here. Why and what is this?
    Lynn of Israel enabled you to present us with a profound teaching Elma. You’ve illustrated how to be neutral and profoundly wise in an instant. Watching a Jo Vitale utube presentation he invites his audience to list healing methods on his white board (& finally cover it with so much information it is unintelligible). Using Ho’Oponopono he clears it bit by bit finally accessing the centre ie: Creator.
    You have cleared us back to the “white board” of the centre of the Flower of Life in one move.

  19. lesley jessop says

    Elma, I am calm, centred, clean…what a difference from my beginning state. Enormous, thank you

  20. not calm as the first episode?

  21. lesley jessop says

    Amazing results! You have offered us a real solution. The difference between my “10” when I started and the finish, centred 0 is truly another blessing from you and your method. I have already experienced many improvements, but last night I experienced a physical agression (left me with emotion baggage, almost nothing physical) and t today, the day after, I felt all my issues more intensely than ever. I felt an even greater need for this seminar than before but also felt a strange new resistance to it.I connected anyway as I had planned and am blown away at how the session seemed to have been even more effective than in my past seminars with you which already delivered tremendous results. I thank you some much and look forward to future seminars.

  22. I started from a video in Internet and here I am because I realy feel the shift. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I was looking for a way to heal from my higher self. Thank you. Want more.

  23. Narena Newsome says

    I listened to the replay of Vitality Vibration due to time zones. My intention was to have more zing and joy after over 20 years feeling grief and sadness etc for a son who has a disability. An hour or so after listening to the teleseminar I watched a Facebook clip that had me laughing so long and hard my body hurt. I haven’t laughed like that for over 20 years. I can still feel the joy and laughter in my cells. Thank you, thank you, thank you Elma. Energetically after teleseminar I was an 11 from 4.

  24. Clare Dyck says

    Morphic money manifestation. My intention is for big figures and many figures of incoming money to have no limits. Winnings or any other means of receiving money have no limits.
    The enormity of this was almost stifling. My Upper Heart felt constricted. I have been given dates for optimum flow of Abundance based on Astrologically worked timings.
    Thank you Elma. You are one of those bright stars in the Heavens.

  25. Anna Gelbert says

    Phenomenal call today! about the Attitude towards several aspects of our lives. I felt very strong shifts: my body started to speak loudly :), I felt dizzy at times, at some point felt strong resistance, another time felt like fainting, yawning a lot. I feel happy and light right now. I will mention that I referred in my mind to 2 other family members at the same time when doing alignments. Seems I have been waiting for ages for this kind of guidance. With love and gratitude Elma – thank you again.

  26. Anna Gelbert says

    Thank you Elma. I listened to the new members’ bonuses, and ended feeling strong, happy, and well in my body. My tiredness gone, my spirit lifted. Quite miraculous!

  27. My healing intention for the Healing Helix was to resonate with My Infinite Self. The result? An Infinite rash of amazingly itchy epidermal bumps (like all-over mosquito bites) .i knew this to be emotionally stored fear memory, clearing & transmuting layer by layer.
    I’ve seen my Ego as a cynic dressed in 1920s striped blazer, white flannels, black and white brogues, straw boater at a cocky angle. Leaning on a lamppost while nonchalantly mouthing a straw. Waiting for my next crazy activity. Then – He changed to She, smart, elegant, businesslike, hard, nails long and red, sunglasses, Panama hat still at a cocky angle, a cover-up of inner insecurities.
    Next is Elma’s “Ego Balancing for Health, Wealth, WISDOM!! Etc.”
    Watch this space.
    I shall report on the effects of Elma’s genius and the Grace of the Flowering of Life in the Universal Mind.

  28. My intention for the session was to disentangle from “impatience” which has been an issue for me my entire life.

    it was amazing… by the end of the hour I could literally feel all of the impatience pouring out of the back of my outer thighs!!! 
    Never did I expect that!! 
    What a welcome surprise…
    I feel like I have lost several inches in my thighs and the impatience is gone!!! I cannot find it anywhere.

