Heal your Toilet Paper Scarcity

Toilet Paper Scarcity is just the beginning.

Do you have a wee little Tissue Issue? Yeah, me too.

But… is it really “just a touch” of Toilet Paper Scarcity?

Or does it hide a deeper disease, Pecuniary Pandemic Panic?

Scroll down to see my solution.

Nope, it’s not “how to pulp your own toilet paper from old Amazon boxes & leaf mulch.”

Whether you are:

  • Generally fine, but simply running low on toilet paper… (For me, this totally triggers my personal “Bathroom Anxiety!”)
  • Starting to worry about finances – maybe money will get tight…
  • Suddenly jobless – you can’t see how you’ll make ends meet…
  • Already experiencing traumatic loss & scarcity right now.
  • Anxious about your loved ones… or the increase in poverty & homelessness… or a global financial meltdown after which things will never be the same…. 

I have a Guided Healing for that.

Join me for a LIVE Guided Healing Call on April 4 2020. (If you missed it, you can listen to the Replay. All the healing energies will be there for you!)

Abundance & Scarcity
Shift your Shortage.

WHAT: We will Strengthen your Bio-Field & Resilience in the Presence of…

  • Coronavirus
  • Chaos
  • Catastrophe
  • Cash Crash!

And… best of all, we will shift your Specific healing intention.

Plus, you get a zillion other goodies when you enroll in this monthly subscription program:

WHEN: Saturday April 4 2020 at 9amPDT, noonEDT, 5pmBST… or listen to the Replay anytime afterward!

WHERE: Click the Button to Enroll


  1. Haha Elma, I have this too



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