Heal Ancestral Trauma

Try this 30-second Morphic Healing* to Heal Ancestral Trauma.

You will instantly shift your morphic resonance… to heal ancestral trauma, and epigenetic changes from generational trauma. And you’ll heal not just yourself, but also your family, future generations, and millions of descendants of your ancestors!

Who is this healing for?

1) For myself! That’s how it started out, anyway.

Because… My ancestors were acting up again. They sneakily, secretly snuck up on me, until I realized why I was feeling overwhelmed, with emotional and physical symptoms.

As if the chaotic global situation were not stressful enough… in addition, the ancestors were rampaging through my field, clamoring for me to heal their trauma, retching their resonance all over me. Yuck! As soon as I noticed (which took me a while!) I created this healing for myself… and…

2) For YOU – and yours.

Because… If you are experiencing:

  • Low moods
  • Negative thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Unexplained pain or illness. (Or even “explained pain!”)
  • A sense of blockage or self-sabotage…

… then hidden ancestral trauma may be amplifying – or even triggering – your unwanted feelings.

Heal Ancestral Trauma

Here’s the 30-second Healing:

This will refresh and strengthen your energetic boundaries, your empathic “taking on”, and any morphic resonance. Plus, it’s a fast, powerful healing for your actual ancestors’ trauma — so they shut up and leave you in peace!

  • Breathe from your Center** for one full breath.
  • Say these Commands and Enter*** the word “Now” to your Center:
    • Align ancestral trauma with Wholeness… Now.
    • Disentangle my self from ancestral trauma… Now.
    • Align & strengthen my boundaries so I don’t need to experience their trauma personally… Now.
  • Breathe from your Center for one full breath. 

How does that feel? What has shifted?

Please comment below!

If you feel lighter, better, or blanker…

It’s not your imagination. It’s a real shift. 

What just happened?

You not only did healing for yourself, you also just did global healing – and you did healing for the future. (Think of how many descendants your ancestors have. Thousands? Millions!)

Wow, right? Take that sense of lightness and expand it out to your family, and future generations. Thank you!!!

There’s so much more you can heal!

It’s not just about healing ancestor trauma. It’s about healing everything, in all parts of your life, and the WHOLE Flow of your life.

But how?

Maybe you have questions, like…

* What is Morphic Healing and how to do it yourself?

** What does “Center” do for your energy?

*** What are Commands & Enter, and what happens when you do them?

Well, I’m glad you asked!
I give you tons of answers and healing tools – they’re all over this website!

How to Find the Healing & Answers you Need, on this Website

State your intention to easily find your highest healing here.
Then, browse around!

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  1. Frances Chan says

    Wow! I feel so much lighter! Thank you so much for your service to the planet. Am I able to share with friends and clients? I want to uplift the planet’s vibration.

  2. Thank you, as always, for your generous sharing. I like to do ancestral clearing every day. I think it’s such a blessing and privilege to be able to hear the call of those beings who have suffered so much more than we have. Some I know about and many I can only imagine. And, yes, it is a great relief for the present bodymind to do the work. So glad you are inspiring many others to clear these fields. With love to all, Deirdre.

  3. Yes me too, definitely felt a shift! Thanks Phyllis, what a brilliant idea to do it for my cat too!

    Thank you thank you Elma! Blessings to you!

  4. Alma, I love you!! Your work is always so helpful. I’m filled with lightness and joy just from that ancestral trauma healing just now. I did it for my daughters too, before I read to do it. I even did it for my cat !! What a wonderful feeling that came from that. :)) Thank you so much for your generosity in this amazing work you share with all of us.
    I feel light and happy!!! There is no reason to fret or fear anything.
    Peace and Love to you!!



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