  29. Anthony Dickson says

    Hello, Well i did what you told me twice to the very best of my ability and NOTHING happened

  30. Justine Peacock says

    Just wanted to thank you for the latest Manifesting tele seminar. I set an intention around improving the link between clients and receiving money. Jut today I have had 2 new appointments and also had two people sign up for my workshop out of the blue. So grateful to you for your amazing work. Thank you!
    Justine Peacock

  31. Clare Dyck says

    Change my life’s’ course? The present road appeared, rocky, dusty, uneven – a bush road – rough dirt, dry and very hard going, the odd leafless thorn tree evident. The new road arose before being called! Literally, it arose, into the space above the old, smoothly surfaced, among the tree tops richly green in their summer dress. Joy!

  32. Sue Tanida says

    I want to recommend the Guided Healing Seminars to others as a real bargain–at $27 per month on the monthly membership, ANYONE pretty much can “afford” this–and you get so much out of it. Confession: I joined because I wanted a discount coupon on one of Elma’s other products that came out last year–Heal Your Situation–which is amazing in itself–but I’ve stuck around and really found great relief from various life stressors being a part of the Guided Healing seminars!

  33. Wow! I did focus and enter the commands to my center as you instructed. My selected issue was not directly connected to my neck and right shoulder. However,for an unknown reason those areas had been quite painful and stiff for the past week or more. Then, at the end of this “Upgrade You Body” recording, I discovered that that discomfort had lifted away. Quite suddenly it was about 70% better; and it continued to improve more gradually, but steadily. I also sense an improvement in the other (“main”) issue I had selected. Will see how that goes. Love this stuff!!!!!

  34. I love you! As you become more skilled with your ability… we all benefit. I am looking forward to supporting your Practice more very soon.

  35. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Sweet Elma, You did it again.!!! Standing O for Elma for the New Year’s 2016 Teleseminar. I found myself actually drawing my own Sacred Geometry Circle with all those little Points and said to myself, Look, I am doing Sacred geometry, and I have not idea what it is and Geometry wasn’t too hot either. I did study art, though, so maybe that is why I was dong it. It all seemed possible to me so I really enjoyed the whole “2016 Revolution Around the Sun.” I smiled and was all the way involved in it. Peace and Love to All Beings in the galaxies.

  36. I am doing the detox and I am very interested in this technique

  37. Elizabeth Stratton says

    I just replayed Sleeping v Waking. This time I stayed awake. This is very powerful work. I was also assisting as Elma did her work, as if by Magic!
    I have been incorporating the regeneration while I sleep, and using the ever changing nightly healing ritual. This is simply stunning. Thanks for the mystical work you perform. It is very magical to me and truly effective.
    Elizabeth in NY~

  38. Mary Pat Eitzen says

    I second the wow. Haven’t noticed a great effect on my sleep yet but huge help with my fatigue. I’ve listened to this twice now since yesterday morning and both times I was in pretty bad shape. Afterwards I had a huge boost of energy I think the most I’ve ever experienced. I’m definitely staying on this mailing list.

    Thank you so much Elmer

  39. Hi there. I found your site through Rudy Hunter’s site (love his work!) and as I’ve pawed through your testimonials, I feel such excitement and enthusiasm. I’ve been dealing with a lot of things these past two years, and now I’m feeling a glimmer of hope about feeling better. Thank-you! btw, my own healing is the main reason I’ll be coming here, but I also wanted to ask about distance healing for two of my loved ones. Is it possible to get more info on that?

    Thanks so much-off to try some freebies,
    Tracy. : )

  40. Barbarra Gould says

    I just finished listening to your once a month Saturday healing session on energy.

    Thank you Elma, I am experiencing a good flow of energy on so many levels and these are even flows,no highs or lows. I am curious to see how this sense of energy being present in a consistent , reliable flow, continues through this day, and more.

  41. It’s unbelievable how “things” shift even when one thinks this month’s topic has nothing to do with me. These teleseminars are amazing. Elma’s work is amazing. There are not enough words to say how much grace and ease has showed up for us since we found Elma and began including this work, her work, in our daily lives. The 101 Course is great! Just knowing how to “center” and doing it creates an energy shift all by itself — and you can do it wherever you are, whenever you need an energy shift — don’t even need to close your eyes. I love coming away from the teleseminars feeling disentangled and aligned. I always get disentangled from “things” I hadn’t even considered. Great energy shifts whenever I need one by simply listening to the replays. Love, Light, and Wholeness. Gloria

  42. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Hi Elma,
    I just finally got to do the March 7, 2015 Monthly Teleseminar. The topic was ‘Essence.” The Essence, which is indescribable, was explained and honestly was the most amazing teleseminar for me YET. Words are just not enough to explain my feelings…I was really feeling such an amazing feeling of just everything. Everything changed and believe me I did feel my essence. It was at a time when I was becoming overwhelmed about a few things and the timing was very serendipitous. Things are falling into order and I had tears of Joy and just Bliss all over ‘ME.’
    Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.
    Elizabeth in NY~ YES~

  43. I just listened to the guided healing seminar on “live your essence” – as well as feeling blissful and connected within I could feel shifts and changes in my whole body. Thank you so much Elma – I will continue listening as I feel I will get even more shifts and live more at my essence as I use it. A beautiful experience.

