How Do I Heal a Chronic Migraine?

Q: How Do I Heal a Chronic Migraine? I wanted to work w/you in a private session, but can’t afford it. I also trained a bit under Dr. Kam Yuen w/the Yuen Method. It’s so easy to correct someone else…I need a little help correcting myself. [This is a real question from a client]

A: Before you begin working on yourself, get yourself solidly in the “Now Healing Space” or any other totally neutral healing space where you’re aligned with your healer-self rather than your personality self.

Also, while you’re not having a migraine, do a session on yourself for
a) being able to work on yourself and
b) pre-“clear” future migraines.

Finally, if you want something a little more affordable than the 28-day program, try the do-it yourself approach: the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course. You can run exercises 8, 9 and 10 on the migraine issue, which could be very useful.

Or, you can try working with my other practitioners Nedi or Sharon – they are both amazing and have both helped me a lot!



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