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Your relationships affect all areas of your life –  whether you are aware of it or not! Relationships can cause disconnects (glitches or distortions) in:
– Body / Health / Ability to Self-Heal
– Mind / Mood / Emotions / Spirituality
– Money / Success / Career
– And… your Other Relationships!

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No special effects were used. My iPad caught these colors – because of the angle of the sun? Or is it… angel of the sun? 😉

The energy of your relationship has shifted!
Now what?

Ok, so now that you’ve shifted the energy of a relationship… what’s next?

1. Be Aware. Notice the changes and improvements that unfold – in all areas of your life.

2. Be Non-Attached. Allow for huge changes. Or little changes. The more more non-attached you are to “results”… the better your results will be. Yep, it’s a paradox! When you are Okay with “What Is”…  then you allow “What Is” to shift and improve more.

What changed for you, after you watched? Please comment below!

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  1. He he it’s the real you Elma! Rainbow being of light. Great shift in relationship heaviness to neutrality. thank you!!

  2. Jessica Malberg says

    Dear Elma, just wanted to say I did your now healing for relationships just before, at about the five minute mark the person called. This is the second time this healing vid has had an instant and direct physical response from the person I have chosen. Thankyou for your incredible work!!! Xxx

  3. I was feeling a pain in my neck, and in my heart, as well as a lump in my throat. I felt tremendously lighter, the pain in my neck was gone although my heart still felt a little heavy. Since you say it keeps on working, I will trust that these will go away as well. Thank you.

  4. Dear Elma, suddenly I feel myself füll of Energy and awakened… Thank you ! God bless you.. from Germany

  5. I started to roll down all relations I had/have in my life and clear each of them. It brings so many releaving smiles into my face and body. Thank you :-))) Using your modality, ‘in-lights’ me. Blessings upon you!

  6. Hi elma,i felt very gud after doing this..but my problem is…

    I have one friend whose marriage take place before 1 year. Before 15 days of her marriage unfortunately her mother has broken her both legs in an accident. After her marriage i take care of her mother like my mom… our relation becomes so beautiful like mom and daughter. But before 1 month i don’t know what happen to her that she was not talking to me at all. I ask her many time that what happened pls tell me. First she say i don’t want to disturb you till your exam but i know she is lying after that i agaim ask her so many times and she says i don’t know why but i don’t mood to talk with you…after that i continue to ask her this question that why you are not talking to me??? At last she told me that you irritate me asking this lot and lot of times so now i don’t want to talk to you anymore. Pls leave me alone. It hurts me a lot because i always do so much for them. And i know she also loves me a lot. Please tell me what can i do now to bring them back in my life… .

  7. hi Elma! I love it! I feel a lot of space within myself, no space for fear and doubts. I’m going to do it about my relationship with money. a big issue for me!
    I wonder how it works because I’m a french speaker and I have no idea about the disentangle meaning but I can feel the energy of it!! do you know if it woks if we do it in a other language? I should just try I guess!!
    thank you!

  8. Catharina Ki says

    Dear Elma, I got this video from you, certainly more than a year ago and I do the exercise now and then. This evening something greater happened though. I started yawning again and again bigger and bigger and my tears came from my eyes. I am totally calm and “lightheaded” . AWESOME ! Thank you!

  9. Ffelt a great change in behavior from irritability to being clam and relaved .
    Thank you Elma for this emended shift.

  10. Elma Mayer says

    @Angy, Reintegrating means being Whole in the presence and absence of the other person. It does not matter whether you ever contact them again. Your energetic and morphic relationship with them is independent of your physical interaction in time and space. The energetic relationship is the one that is Reintegrating.
    Love and Wholeness,

  11. Hi Elma,

    thank you, I got all kind of sensations at my back thinking of that person. I did disentangle with that person, but I don’t like to reintegrate with that person any more. Can I end with the disentangle, or I have to reintagrate them back, even I do not want to have any relationship with them ever again?

  12. Elma,

    when I listened and watched your video about healing relationships..it was odd at first I felt frustrated, but as I went through your guided process at the end I felt at peace (something I havent felt in a while) I ,also kind of felt somewhat new giddy with a feeling of hope and promise. Thank you many many blessings!

  13. Thanks so much, Elma! It was very odd, a bit like a zoom effect. At first I saw my friend very close up & after the commands it was as though I zoomed out and she seemed far away. I think this is symbolic of my gaining some emotional distance from her challenges. I’m looking forward to watching us evolve our friendship into one that is even more enriching than it has been.

  14. Thank you, Elma. With your beautiful way of guiding, I disentangled and got some clarity, optimism and desire to let it be.

  15. What a wonderful feeling! During the re-integration process, I felt a thin energy about 1/4 inch by maybe 2 inches long going into my crown chakra. Right now, several minutes later I still feel tingling all over my crown chakra. The tingling is happening on the entire top of my head. Wow! It’s awesome!

    Thank you.