  44. Elma – that was so profound and so gentle and unexpected because of the gentleness – I found the knowing of unity, of connection to all and the feeling of love and gratitude for everybody in my life. I had no idea that the pelvis was the place of connection for us. With much love and gratitude to you for sharing your expression and Tarnie’s expression of gifts with us.

  45. A BIG THANK YOU – for your bonus sessions – I listened to the four short sessions and huge issues really uncomfortable stuff that I would not even talk about just came up to my awareness (throughout the four different audios) and went into wholeness or dissipated. They were huge blocks on my path – Elma truly thank you so much. Love from Gaylene

  46. Enjoyed the Trust seminar immensely. Love your unaffected style, delivery and the results I obtained. Look forward to the upcoming seminars.
    Thanks Elma.

  47. nishi gupta says

    without adding any word I just want to say thank you so much! I truly feel alive and most of all happy

  48. Elma thanks that did the shift immediately. I was feeling tired and dispirited and suddenly now I am at a neutral place and feeling much more positive. Thank you so much for the sample. xxx and blessings Margi

  49. Joan Campagna says

    heart teleseminar: from my heart to yours – amazing trip

  50. Alan Polglase says

    Elma, thank you for your interest. When I first did the “course correction” I saw a pathgoing downhill
    with trees each side. The path was dark and damp. After the “correction” the path went up to the top of
    a mountain and it was all clear—every way I looked.
    Bernie Polglase
    Brisbane, Australia

  51. Justine Peacock says

    Wow! Just did the ‘Energise your Matter’ bonus audio on the train heading to work. My energy levels are completely transformed and all traces of Monday-itis have completely disappeared! What a great power session! Thank you Elma!!

  52. Elizabeth Stratton says

    Hi Sweet Elma,
    I just completed the March 1 Teleseminar for the second time and am still feeling the energy coursing through my body. I am totally connected with wholeness all over the place. I feel very Blesse to have this experience. In the beginning I was a bit slow to get the feelings of the energy, but I am really, truly feeling everything now. It is amazing.
    Much gratitude to you, Elma.
    Love to You, Elizabeth in NY~

  53. I came to the call really intending to be present fully but strangely I just fell asleep as you started to do the scan the body and woke up in a start and could follow the rest of the call. I do not know how long I slept, was it minutes, was it seconds.
    As I continued to listen things began to shift and at the end after coming down to 4 on the physical level and 3 on the mental level, whereas at the begining of the call I was 10,10.
    And to my amazement quite suddenly I reached 0,0. I am speechless. I think I got a spine and vertebrae realignment.

    May be I had to zone out to get out of the way and allow healing to kick in.

    March 1, 2014

  54. Elma,

    I am so grateful for Now Healing and what you do for others. This information is incredibly important and the transformations I am experiencing are exactly what I’ve wanted. You are so evolved to have this information to bring to others. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  55. Peter Havens says

    Just listened to Guided Healing Session Via Teleseminar on Time:
    Words seem hard to make of it. It’s great to know you, great to listen–I experience constant, powerful, strong shifts physically even when I don’t make the effort to align with what you’re saying, not that alignments and such really take effort. I experienced tons of shifts, and I didn’t really come into it with an intention to shift–I thought, well, wholeness around time would be nice, and then once I thought about it I realized there were so many things that i just decided it best to stop the thoughts there. At the end you ask people to comment if we felt there had been any shift in our intention between before and after, and when I kind of scanned all that had shifted I was amazed and wanted to share: there was so much difference in so many things related to time, things that are kind of co-related with time that aren’t time or don’t seem–or didn’t seem–to be related to time to begin with, like finances and mood, body issues, everyday issues, time issues on an hourly basis or cyclical or daily basis, time in general, TIME TRAVEL (That is so awesome!), How to use time, flow with time, control time, access time(s), Live In Time, Live Out Of Time, Be, so many great things! What a great, amazing use of just one hour of time!
    Also, it’s really great to feel your presence, as you transcend space and time!

    So glad to have come here!

  56. I was at 7 before the “Energize your matter” protocol. After that it went up to 9, and then 10! it was easy and unbelievable! I have a lot of energy, and now I am going to do some physical exercises. Woo hoo!m Thanks Elma

  57. Well definitely something great happened for me. I am still healing from my injuries, still have pain and cannot flex my knee but from the very moment I sent in my requests for the call, I started to feel more alive and I could feel the energy coming back, flowing back I should say and I have slowly resumed some of my past actitivies. And listening to the replay as I was not able to listen live added a further dimension to my feeling of returning to wholeness and opening to joy and hope that I will be able to walk again without limping and without pain.

    Thank you dear Elma. What a shift

  58. rich burrill says

    went from 2 to 0 on aligning with wholeness.

  59. Suzanne Schultz says

    The recent teleseminar really helped my processing of energy, which was my intention. I feel more clear mentally and more awake. My energy definitely shifted (from an 8 to a 0 [Wholeness]).
    Thank you.
    Peace and love,
    Suzanne , Connecticut

  60. Thank you, Elma! I immediately shifted and felt a very deep and high sense of
    grounded peaceful self-love in my body’s center. You are so sweet, kind and
    caring. Thank you a thousand times over! Janai

  61. Marti Reeve says

    The energize your matter audio was perfect, feel not only energized but my mood has uplifted.
    Thank you Elma!

  62. Honestly, I was VERY skeptical that a 3 minute video would be able to change anything! Ha! But, just as quickly as you instructed, I really did have a subtle but definitely better feel! It’s a great demonstration of how all the little things really make up the bigger picture and I like that it’s a very simple little sample of something I can do myself at any time yet I can delve much deeper with more work! Thanks!

    Isn’t it amazing the power of manifestation and transformation we hold?! It’s great knowing this type of manifestation is becoming more prevalent, as it is greatly needed! Thanks again Elma!

  63. My abandonment issues was pretty high, at 9 for the mind, and 7 for the matter. when we began. I guess the time is right to let it go, because only a few nights ago I had an upsetting dream about it. After the session the readings for both were at 0, zero! I was beaming with delight! How does it get any better than that? Thanks Elma

  64. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was bothered mentally at a 10 and physically at a 9. At the end of the teleseminar, about 40 minutes later, the bother was reduced to a 2 and 1. Thanks Elma. It always feel like each teleseminar is personally just for me. It’s so on target!

    N.L.S., California

  65. Just finished listening to Elma’s call entitled: It’s NOT your subconscious. For anyone doing healing work (myself included) this was like a master class in taking decades of technique & learnings and making them simple, fast, efficient & effective. I’ve been a raving Elma Mayer fan from the get go, but this call was SO valuable. It’s like watching a great artist just “do their thing” and marveling at the precision & execution of it all. I learned how to scan the Universe without breaking a sweat and also how the presumption that “everything is on the table” pays big dividends while searching for an answer. Amazing stuff from my buddy Elma.
    Rudy Hunter

  66. Just listened to psychic resonance replay, my issue was a 7 when I started and dropped to a 0-1 by the end. Love the ease of this modality and feeling connected to the universe. Thanks Elma!

  67. Mohammed Abdul-Razak says

    Gosh! the “Create Your Future” healing just blew me away. Now I feel strong, purposeful, and bold to begin instituting my future plan regarding my career. Before the healing I was unsure, faltering, flaky about it. But the short healing, 6 minutes, took it all away. What a difference that short time makes!!!Thank you Elma. You are amazing

  68. Celia Fox says

    I listened to the call twice, in a row, focusing on my cold symptoms (earache, chilled, stuffed sinus) that were present when I awoke in the early morning. Certainly not a major life issue, but I was looking at the next 7- 10 days of feeling crappy. So my priority reigned. After the 2nd listen, I definitely felt the symptoms dissolving. Sure enough I was TOTALLY clear by the next morning!!! WOW is all I can say. Oh, and thank you Elma and the Universe for giving me back a week of my life!!!!! Celia Fox, St. Louis

  69. Mohammed Abdul-Razak says

    The Guided Session I attended was Entanglement and Psychic Resonance.. I wondered what it was going to take to have my issue removed, one i had for over 70 years, The issue was a pervasive feeling that I was not good enough, in all the areas of my life. I was 10 minutes late for the healing. Nevertheless after the healing I discovered that my issue dropped significantly from 7 to 2. And after the session it had disappeared. Today I tested again, 2 days larer, kinesiologically and the issue is no longer there! Thanks Elma. What else is possible?