  16. Elma – You are a heart spirit jewel. Thank you. Felt flustered and frustrated before. So quickly came a change with your guidance that I was amazed to feel totally calm, unattached and peaceful in the relationship. WOW! Blessings galore back to you, Janai

  17. Thank you.
    I feel better.

  18. Thank you dear Elma for your generosity. I did the clearings for my daughter, my body (being in pain at that moment), and the money issue. I felt all kinds of chills and switching energies each time, lots of yawning and tearing. It means sifting the energy for me. My body feels lighter now, and there is definitely less tension in it. Now I am waiting for my bank account growing : ) Love and gratitude, Anna

  19. Elma, Super NOW Healing well received, Love your simplicity, Keep up the great blissings on the planet! In love Elasa

  20. I felt at extreme peace with me.
    Thanks so much Elma!

  21. Thank you so much Elma! I feel so at peace after this. God bless you.

  22. Wonderful – wonderful ,Elma! Your technique always makes big shifts,-in the start I felt a kind of sadness,but afterwards very much at ease! Thanks for sharing!

  23. MICHELLE says


  24. Elma Mayer says

    @pat – yes, that’s a great idea. Use it for different aspects of your self. Try using the Now Healing Disentangle / Re-Integrate commands to integrate your various personality-selves, inner child, inner teenager, the-part-that’s-like-mom, etc etc… with your Infinite Self.

  25. Elma Mayer says

    @Rosie – yes, you can use the Now Healing commands like Disentangle for any kind of interrelationship, between any number of things. This specific video is geared more toward human relationships, but the commands themselves can be applied to anything.

  26. This video came just at a perfect time when I felt insecure about my partner. After doing the exercise I feel calm and confident. Thank you!

  27. hi elma-
    thank you so much – i just did this with my son- i have a wonderful relationship with him – but i am sure i will see it open up even more.

    however i DON’T have such a great relationship with my self- can i do it with my self ? – with the one that struggles / holds onto anxiety- ? anger –
    thank you –

  28. Christine says

    Thank you for this Elma. My ‘person’ was my doctor. The original feeling was in my upper stomach and it felt ‘stuck’ energy. After clearing and aligning it has gone from that area and if anything is slightly down at the bottom of my coccyx. I feel ‘freer’ in the rest of my body. I’m sure it will continue to unravel and change. P.s I love your cascade of rainbow light…….really cool 🙂

  29. wow Elma, great session! I felt resentment towards a former lover; now I just feel fondness and acceptance, happy memories.
    Can i do this with non-human relationships, e.g. my rel. with my body; my rel. with money; my rel with the Masculine etc?
    Thankyou for your generosity in sharing your work.

  30. When I thought of the person at the beginning I was all contracted and my face was all scrunched up. After the healing all I could do was laugh. I couldn’t even remember what was “tangled” in the relationship! That was quite amazing!! Thank you dear Elma! xox

  31. Elma Mayer says

    @T – to release emotional baggage from traumatic relationships, try running the Instant Ease video.

  32. Elma Mayer says

    @Kathy, yes, you can do this with any relationship. The person does not have to give “permission.” It works for babies in the womb, ancestors no longer living, animals, etc.

  33. Dear Elma, Can you do this disentangle and reintegrate with a child relationship? Thank you and Blessings

  34. I feel detached and relaxed. …after the disentangle and reintegrate session. Thank you.


  35. arun aggarwal says

    Heartiest thanks!!!
    I am feeling much lighter.

    There’s something in yor voice and the energy that U put into it.

    May GOD Bless You.

    With Profound Regards

    arun aggarwal

  36. Hi Elma, Thanks for the video. I used this to heal my relationship with a neighbor, who I’ve felt jealous of and judged by. When I started, I felt the tightness in my chest and shoulders. After shifting, the tightness or sensation moved to my belly. Before I did the shift, I knew that the feelings I was having were less to do with this current relationship than my emotional baggage from my childhood. I plan to continue to use the video for this relationship and others that evoke similar feelings. Any suggestions on how to release emotional baggage from traumatic relationships and fear of rejection? Thanks a lot!

  37. Anneli Bergman says

    This shift was the best ever i have felt!! You are the best!
    thank you Elma!

  38. Hi Elma, I used this to heal my relationship with my father that I thought was healed. But he came up for me when I thought of someone. He passed away over 40 years ago but this process was still effective for me. The tightness in my body that I felt when I thought of him is gone & I’m delighted – thank you soooo much.

  39. Hi Elma,
    I really like your healing’s and just wanted to tell you I think you are really looking pretty in this video!
    I love the angel colors!
    I do Emotion Code Healing and find the underlying cause of disease/imbalances by muscle testing and then clear it with a wave of a magnet down the governing meridian. I do most clien’ts remote all over the world. I you would like to barter or just share with you sometime if you are interested! http://www.emotioncodetherapy.com

  40. love love love the light spectrum in the relationship one……………all the best Elma……………



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