  70. Just listened to the Entanglement and Psychic Resonance call, and felt some very strong shifts both in untangling from the financial issue and entangling with the positive fields. I have tried many ways of addressing this issue, but during the course of this call I felt it move from a 6 to a 2, which was tremendous progress. Thank you!

  71. from 2 to 0
    another miracle!!

  72. I attended the Entanglement and Psychic Resonance session today for a Finance related matter. During the whole session I felt really calm and relaxed which is quite unusual for me and the issue which started as 10 for me at the beginning moved down to 7 after some alignments and gradually to 0 by the end of the session. Thank you.

  73. Celia Fox says

    Before and after life course correction…
    Before I was filled with anxiety, shoulds and not enough ness. After the correction I notice I am just more present with whatever I am feeling and experiencing NOW. Though much emotion is pouring out of my body, I am being in allowance of all that is. No goals, no future. Strange, but somehow simple and easy. I’m ok.
    Celia Fox

  74. sonya chagal-smadar says

    Elma, letting go of results was tailor made for me. Thank you as I am now able to balance intention with letting go of results and in this way honor all parts of myself …now my inner world is more at peace and dynamic.
    Thank you

  75. Alamar Fernandez says

    I listened to the Peace Call, just now, and I found myself feeling Calm about my Financial Situation: The Retirement I worked for is more challenging than I ever imagined. I felt lost in my not HAVING to be at a job, somewhere. I couldn’t relax into doing NOTHING.. Well the things I like to do that do not generate income, that is! And, I am now feeling more Peace in my future Retirement Activities, which include participating in Quantum Field Energy Work.. Knowing that As I give myself the Quantum Experience, it Expands for Others. Thank you for the Peace-Ful Assist, Alma!

  76. Once again, Elma’s breadth of understanding of the energetic world blows me away! Just participated in her Peace call and thought there would be nothing new or revolutionary. I was SO WRONG! If you haven’t been hanging out with Elma on her monthly calls soaking up the genius & the amazing shifts you’re missing out. She’s a real master and a lovely human being to boot!
    Rudy Hunter

  77. Dr Virginia Seno says

    I’ve never sustained such peace for all day and into the night from any other ‘work’ on energetics before. And by that I mean I’ve sat multiple 10 day silent retreats, studied A Course In Miracles for decades, certified in multiple modalities and studied the philosophy of Being itself! NowHealing is so complete and whole! I wonder what more will show up as a result of this healing session. Thank you!

  78. Today’s guided healing session on Peace….

    WOW. I spent the first 30 minutes crying while in The Space and entering the commands. Here it is 3 hours after the call, and I’m experiencing something brand new. A sense of excitement on the outside, supported by Peace underneath. Not excited about anything in particular…and everything is perfect just the way it is. For the first extended time, that feels really true.
    Thank you, Elma, and the Universe.

  79. HI, Elma, thank u for instant healing music. now little bit o.k. thank u so much.

  80. Donna Dathe says

    Hi Elma,

    This “Energize your mind” makes me buzz in a clear, wonderful way. Great to begin the day. Thank you sooo much.


  81. Falguni Shah says

    haha, i just did the create your future alighnment with how to make chinese steamed buns

  82. i am healthy but the amount of energy blockages that were shifting during the free up seminar were tremendous, i c how much less i have made myself live under just so that the people around me stop bullying n supress me, thank u for the realisation

  83. Sharon Bailey says

    I loved the “Joy Upgrade” call. I am reminded that what ever is going on I can align with and experience JOY That is really the key to most healing, to change your state of mind which changes the external reality. I have been practicing aligning with JOY and I am so much happier!

  84. Kate McManus says

    Hi elma
    Well both ease and joy [Guided Healing Sessions] were surprising for me;both seemed so “fluffy” in comparison with power and freedom [Guided Healings]. but Im discovering just how life changing the latest teleseminar is! It’s as though all my standards,perceptions for viewing life have been faulty always chasing external things,-others perceptions of me, how one is supposed to live life etc and then the very subtle shifts made me appreciate that just occupying me -fully occupying my mind,body soul is all I’ll ever need.
    Thank you once again it’s been life changing !

  85. after and while the joy session i worked on beeing in the natural state of bliss, that ultimate joy we feel when we touch on our soal.
    Scine my life situation could give me real depression and distress i disentangle the issue and concentrate on staying in the space of bliss. I felt a deepening joy and sense of vibrating energy, appriciating the ever inceasing power of my senses to observe and experience the spiritual dimension of reality.
    I feel deep joy and happyness and appriciate the opportunity to work with my mind, where he manifests this problematic maya. i worked as well on really enjoying to get organised and orderful and transfer that to my kids with fun.

    From all the work i have done with Now healing i need to express.
    It helped me very much to stay strong and balanced, be more relaxed and happy, quite nonattached in a situation that could cause a nervousbreakdown.

    My financial situation eased up and there was a miraculous ease, people turned up in the right moment. I meet some amazing people who are working on the same issues, transition, planetary acceleration and survival. Enjoying cocreating unlimited reality on paradise earth. Thank you very much

  86. Marie F Hennequin says

    I walked in [to the “Joy Upgrade” session] tense and stressed because my back hurt so much. Now I feel love, joy and gratitude and found myself smiling as you mentioned the beauty of sunrise and sunset. What a shift. Thank you so much

  87. Donna Dathe says

    Hi Elma, Thank you for the bonus audio “Energizing your Matter”. This was perfect timing as I only slept about 4 hours last night & I was feeling ready to go back to bed but this definitely picked me up. Thank you so much.

  88. My goodness that was amazing for my first time …I had so many physical releases in my upper back,my spine thanks you from my coccyx to the top of my head!lol

  89. Joan Lulich says

    Hi Elma, The Now Healing Morphic Field is expanding with each new session. I LOVED the Freedom theme. Do you have a Lifer policy because I’m hooked!

    Shifting energy is so effortless that one doesn’t often realize that it has happened. That was true for me from the Freedom session. My intention was to help me communicate better which was off of the mark but Elma hit it square on for me with freeing up my “voice”. I voiced something that I had been holding inside of me and it moved our family closer to working together. Thank you Elma!

  90. i just started to use the free material and decided to join the inner circle. i am amazed about how it all works together and goes deeper and deeper, at the same time giving a good understanding of how it works.

  91. Very powerful session on Freedom today. I felt at times you were reading my thoughts and answering my requests. And please continue the yin/yang balancing. I get an immediate response to that. Thank you, Lin

  92. This was my first monthly call with you and I feel expansive and clear after the call.

  93. Thanks Elma, i instantly felt non attatchment, and transformation. Energy shift for wholeness. I felt lighter
    I cannot thank you enough.
    Lucy Mbonu. UK

  94. Great session on Transcending your Story! I felt shifts (and others shifts!), and my original stories are now a neutral memory, rather than a charged issue effecting every area if my life.
    Such powerful work. I love how easy and simple and clearly (and fun!) you present and share this process of wholeness. Thank you, Thank you!

  95. Hello the yin yang guided healing session was great. I had a headache that shifted within 5 min i was headache free. Thank you very much for the great session

  96. It gave clarity and congruity as to why I was in that drama by allowing me to see it without the huge emotional charge of shame and .blame.Thank you SO MUCH.

  97. @Louis – yes, the computer reset is a great analogy… or maybe more than analogy. The morphic field of information technology thoughtforms applies to this work not just as analog, but as digital 🙂
    When we reset the information field of our bodymindspirit, lots of stuff is happening as background processing – stuff that our conscious mind doesn’t need to process, but that creates healing and wholeness.
    a bientot,

  98. Louis Szabo says

    The Now Healing Practice’s call (February 18th, 2012) was deeply powerful.
    I listened to it twice and each time I felt asleep.
    I felt that working on the spine, vertebrae (in connection to the organs)
    had a very important impact even if I don’t know how.
    Is it like a reset on a computer? 🙂

    Love & Light,
    Louis (Paris, France)

  99. It is an unique system easy to use and easy on to the pocket -in fact nothing is spent-virtually a boon to the people of poorer countries where modern medical practices are beyond their means.A few institutions established to train people in this invaluable art for healing could well pave the way for a disease and pain-free world. I wish them all success and God’s blessings!

  100. Madam, it has been a wonderful lesson for me. That one may get well so soon and so easily by one’s own.i healing power is an amazing knowledge . It can heal the world of the scour of disease.This is particularly of immense value to the humanity of the poorer world.,where medical facilities.are so woefully lacking.It would indeed be a great service to the world and partticularly to the poorer parts of the world , if this sy.stem of knowledge could be propagated through a band of workers.trained by your school . To further this end may be useful to train a few volunteers of poorer countries ,say India,by your institution at a low affordable fee. May god bless you ever for your wonderful work.

  101. I think Elma must be some kind of crack dealer for healers. On today’s teleseminar she unveiled the new Triality Alignment–totally amazing, fast & powerful. Stealing it for use right this second. Also, the “X marks the spot” corrections are out of this world. I’m already a big fan. If you want to learn cutting edge amazing techniques…why aren’t you signed up yet?
    Much love,
    Rudy Hunter

  102. marey veronica moulton says

    dear elma, I listened to your healing sesion,it was lovely to listen to, and all the love you are storing in your heart(and your whole self) seemed to transfer to me,It gave me a beautiful fealing, blessings for you and thanks.I send you joy,happiness.harmony,thankfulness,gratefullness, and peace. Marey.

  103. Sandra Dauber says

    I really enjoyed your Shift It Now! tele-seminar, I felt a change right away on my issue of feelinging more joy. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to see how I feel in the next few days.

  104. Elma just sent out to all us “Inner Circle” folks an amazing extra audio that I’ll be using with myself and my clients. It’s a format & process to disentangle ANY problem. Amazing & fast. So…if you’re waiting to become an Inner Circle Member my advice is: Don’t Wait–Hop In. Elma and her work is amazing!
    Rudy Hunter

  105. marcia rickert says

    ANOTHER GREAT TELESEMINAR.You definitely tune into the unuseful stuff we all been focusing on!
    Aligning with wholeness feels sooo good.The ease and clarity is awesome.

    Much love and gratitude,Marcia

  106. Hi Elma; wanted you to know I had very fast, obvious and wonderful improvements from the Sensitivity Call today. As someone who has had asthma attacks lasting as long as 40+ hours I really value the shifts from your work. Each month continues to remain a treat!
    Thanks so much for all you do,
    Rudy Hunter

  107. Blessings, Elma! I have listened to the recording twice, while also using other modalities for my challenged body part ( ME, ZPF, QuantumK). One day the pain just left, and I put the recording away. I re-listened yesterday, the slight discomfort of yesterday is gone and am going to use it for a different body part this afternoon. I sense definite energy shifts and if you watch the Windows Player at the same time, you can even see them. You are definitely connected to the Field, Elma, and transmit effectively. The morning and evening bonus shorties are very much on track, also.

  108. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: Promoting Orin and DaBen is a supreme service; presenting the idea that we are all our own healers rather than being poor souls in need of a healer, is self empowering, builds confidence, strength, hope and courage; your down to earth attitude and delicious wry humor is as refreshing as a glass of water on a hot day;your web page is generously value-packed and coming from one who truly has service and love in the forefront;you are a true and rare inspiration for all who are blessed to know of you and your way of working; whether by your teleseminars, freebie web videos,or personal sessions you absolutely give your all and really deliver on so many levels. Bravo!

  109. deborah hixon says

    i was extremly tired and instead 0f trying t0 nap i remembered t0 d0 this 6 min b0dy part n0w healing space. because i knew it w0uld energise me. pe0ple w0uld benifit t0 listen t0 this at lunch 0r break t0 energise themselfs much l0ve and gratitude…thank y0u ……

  110. Hi Elma;
    The Problem Body Part teleseminar was amazing. My chronic lower back difficulties just melted away half-way through the call. No stretching, no popping, no strain. It’s amazing stuff.

    Thanks so much for helping us all with your amazing work!

    Rudy Hunter

  111. Yes, I often do distance work for smoking / drinking. As for results – see comment above! I don’t have any Addictions Teleseminars scheduled in the next couple of months, but you could do a private session, or better yet, take Now Healing 101 and learn to do this work yourself, for any issue.
    Love and Wholeness,

  112. Jacqueline PALISE says



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